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  1. Okay, I made this change last week and it fixed the problem, but here we are the week after and it appears my edit (as well as the original file I saved as a backup) are gone. So, I guess I'm soliciting advice for the "best way" to get dynamix docker manager to not update it's config? Change everything in .../include to read-only, perhaps? I'm still on 6.8.3 and currently have no plans to upgrade to 6.9, although I might consider it after .10 comes out and I see how the upgrade goes for others. TIA Mike
  2. How does one revoke a cert with this? Or, more to the point, revoke a cert created by this? There doesn't seem to be a lot of real world tutorials out there, at least none that I have found. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thank you!
  3. I don't need to know how to recover my password but I was being curious because better to prepare for the oops then have to find the info in a panic, right? So I click the 'Password Recovery' link on the login page (6.8.1) and I end up on a wiki-ish web page that has no information regarding password recovery. Is this the expected behavior? I'm not sure I'd want something like that pointing to a document on the internet. Can it be updated to display the procedure from a file on the local flash drive or something? Maybe this has been addressed post 6.8.1
  4. I was going through those motions as I got your reply; thank you for the info. It was nice having verification I'm on the right path. Now I'm back in. Now it's time to shut her down and perform some hardware upgrades (going from 16GB to 32GB memory and adding 2 SSDs for cache (I currently have no cache). Thanks again. Mike
  5. I'm running 6.6.7 headless and this plugin has effectively hoarked my ability to ssh into my box. I've deleted the plugin and will try to get access back by tethering a monitor and keyboard to the thing but if there is any "quick start" to getting this fixed I'd appreciate a pointer to it. Thanks
  6. I rolled back to the previous version of the docker container and I can get back into it again (it's now running php 7.2.19). I'll play around with it to see if I can get Nextcloud proper to upgrade to a later version and then re-update the docker. Thanks for the advice so far. Hoping I won't need to perform the long drawn out procedure noted but I do appreciate that it is there if I need it.
  7. Hi guys, sorry for the intrusion but I just discovered I have an issue after updating all my dockers this evening. I can no longer access Nextcloud via letsencrypt; I have started getting the error "This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 7.2. You are currently running 7.3.6." Both the nextcloud and letsencrypt dockers are from linuxserver.io and I updated both this evening. I got into the letsencrypt console and did a php -v and it is indeed running 7.3.6: PHP 7.3.6 (cli) (built: Jun 14 2019 11:43:56) ( NTS ) Copyright (c) 1997-2018 The PHP
  8. Update: When I got home, I bounced the entire docker subsystem on my unraid box and also refreshed the Tautulli config and it seems to have fixed the issue.
  9. As of the most recent docker updates, it appears that Tautulli is no longer picking up watch history from my plex docker. I believe the plex docker (also linuxserver, I believe) had an update at the same time, so I'm not certain where the issue lies but thought I'd mention it here in case anyone else is seeing similar behavior. Thanks Mike ETA: Tautulli *does* see when something is being actively streamed, it just does not log it in history.
  10. I mean the web ui of the specific docker. But now that there are at least two of them that are acting similarly, I was wondering if it could be something at a higher level?
  11. Apologies in advance if I'm posting in the wrong place; I debated putting this in the docker forum(s) but I figured I would start here first. I'm running 6.4.1 of UnRaid and 17.09.1-ce of Docker. This is my first install of UnRaid and I've been running with the trial license for about 10 days. I studied up beforehand by viewing some of SpaceInvader One's very helpful videos on YouTube. As he suggested there, one of the first things I did post-install was install the Community Applications plugin, and I've been utilizing it to install pretty much every docker I've inst
  12. I'm having this exact issue; I didn't try bridge mode because everything I have read said it has to be host, so I don't know if changing it would have fixed it for me and I'm not near the machine to try it now. This is a brand new UnRaid setup and, if I remember correctly, bonding was on by default. However, I have only one NIC so I disabled bonding, and it shows as disabled in the setup. Not sure if it needs a reboot but maybe I'll try that as well. I will be watching this thread for any further info.
  13. Have the NAS up with Unraid now, worked on it for a few days to get everything precleared and whatnot, was able to start putting data on it yesterday. I currently don't have cache drives but it's something might want to add down the road. So far, however, I'm loving it. Getting plex running in a docker was a no-brainer and it "just worked". I cannot say the same for Freenas. Thanks for the input earlier. Mike
  14. New here. I've got FreeNAS up and running right now; I installed it over the weekend and my opinions on it are mixed. As part of my NAS building project, I had always intended to try FreeNAS and UnRaid to see which I liked better; well now it's UnRaid's turn. As noted, I have a working system, but what it does not have - and what I had previously read somewhere it really should have for unraid - are cache drives. My intent was to install a couple SSDs (250GB each if that's big enough) but after reading around a bit, I'm not seeing anywhere where SSDs are mandatory and I'