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  1. Took a short clip if it helps.. https://share.getcloudapp.com/bLuARyym I just happened to notice this... 6.9.0 and 6.9.2 effected for me. Could it be my browser?
  2. Not sure if I should open my own thread, but on my 6.9.0 server, theme engine is working fine, however on my two 6.9.2 servers it seems to be broken. Also to note, my 6.9.2 servers have the unraid.net plugin, does this change anything with the theme engine from community apps? Also as a few others have noted, cant seem to maximize my docker/volume mappings. Little down arrow is there, but doesnt seem to do anything
  3. Hello. Not an expert, not even close, but found my self in a similar pickle, and again, spaceinvaderone was there to the rescue. My assumption is you need to further split the IOMMU groups in regards to the quad network adapter, as shown in the picture, they are all responding with the same xxxx:xxxx pci identifier. I see you tried to append the kernel, no luck im guessing? I see one entry... shouldn't there be 4? One for each of the NICs on the card? Similar thread here.
  4. Is there anything I can provide to help? Logs? specs? Quick spec:, PNY (I think) Quadro, m2000 4gb, 4x Xeon 8880v2, 64gb ecc https://prnt.sc/1082llf Emby show hardware encoding, and working. https://prnt.sc/1082m94 Unraid showing GPU info https://prnt.sc/1082mjv Unmanic no longer pulling successfully docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:349: starting container process caused "process_linux.go:449: container init caused "process_linux.go:432: running prestart hook 1 caused \"error running hook: exit status 1, stdout: , stderr: nvidia-container-cli: device error: false: unknown device\\n\""": unknown. Steps i've taken... Tried without :staging first, ran into problems, came here. Since then i've removed the docker, rm -R'd the folder from CLI, and tried the staging version. --runtime=nvidia was added, as well as the others, including a line from my Emby docker (NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES) with the value of ' all ' (Tried with, and without that last capabilities line) Thanks for the response! Sorry, I didnt get back sooner... Covid time schedules are wonky. --==EDIT So, wiped clean, grabbed staging, put in nvidia guuid, started program, set to my needs, shut down, and restarted the container, all is working. I still don't see progress in nvidia-smi, but its going anywhere from 50x-100x, as to before it was going 10-20x. I have also enabled debugging incase this is important later. Please feel free to @ me for my logs before pushing the staging update, not sure if it helps but totally willing https://prnt.sc/1087alz I dont see usage in nvidia-smi, however, the card is 'ramping up' as it were, using pcie3. Normally when idle it shows 1(3). Question, possibly for its own thread. Handbrake is based on ffmpeg also, so in theory, I could copy over my existing tweaked settings into that advanced/extra arguments field, no?
  5. Hello there, and thanks for this app! Do I need to use unmanic:staging to enable HW transcoding? I've added --runtime=nvidia, as well as my gpu uuid via extra parameters, and I dont see anything under watch nvidia-smi Nvidia Quadro m2000 4gb, if it matters. Seems to work fine with emby, and handbrake. Not sure if I fat fingered something ☺️
  6. I just followed the guide as of the date writing this post, but changed everything from letsencrypt to swag and added this :6 at the end of the template, and all is working fine. Thank you
  7. Is it possible to add a time delay to a specific docker? Of the about 20 I have, mongoDB is at the top of my list, rocketchat all the way at the bottom, and still RC sometimes loads a bit too fast, waiting for the DB to load up.
  8. Emby beta confirmed working fine. I will edit the post to put solved. At least I know it does work. Thanks @HellDiverUK for the suggestion.
  9. Good suggestion. Wanted to try the beta version anyway, so ill just test both and report back. My hope is its just not a supported GPU on the regular version, and it has been added in more recent updates/distros. On that note, Is there any commands I could/should type out to show more info? lspci only shows its passed to the container, not necessarily used.
