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  1. You're right, it's right there. Not sure how I overlooked it but thanks for the pointer.
  2. Hi; is there a cookbook for upgrading ownCloud in this docker? I read some time ago that the gui-based upgrade doesn't work (unfortunately, I read that after I tried it LOL), so I guess I'm doing it manually. I don't mind digging around and compiling the info I need to get it upgraded but if someone who has already done this a time or two has a guide somewhere I'd rather not re-invent the wheel. Thanks in advance and thank you for all the efforts on this and all dockers. You guys are wizards...
  3. Cool, thanks. Learn something new every day. 🙂
  4. I'd like an answer for this question as it relates to the java version if there's a viable answer for it. I don't necessarily want to upgrade minecraft versions as they are released (right now I'm running 1.18.2 and didn't want to go to 1.19 right away; however, looks like the docker decided to upgrade to 1.19 on its own anyway). Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm usually pretty keen on figuring out the simplest of things (which I think this should be one) but, alas, here I am to ask... How can I determine which version of Uptime Kuma I'm running? Normally I'd console into the docker, do a ps -aux to find the executable and then do something like <executable name> -v However, this container has no ps, so I'm scratching my head. Thanks in advance.
  6. Oops, I had forgotten I'd already asked. How embarrassing. Thanks for the info.
  7. Hello everyone. I switched from Nextcloud to Owncloud relatively recently (approximately a month or 2 ago) and I very much like it, but there's an issue I'm seeing that's troubling me somewhat and I wanted to see if it's just happening to me, or if this is expected behavior. Seems that, each time I restart the OC docker, it spends considerable time essentially rebuilding itself; downloading packages and whatnot. Is this the way it's designed to function? It seems odd to me, and it's the only one of my approximately dozen dockers that behaves this way. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks.
  8. Relatively new with Owncloud, having moved over from Nextcloud. I have a question regarding it's startup behavior. It appears to me that, each time the docker container is started, it goes out and "rebuilds" itself from scratch (downloads/installs packages, etc.). Is this normal behavior or is something awry that I should look into? TIA
  9. Love this container, use it all the time on my Unraid box. I'm trying to mimic this functionality on a Windows box using Handbrake, particularly the "watch" and "automatic conversion" functionality, but I've not yet figured out how to do this. Does anyone have any information on how I can accomplish this or links to any resources that can help me out? Thanks in advance!
  10. Okay, I made this change last week and it fixed the problem, but here we are the week after and it appears my edit (as well as the original file I saved as a backup) are gone. So, I guess I'm soliciting advice for the "best way" to get dynamix docker manager to not update it's config? Change everything in .../include to read-only, perhaps? I'm still on 6.8.3 and currently have no plans to upgrade to 6.9, although I might consider it after .10 comes out and I see how the upgrade goes for others. TIA Mike
  11. How does one revoke a cert with this? Or, more to the point, revoke a cert created by this? There doesn't seem to be a lot of real world tutorials out there, at least none that I have found. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thank you!
  12. I don't need to know how to recover my password but I was being curious because better to prepare for the oops then have to find the info in a panic, right? So I click the 'Password Recovery' link on the login page (6.8.1) and I end up on a wiki-ish web page that has no information regarding password recovery. Is this the expected behavior? I'm not sure I'd want something like that pointing to a document on the internet. Can it be updated to display the procedure from a file on the local flash drive or something? Maybe this has been addressed post 6.8.1 so if it has, my apologies. I'll get to upgrading one of these days. Cheers. Mike
  13. I was going through those motions as I got your reply; thank you for the info. It was nice having verification I'm on the right path. Now I'm back in. Now it's time to shut her down and perform some hardware upgrades (going from 16GB to 32GB memory and adding 2 SSDs for cache (I currently have no cache). Thanks again. Mike
  14. I'm running 6.6.7 headless and this plugin has effectively hoarked my ability to ssh into my box. I've deleted the plugin and will try to get access back by tethering a monitor and keyboard to the thing but if there is any "quick start" to getting this fixed I'd appreciate a pointer to it. Thanks