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  1. Updated from 6.9.1 -> 6.9.2 smoothly with all dockers up and running with no issues (knock on wood).
  2. Updated from 6.8.3 following the instructions for the upgrade (for once) and it was very uneventful, just how I like it. The server was up and running in a matter of minutes. Thank you for the update!
  3. I went with 2 16GB ECC Kingston Value Ram on my Supermicro X11SSH-F motherboard. They aren't on the tested memory list but I've not had a problem with them at all, knock on wood.
  4. Strega

    Squid is 50!

    Happy birthday Squid! Try thinking about it like this, girls get old guys get better. That's been working for me for quite some time 😀
  5. If you do decide to spring for the case, I don't think you'll be disappointed with the quality. I built a watercooled system in one years ago and was very pleased with the case. Ouch is right, that shipping quote is a bit much. It is a beautiful case though......😁
  6. The only ones that I know of that are close are the Mountain Mod cube cases. They do make a 5x2 configuration but are rather large and a bit pricey.
  7. Updated from 6.7.2, went smooth as silk.
  8. I use a Vero 4K+ and a Zidoo X9S. Both handle 4K very well.
  9. My server has 5 Seagate IronWolf 10TB disks and I've no issues (knock on wood).
  10. I can tell you a 10TB IronWolf array (1 parity and 4 data) takes 15 hours and 38 minutes.
  11. An uneventful upgrade, just the way I like it.
  12. This is what I did- I renamed the EFI- folder to EFI and set my BIOS back to the way it was with 6.4.1. Actually the only change I made was changing Boot Option Filter back to UEFI and Legacy. I left my boot order alone and didn't update the BIOS. My graphics is set to AUTO. Mine did the same as Hoopster, got stuck at /bizroot....OK. i went back into BIOS and changed the boot order to #1 UEFI: Sandisk and set all the others to Disable. It booted up normally. I have rebooted it a couple of times and it boots up. Gamephreak did discover the fix. Rename the EFI
  13. And mine is still on the shipping BIOS. I'm running an E3 1245 V5 with 32GB of Kingston EEC memory. The only other hardware in my system is a Mellanox 10GB card.
  14. The first thing I did was to see if it boots in GUI mode which it does. I then modified the syslinx.cfg file with notepad++ and went into bios to make sure it's booting in legacy. Unfortunately no success for me either, it hangs in the exact same spot. Rebooted in GUI mode and it's up and running. For the record my motherboard is an ASRock C236 WSI.
  15. I'll try booting in GUI mode with the proper user name when I get home from work. If that doesn't work I'll try running checkdisk on the flash drive and if that doesn't work I'll revert back. Thank you itimpi and trurl!
  16. I upgraded to 6.5.0 from 6.4.1 through Tools>Update OS. Everything seemed to go fine except when I rebooted. After hooking up a monitor and keyboard I found out it was getting hung right after bizroot...OK. Right after the "OK" the screen would flash and the "Starting OS in 1 second" would be displayed and the system would be locked up. I tried booting in safe mode and it did the same thing. Next I tried booting to GUI and it went all the way to the screen that asks for user name and password. I never set a user name or password so I tried "user" and left the passwor