  10. I was hoping it was something that trivial... no dice The worrying part is I should see them listed as shown in the tutorial...(mine pictured above) has two blank spaces Can I console into Emby? ... (goes to test)
  11. Glad to know others are having success (Rages inside!) bwahaha. I was hoping it was just as easy.... Maybe check over my config settings? Like you said, it was exactly the same I thought.... 🙄
  12. Hey unraiders! Trying to get my M2000 quadro working with emby, and having some issues it seems. I followed - https://forums.unraid.net/topic/77813-plugin-linuxserverio-unraid-nvidia/ - and had easy success with plex. Checking watch nvidia-smi from a terminal shows plex using it. Emby.... not so much...! Under Emby settings I expected to see my GPU listed as shown in the tutorial, but no dice. Any help greatly appreciated. TIA! Edit: Solved by updating to EmbyServerBeta (from Emby)
  13. Awesome, and thanks for quick responses! It appears I have more homework to-do. I am okay with building a kernel, assuming there is an idiot 101 guide for special ol' me. I will test out the plugin, this setup currently is not mission critical, I am open to failure and learning. I have a primary system for everything else. EDIT :: -N- :: UPDATE I hurried home, as fast as I could! Alright, so far so good. Oh boy, were getting somewhere! Yay!!! Success! Thanks again to @testdasi, it truly was a Viola'! moment on beta 25, took less then 10 minutes including shutdown, and restarting of the server. !!
  14. "With both, it's critical to note that you should NOT update Unraid using the official GUI. You basically have to wait till the appropriate custom build has been released." Important note, got it. I am on 6.9 beta, should I drop back to stable first ? I ran 6.8 a long time its very stable with my setup. Just wanted to play around with 6.9 though. Sidenote: I blame spaceinvaderone!
  15. Hi all, sorry if this isn't the right spot...please move accordingly! It seems HW transcoding has come along way, and I am ready to jump in with recently decommissioned hardware from work, woohoo! GPU : Quadro m2000 4gb, based on the elpamsoft list, it should be able to do h265. I believe its as straight forward as adding support, and... viola? I am using a quadro, so no issues there... right?! Also I see the linuxserver.io plugin and another from ich777, is there a difference? I think I just need the first plugin And one last question, since I've got a dual cpu server, does it matter if I put the gpu on cpu0 or cpu1?
  16. So, hmm... choices to make... I thank you for the reminder of Unassigned Devices. I had checked it out once, but then forgot about it. I am curious as to what kind of performance gains could be had in a 2x250 cache array, but my understanding is it would be 384gb? I would very much be interested in passing a 250 directly to a VM, thats an idea worth some exploration I think. I think I will do some testing, and report back here hopefully with geeky pics or something! Many thanks for the response and reminder on UD, man what a good plugin how could I forget?! A side note, for passthrough stuff, I need to enable IOMMU stuff or something? I may have to refer to some spaceinvader one videos in my near future. I also toyed with a plain jane sata ssd before and used that as write heavy cache space, and I killed it. (Not entirely, a full long format later, and a update to the firmware and shes back up to mostly full speed again) but not something im quick to return back to anytime soon. the 12tb seems to handle its own as the 'main drive'. given the size gap difference, it tends to be the first thing hit for incoming data / downloads / ect.
