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  1. I have the same issue, whenever I'm doing tons of disk IO (transmission namely) and upgrade a container. Maybe network is saturated (which I don't think, but that's just a hunch) ... May 11 01:43:36 seth kernel: vethca1da63: renamed from eth0 May 11 01:43:36 seth kernel: docker0: port 13(veth1cb2128) entered disabled state May 11 01:43:40 seth avahi-daemon[5531]: Interface veth1cb2128.IPv6 no longer relevant for mDNS. May 11 01:43:40 seth avahi-daemon[5531]: Leaving mDNS multicast group on interface veth1cb2128.IPv6 with address fe80::1821:25ff:fe7b:8cae. May 11 01:43:40 seth k
  2. I have doublecmd (double commander) in a container, and connect to it from a linux or a windows console with xming. It allows me to manage files among different unraid servers (mounted network drives mapped on the unraid host, added as volumes to the container) It's like mc, but it allows queing of copy/move/delete/... actions into different queues. it's a miniproject by some russian dude (I think), but it's something that I've been using for years now, managing multiple nasses.
  3. I experience the EXACT same behaviour. All docker containers are irresponsive, but still running. seth-diagnostics-20210201-0154.zip Solved it by killing 2 factorio-docker containers (kill -9 on the processes involved) & 2 vms (windows console & ubuntu idle test system). Other containers became available again.
  4. As docker's --link option is decrepated, we're no longer able to use multi-container apps like owncloud. Their only approach is now via compose. Am I wrong here? Also: people arguing that compose "is just a command line tool", while docker works in somewhat of the same way. It's a service with a CLI and some people built gui's, like the unraid guys. There are gui projects for compose going on outthere. No reason why the Unraid team shouldn't see this as a future project. 😉 And docker-compose is no longer available in the nerdpack. As I try not to mess with my unrai
  5. So port 21 is locked and I cannot use it for an ftp docker?
  6. I agree, you should alias the mv command to a script that checks if the source/destination is cache/no-cache. Are you guys gonna handle this or should 'the community' come up with this lil' script? :-D
  7. This is perfect for regular minecraft and maybe a few mods. When using massive modpacks, like FTB, skyfactory3, etc ... I'm running into massive problems, while I can run the servers perfectly in an unraid vm. Secondly, trying to use another cpu for the container, makes things like 'forge' crash completely. Unraid + docker containers + java ...
  8. Hi again, May I ask how we are doing with the "add second network" combo box (if it's even being developed)? I still have not upgraded due to this one issue I have. Why I even need that second network is explained in my question here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52380845/docker-reverse-proxy-container-on-bridged-network-pointing-to-container-on-macvl I want to reverse proxy to a poste (mailserver) container in the macvlan network. I'm firewalling that containers ip and doing other experimental stuff.
  9. co=$(docker inspect --format='{{.Name}}' $(docker ps -aq --no-trunc) | sed 's/^.\(.*\)/\1/' | sort); for c_name in $co; do c_size=$(docker inspect --format={{.ID}} $c_name | xargs -I @ sh -c 'ls -hl /var/lib/docker/containers/@/@-json.log' | awk '{print $5 }'); YE='\033[1;33m'; NC='\033[0m'; PI='\033[1;35m'; RE='\033[1;31m'; case "$c_size" in *"K"*) c_size=${YE}$c_size${NC};; *"M"*) p=${c_size%.*}; q=${p%M*}; r=${#q}; if [[ $r -lt 3 ]]; then c_size=${PI}$c_size${NC}; else c_size=${RE}$c_size${NC}; fi ;; esac; echo -e "$c_name $c_size"; done Single command to produce a list of log-sizes pe
  10. Hi Ken-Ji, Your last reply on restarting a docker with multiple networks confuses me a bit. Won't the second network, that was added through command line, disappear upon stopping / restarting the container?
  11. Hi. Sorry to necro this, but I'm still reluctant to upgrade. Is there any possibility in the current unraid version to add that second docker network to a container?
  12. Is there an update here? Is anyone able to passing through their RX vega card(s) to a windows 10 vm and able to install any AMD drivers?
  13. Does this mean that my 'workaround' will no longer function and that I have no alternative to add a second network to start/stop automatically with the container? I'll wait with patching for ken-ji's development then.
  14. I just beat the system I added ; docker network connect bridge poste 2>/dev/null to the Post Arguments field. Works perfectly. starting, stopping the docker container with multiple networks. edit: please don't patch this security flaw. edit2: 'bridge' being the network, 'poste' being the container name.
  15. Although this is a cool way to have a post-startup script for the initial container launch, right after the array startup, this would not make the container restartable with the script. For example, I want to run docker network connect bridge poste right after the poste container - which is on a macvlan - starts, to add a second network to the container. However, I might want to restart / stop-start the container at runtime. I'd love to have a post-start and post-stop command (to be run on the host) option in the docker GUI. I can think of a few more examples