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  1. hi cannot any one help us with this issue for some reason rctorrent.rc file I change to limit the upload speed does not change anything I manually change it in the program it self put each days it resets it self thanks backupking
  2. hi I getting this error when I change the folder to any other then the one which is preset ie in deluge /data/ I get Permission denied when I change the folder can any one help what is wrong thanks backupking hi all looks like it was a mapping issue still learning with unraid working fine now conrad
  3. hi m8 thanks for that I done that and it looks like it is moving them when done is the a way to delete the torrent file when done thanks backupking
  4. hi is the any way to get downloads out of the appdata folder if I manually put folder there it just pauses the download using pia france fine backupking
  5. hi do not know if any one can helps us was working fine to the last update it need put does not matter what folder I choose on the install for it to download to the rtorret..rc will only download to /data/incomplete never had to change the rc one before if I manual change that nothing will download just pauses use to work perfect with pia france thanks backupking rtorrent.rc
  6. hi all no vms I create now will work worked fine on trial version on my hp microserver put failed to worked since I changed to license version I since changed to a custom build pc with a ryzen 5 1600 gigabyte ab350 gaming 3 board 2 pcei graphics cards 1 extra pcei network card etc put even with the new hardware so machine is some fast now no vm will start is the something gone wrong with our setup backupkingserve-diagnostics-20180420-1610.zip