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  1. Okay I am using 256 GB of Ram. I know Ram is stable on the board. It is at 3200. I been using it for last 8 months as a white box for ESXi but figure let me move my unraid to it. I just finish backing up all data now and going to do a fresh install . I will let you know how it goes and get some screen shots of vm issue if it happens again.
  2. It is. I am going to try a brand new install and see if it a issue. You do anything special in your bios?
  3. I have a issue when trying to create Virtual Machines on the system mention above. I create a Windows 10 VM with the Windows 10 ISO in and when on VNC Screen I hit enter to boot from the ISO. It will start to boot and get to a blue screen and then the VM just powers off and does nothing. I can not even get to install portion of Windows 10. I been trying to rack my brain around this for last 24 hours. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I have had same issue and on Windows 10 2004