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  1. tbonedude420

    Alternative to youtube-dl

    http://prntscr.com/kyq2sa I added them after the existing stuff, is this correct? Also, thanks for the clarification. I saw 'yt-latest' but wasn't sure if that meant what I was thinking, thanks for clearing it up!
  2. tbonedude420

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Jackett

    Is there a way to weigh the results from jackett? For example.. I've got a private tracker, I would want that preferred over a public tracker.. Private-ShownameEp1 - 10 seeders - weight 10+1(1 being my preferred number) vs Public-ShownameEp1 - 2 seeders - weight 2+0 Does this make sense or am I just asking in a profoundly stupid way?😕 I know theres already ways to prefer those with a minimum limit of seeders, but what about prioritizing results from A(priv) vs B(pub) ?
  3. tbonedude420

    Alternative to youtube-dl

    Quite an easy way to accomplish this. Thank you! PS, what about updating? Any advice?
  4. tbonedude420

    upgrade / swap CPU

    Best advice I can give is use pcpartpicker.com and check prices from multiple vendors, and dont bother with memory frequency. Theres no visible difference to the average user when comparing ddr3 @ 1333 or ddr3 @ 2400. Same goes for ddr4. (ddr4 pushes the boundaries a bit, as its stock speed is 2133, and were already at last I checked 4500mhz) Quantity > quality > frequency. GBs > good brand > speed it runs at. 16gb of ddr3 is about 100$ right now, so depending on the amount you need, you can roughly calculate it.
  5. tbonedude420

    WiFi card for build

    Has dremel, will travel! 4770k is a strong cpu, high IPC good for transcoding. I dont think the 570 is supported.. could be wrong.. will check. (ill edit in later if I find an answer, but I remember it being limited to 6xx series and higher) https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support-matrix Click down at the bottom "Titan/Geforce" you will see its 600 series and higher. Sorry mate! Even if it is, 265 probably wont work, and your limited to 1 transcode (via nvidia, they have mentioned they dont want people doing exactly what were trying to do)
  6. tbonedude420

    WiFi card for build

    Defiantly not. Most of us use "raid" cards, simply because we can flash initiator target mode (IT mode) and use them as a 8port HBA. They also offer good speed, and batteries for those who do use the integrated raid part (IR mode). If you wanted to use a 20$ amazon vantec '4x sata port card' thats perfectly acceptable too, (In most cases). There is talk of the cheaper cards being.. well. cheap - Sometimes out right dying, other times drives 'go missing' causing panic, when ultimately its just a cheap controller. Also, most motherboards have between 4 and 12 sata slots... and some of us use 24 port and more expanders. IIRC, unraid handles about 24-26 drives. If you need more then that, you raid togather a few of them, and inside of unraid instead of seeing 4x4tb drives, it will show 1 drive at 16TB. Just another way of doing things, thats all.
  7. tbonedude420

    Raid 0 (single disk) - data loss/migration to JBOD

    Assuming this issue is similar to the dell 400 cards (no jbod, but you can make single raid0's) you shouldent have too much trouble. IIRC, the h400 didnt actually make a raid partition, just a virtual raid0 partition (which isnt written to the drive it self) Think its called VHS? not sure. *googles* For example, I could take the drive out, put it in another system, and it just 'worked'. Granted.. windows couldn't read it due to being BFS or ZFS, not fat32/ntfs/nfs... Even if it is passed, you may not like the results.. such as the data strip size, cluster, ect.. Also, with the h400, I would get full performance of the drive in fake jbod mode, but under linux, i saw a noticeable difference. Once I formatted it normally, all was well again. Which now leads me to believe, it does write 'something' to the drive, maybe a mal-aligned mbr? Not sure. *googles again* Best of luck! Will follow for updates, hope you get some time this weekend to try
  8. tbonedude420

    Plex 4k transcoding: New CPU or GPU offloading

    Hands down CPU. i9 7960x, or threadripper v2. (or v1) https://forums.plex.tv/t/transcoding-4k-requirements/136994 Realistically, your gonna spend between 1-2 grand for a 4k viable system. Be it in cpu, or gpu. Cpu can be recycled and reused.. gpu's have a quicker death and are less likely to be reused Other things to note, are the container (.avi, .mkv, ect..) and the codecs used to convert (h264, x264, hevc x265, ect..) Also, you cant pass-through a GPU to a docker, so GPU's are out of the question. Also given the pricetag of the m5000 (capable 4k gpu) you mid as well get a baller CPU. M5000 isnt even the most expensive option... some cad/rendering cards are upwords of 10 grand. In short, x264 is bigger, but easier to convert. x265 is smaller, but harder to convert. HEVC is amazing, if you can support it, but you need a pretty beefy cpu to even play, let alone transcode. Finally, if you choose to go with HEVC for example, not all clients support this, and it will have to be transcoded again to the end user.
  9. This is an amazing project! AND it looks good too! I had a similar idea using adruino using HID emulation, but eventually gave up on the idea. In hindsight, WOL is far superior for this. Amazing idea +1 to releasing the files. Will follow for updates
  10. tbonedude420

