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  1. No SMART warnings except for a disk that i've been neglecting in UD. Working on replacing that one. I will definitely set up the syslog server. Thanks for that tip. I've never done it before but I found this on the wiki when researching this issue. https://wiki.unraid.net/Troubleshooting#Re-enable_the_drive As far as my system share, I don't have an answer for that. I'm not sure if I set it that way when I first used unraid and I had a 120GB SSD as my cache. I'll move that to the cache. Thank you for helping me. Would you know a good wiki or post that could help me learn how to find the answer if a drive is safe?
  2. recently I had to reboot my server when it hung up due to UD. Upon rebooting (safe reboot mind you) my unraid came back with a device disabled. I've checked my connections as it's to a hot swap bay module and to a LSI card and all are secure. Could someone help read if my drive is safe to re-enable? bulbasaur-diagnostics-20191207-0333.zip
  3. 14 years and I've only known you for 2. I wish I was here in the beginning but I'm glad I'm here now.
  4. just change your repository to "binhex/arch-plexpass:" without the quotes. you can do this with any repositories, just add a colon and then the specific tag you want to use.