  17. Hey all! I've currently got a 10 disk, 70 TB array, and a 500gb nvme for cache. The question, Would I be better off upgrading to a 1tb single drive nvme, or adding in a second 500? In theory there could be more IOPS with two drives, but im not quite sure. Speed isnt really a concern seeing as its NVME. I also have 2x250 gb nvme's with adapters laying around. What would you do? Double up, and get a second five hundo Swap out for a 1tb. Add-on 2 more 250's and compare performance? (This is an option since im not using my pci slots for anything else at the moment) I have either 4 or 5 pcie slots, 1 for a 9211-8i raid card, one for the cache drive, have at least 2 more spots open to use. Media programs transcode in ram, but the library information, poster art, and a single w10VM all live in cache land. I can provide as much data as needed. Basic specs are xeon e5 2670v1 (two), ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16, unraid 6.8.2
  18. Many thanks Squid! (My apologies was out at lunch) All working as intended now. I swear I looked through that list two or three times and never saw it until you pointed it out 😪
  19. Hi there and thanks for this plugin! I've got an issue however. I run wireguard plugin I would love to add a VPN-Manager tab using Custom Tab but using the built in drop down menu is proving difficult. It does detect the Dynamix stuff, but it doesnt appear to forward to the proper page. unraidip:port/VPNManager VS unraidip:port/Settings/VPNManager When I hit apply this happens Which just shows a blank page..... And it should be Now, if I hard code it using URL, it works fine (But only on LAN, not VPN due to ip's being different) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  20. I can appreciate the response Johnnie.Black...but it seems a bit of a cop-out. The system has been working for the last 10 months solid, without issue on the same flash drive.... all of a sudden one day, it stops working? A brand new flash drive, from a different company, same results? @itimpi why would another system make a difference? This is the same system (my gaming rig) used to make the drive the first time. Let alone different brand flash drives.. Also, as I stated in previous posts i've tried manual, and tool creation for the USB's.... I can rule out hardware issues, as i've said i installed w10 on a spare SSD with array and cache removed. Also booted live linux mint. all 4 network ports, and BMC port work on both. I even used the same normal (mobo slot) usb slot to install/run both... At this point, the only relevant factors I can come up with, revolved around the 6.6.7 update. Moreover, after the update i've had several of the same issues hundreds of others are having. Webui frozen and unresponsive. Sandisk (brand new, from bestbuy) Cruizer model? http://prntscr.com/mxzvii Lexar (older one, possible bad) V10 model? http://prntscr.com/mxzwaj At this point, without unraid booting, the flash drive isnt generating the diagnostic files. The last known file(s) I already uploaded, are a week old now. If anything is happening.. I dont know... On average from power-off, it would take about 5 minutes to boot... 4 of those minutes were array startup, bios, and ecc memory. let alone being a dual cpu board. Now, if I let it sit for upwards of 20 minutes, unraid it self I guess evantually boots, but not over the web since bond0 is failing. If theres a list of commands or something I can run from console/gui please let me know. (the above pics are from google, waiting for my phone to charge... used it all day at work) EDIT: Pics The third one is a random verbatim drive. I use this all the time for live installs and other. Also, I said 8gb lexar, turns out its 16gb. Other then that, those are the actual drives. Specifically, this is the sandisk drive that I purchased from bestbuy, exact link. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sandisk-cruzer-16gb-usb-2-0-flash-drive-black/9226875.p?skuId=9226875
  21. The first flash drive is an 8gb lexar. USB2. The new flash drive is a 16gb cruizer sandisk. Also usb2. The server has 3 usb 2 ports, 2 on the back, one inside the case directly to the mobo. I've tried all 3 ports. I've tried both old and brand new out of the package flash drives. I added in a 2port usb3 card via pciE. Tried both those ports on both drives. Moreover, the system was running for months on end without errors... The brand new flash drive, with brand new unraid from the unraid creation tool gives the exact same error. Ive attempted to rule out ports in various was as described above, as well as loading live linux and installing windows 10. At work for the next few hours, but I will gladly take pics of both drives, including any other info that may be helpful.
  22. I remember this being an issue at one point... googled and found this https://help.nextcloud.com/t/why-doesnt-android-client-upload-existing-pictures/10365/25 Are you on an older phone/app version? This is fixable, and to my knowledge was fixed. Top right of the screen normally, 3 little dots, 'select all photos'
  23. After 5 minutes or so bond0 fatal error. private ip address. unraid not accessible over a network (which is the way its intended to be used) so im not sure how my title is misleading. If this was a remote scenario in a commercial space, or data center, this would be called 'a non booting system'. EDIT: (These 2 pics were taken after removing the aforementioned drive. ) (TOSHIBA HDWE160, X743KCAJF56D) As well as on the new flash drive (as seen by asking for a Tower login, instead of Rebnet)
  24. So how come bios, windows, and linux live disks all see them? ... regardless why would a disk failure cause unraid to not boot and cause errors that halt the rest of the boot process? bond0 missing. this is network, has nothing to due with a missing or failed array drive. cannot mount usb/lib/modules/unraidxxxx unraid label missing whatever this even means private IP address, again, network related, how does a drive interfere?