    Big HDDs 8,10,12 TB

    Not 'as cheap' as shucked drives, but ive been using Toshiba x300's. I've got 7 of them now, 6TB in size 7200RPM, 128mb cache. In windows it shows as 32.7TB (single parity at the moment) and im getting upwords of 200mbps per drive. Last I checked they were 160$ a piece new. http://prntscr.com/kt8gtu
  11. tbonedude420

    WiFi card for build

    WHY EMBY?! ❤️ Plex hah. Hardware wise, unless your transcoding (which it seems like you might be) your main concern is quality power delivery, and reliable sas/sata controllers. ddr3 based servers are finally starting to come down in price, see ebay, amazon, server-store, server-monkey, craigslist.. ect. IMO, the Xeon 2670 is the best for the price. 8c16thread /w 20mb of cache. 130$ new, or 50-75 used on ebay/amazon. Its socket 2011, with ddr3 or 4 support depending on the mobo. (I would go ddr3.. cheaper.. reliable. ddr4 isnt that much faster in frequency, or bandwidth, and for the price.. its not worth it (in my opinion) A decent dual xeon chassis with no drives, can run as low as 200$ in some cases (usually without ram). I just built a socket 2011 with 'new' parts, for about a grand. dual 2670's, 64gb ecc/registered/buffered. 16c32t @ 3.3ghz. For the price? Its almost on par with a threadripper from AMD. IPC is 'slightly' lower, but overall, price to performance, what I built works for me. To put that further into prospective, my entire full build was 1150$ with tax, and odds and ends that were needed. Threadripper v1 alone is 800$, and a board is about 300. That still doesnt include ram, psu, gpu, drives, case, ect...which are included in my purchase. (edit for pcpartpicker list) https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Z2bdMZ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0056OUTBK/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&amp;psc=1 <- the case im using 2670 is 2.6ghz /w 3.3ghz turboboost. Just to clarify, and I plan on running these full tilt 24/7. Worst case scenario, i've got some AIO's laying around, and I may just watercool my server.. because I can. Also, the 3x 5 1/4 bays has been converted to a 4x 3.5 hotswap bay. They sell it that way, I choose to do it on my own with spare parts. I havent used emby in a while, does it have a similar feature to plex where you can 'optimize' media? If so, that would take alot of the transcoding work out of the equation, and your server wouldn't have to work as hard to stream the media.
  12. tbonedude420

    WiFi card for build

    Side note.. Understandably its a rental, so no holes.. but what about opening up an outlet, and dropping a line straight down to the laundry room? 50feet of shielded CMR should be fairly cheap(20¢ a foot last I checked), (go with cat6/cat6a if you can afford it) and it should drop straight down to an adjacent outlet? Not everyone has crimping tools.. but you could get the female style and use a punch down tool (aka, flathead screw driver) and then make a 'proper looking' connection, without drilling holes and voiding rental agreements. Worst comes to worst, just remove it before leaving the building?
  13. tbonedude420

    WiFi card for build

    Oldie, but goodie...Though a bit of a hog when it comes to consumption of power. Any chance you have other 'junk' laying around? Maybe a few linksys routers? bef/sr models? They can be flashed with DDWRT or Tomato firmware, and you then can make your own wireless bridge. Granted, it would be G band, not N/AC, but getting up and running (in my opinion) would be first priority.
  14. Is this a dual cpu setup? Have you tried other pci slots? Have you updated bios? HP's are notorious for having compatibility issues unfortunately. Johnnie.Black's suggestion is probably the quickest. First narrow it down and make sure the card is good. From there work out the kinks with compatibility. Usually it can be solved, best of luck to you! Not exactly related, but others have mentioned certain slots (per cpu) as limitations, as well as bios being out of date. https://community.hpe.com/t5/ProLiant-Servers-ML-DL-SL/NMI-error-in-DL380p-GEN-8-when-P430-4GB-is-installed/td-p/7004175
  15. tbonedude420

    LSI 9201-8i vs 9211-8i

    Based on the documentation from broadcom/lsi/megaraid, they use the same firmware. They are all based on SAS2008. If it helps, this is the guide I followed, https://nguvu.org/freenas/Convert-LSI-HBA-card-to-IT-mode/ These instructions will not work on modern hardware with UEFI, you will need to find a newer tutorial, or do what I did.. pull out some old hardware, and flash using older hardware.