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  1. Took a short clip if it helps.. https://share.getcloudapp.com/bLuARyym I just happened to notice this... 6.9.0 and 6.9.2 effected for me. Could it be my browser?
  2. Not sure if I should open my own thread, but on my 6.9.0 server, theme engine is working fine, however on my two 6.9.2 servers it seems to be broken. Also to note, my 6.9.2 servers have the unraid.net plugin, does this change anything with the theme engine from community apps? Also as a few others have noted, cant seem to maximize my docker/volume mappings. Little down arrow is there, but doesnt seem to do anything
  3. Hello. Not an expert, not even close, but found my self in a similar pickle, and again, spaceinvaderone was there to the rescue. My assumption is you need to further split the IOMMU groups in regards to the quad network adapter, as shown in the picture, they are all responding with the same xxxx:xxxx pci identifier. I see you tried to append the kernel, no luck im guessing? I see one entry... shouldn't there be 4? One for each of the NICs on the card? Similar thread here.
  4. Is there anything I can provide to help? Logs? specs? Quick spec:, PNY (I think) Quadro, m2000 4gb, 4x Xeon 8880v2, 64gb ecc https://prnt.sc/1082llf Emby show hardware encoding, and working. https://prnt.sc/1082m94 Unraid showing GPU info https://prnt.sc/1082mjv Unmanic no longer pulling successfully docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:349: starting container process caused "process_linux.go:449: container init caused "process_linux.go:432: running prestart hook 1 caused \"error running hook: exit status 1, stdout: ,
  5. Hello there, and thanks for this app! Do I need to use unmanic:staging to enable HW transcoding? I've added --runtime=nvidia, as well as my gpu uuid via extra parameters, and I dont see anything under watch nvidia-smi Nvidia Quadro m2000 4gb, if it matters. Seems to work fine with emby, and handbrake. Not sure if I fat fingered something ☺️
  6. I just followed the guide as of the date writing this post, but changed everything from letsencrypt to swag and added this :6 at the end of the template, and all is working fine. Thank you
  7. Is it possible to add a time delay to a specific docker? Of the about 20 I have, mongoDB is at the top of my list, rocketchat all the way at the bottom, and still RC sometimes loads a bit too fast, waiting for the DB to load up.
  8. Emby beta confirmed working fine. I will edit the post to put solved. At least I know it does work. Thanks @HellDiverUK for the suggestion.
  9. Good suggestion. Wanted to try the beta version anyway, so ill just test both and report back. My hope is its just not a supported GPU on the regular version, and it has been added in more recent updates/distros. On that note, Is there any commands I could/should type out to show more info? lspci only shows its passed to the container, not necessarily used.
  10. I was hoping it was something that trivial... no dice The worrying part is I should see them listed as shown in the tutorial...(mine pictured above) has two blank spaces Can I console into Emby? ... (goes to test)
  11. Glad to know others are having success (Rages inside!) bwahaha. I was hoping it was just as easy.... Maybe check over my config settings? Like you said, it was exactly the same I thought.... 🙄
  12. Hey unraiders! Trying to get my M2000 quadro working with emby, and having some issues it seems. I followed - https://forums.unraid.net/topic/77813-plugin-linuxserverio-unraid-nvidia/ - and had easy success with plex. Checking watch nvidia-smi from a terminal shows plex using it. Emby.... not so much...! Under Emby settings I expected to see my GPU listed as shown in the tutorial, but no dice. Any help greatly appreciated. TIA! Edit: Solved by updating to EmbyServerBeta (from Emby)
  13. Awesome, and thanks for quick responses! It appears I have more homework to-do. I am okay with building a kernel, assuming there is an idiot 101 guide for special ol' me. I will test out the plugin, this setup currently is not mission critical, I am open to failure and learning. I have a primary system for everything else. EDIT :: -N- :: UPDATE I hurried home, as fast as I could! Alright, so far so good. Oh boy, were getting somewhere! Yay!!! Success! Thanks again to @testdasi, it truly was a Viola'! momen
  14. "With both, it's critical to note that you should NOT update Unraid using the official GUI. You basically have to wait till the appropriate custom build has been released." Important note, got it. I am on 6.9 beta, should I drop back to stable first ? I ran 6.8 a long time its very stable with my setup. Just wanted to play around with 6.9 though. Sidenote: I blame spaceinvaderone!