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  1. Alright Friends, I thank you so much for it. I Just use my rack surveillance Monitor for it which i have in spare. Oh man, turning over 35 lets you really get old. Thanks so much!!
  2. Nope. Does it need a physical Monitor to get the streaming working? Is this the Key? If yes, I slap my face to the desk.
  3. Oh, call me retarded, but this Setup ist meant to be as a streaming Server (Steam Link), did I miss Something? Its only extremely choppy via rdp and Steam streaming Shows only a black Screen which has made me think it is not using the card. The Card definitely works, the AMD Android App Shows me also correct values...
  4. Yes, via the web Installer. Should I have done it manually? Well, my Intention was, this method would check for a correct installed Card. The Version was 19.7.5 and Wattman does recognize the Card and gives Out correct temp values etc. . Another Point which keeps me thinking is, that it sais in the AMD settings App, that there is no device attached to the card.
  5. Solved with the help of the mighty member @david279 - Everything which was needed was a hdmi display emulator! Thx! :-) Folks, I tried to establish a gaming VM and had a RX580 lying around. I followed Spaceinvaders Tutorial but added also the tricks on the forum to get it boot (changing it to Q35-3. and OVMF). The VM boots fine, but when I look up in the device manager, there is still the Microsoft Display Adapter, which does obviously all the work and the RX580 right beyond it which just bores itself. When I open up the AMD tool, it tells me, that no monitor is connected to the RX. So, 1. Why does that Microsoft Adapter shows up in the device manager in my setup and not at SpaceInvaders, and 2. How can I switch GPU? Any help appreciated! Thanks guys and cheers!
  6. I want to migrate some VMs of my Proxmox server to my UnRaid Server also. When I create a new VM then, do the details matter, of how i set it up? Do I have to match the size of the target VM and so on? Or will it automatically be overwritten once I copy the new converted image? And second question is, how do I perform the fixmbr? Just fire up the new VM, start a windows installation iso and run the mbr fix routine? Thanks in advance!
  7. I would not use this, when you need it with high priority. The VPN is for me a key component and woud exclude it from auto updating. Nevertheless should you stay informed about security issues of the vpn container and update it when you safely know, that the update is ok and properly working.
  8. I had the same problem and this fixed it! Maybe we should stick it somewhere more prominent! Thanks to @aptalca
  9. Alright, this must be my mistake that I did mixed them up. I used the VMautobackup script and backed my VM's up to my unassigned device SSD. So, if you just know, that Krusader will lose connection while doing so, thats not a big deal for me and I wont die on a heart attack. The second thing, which is good to know for a newbie, is that moving VM's, which are originally stored an the array is more trickier than it seems, when it comes to doing so with Krusader... Phew, what am I glad to rund the Autovmbackup script 😀
  10. Wow, this could be really the reason. I will check this asap! But when I copied than my backup, which was on an unassigned device (Samsung T5 SSD), the connection was also lost. But then I checked on the Gui directly the cache folder and there, the file is still growing with every refresh so a copy process was still going on and proceeded successfully (Krusader than found connection again). I was scared like sh** but everything went well and the vm's runs fine. Nevertheless a behaviour which should take a futher look into.. 😄
  11. Folks, today, it happen the second time to me, that when I copy a large file, for example a VM from the array to the cache with Krusader, I ticked the box "Keep this window open..." and hit the show details dialog, the transmission is kept and Krusaders loses connection. More than that, the original file which should be copied is *deleted*! This does really happen, when you just copy, NOT move a file. This is in my opinion more than a heavy bug to me and every user should be aware of it! I didn't found any similar threads on the community-board here, but I think I should inform you. Greetings hundsboog btw: Is there any other Gui style docker out there with similar functions?
  12. Funny, Im facing nearly the same results like you. I have 3 VM's running on a potentially strong system. Yesterday, my Raid Controller Card gave up which had two drives attached (with no data on it). The System was on hold, since I only have 1 Parity drive and 5 other drives + a Raid SSD Cache with two SSD's where the VM's reside. I disconnected that card and plugged the one drive to the empty slot just to boot anyway and make use of the server. Since then all freshly updated VM's behave like yours do. Did you switch any drives before like I did? I share the same collection of plugins like you do. Edit: I'm a total jerk. Sometimes the simple things matter most. When I closed the case of my server, a s-ata cable obviously went lose and blocked not immediatly but two hours later the cpu fan. Did you check the real time log? I started a rdp session with an external app which causes a certain load which was enough to let the cpu throttle. Click on "log" and ckeck that!
  13. Hi, its me again ? Thank you again for your assistance, but that damn Altera card is not going to passthrough to the guest machine. Well, I will build another PC out of my crapyard and let it run on its own. But thank you very much again, this is a really awesome forum and I learned so much from it buy just reading! I hope I can someday help also unexperienced users like me! :-) Have a great evening Tom
  14. Saarg, wow, thank you for your fast response and sorry, that I waited so long to answer your reply. There was a lot of work to be done this week! I will change the number and hopefully this card will show up in my windows server! This is anyways a great tip to someone really blind :-D. I will definitely tell you about the result. And yes, I can use the card in group 13, so there should no need to change the port, is it? Have a nice weekend! Tom
  15. Hello Squid ? thank you very much for your post. Yes, you are absolutely right and I confirm with everything you wrote. The x-ray is one of the first digital ones and is more or less "end-of-service". Every complain I have with it must be completely solved by my own, because the company was sold more than once (!) and the following company won't develope the software anymore nor they give any support for it. The good thing is, it is made like a tank, no plastic and built to last (the successors are just made of cheapo plastic). Also the sensor is highly precise and makes brilliant pans without a correcting software. Well, since I'm on my own and have actually a bare metal pc as redundancy running its software, this risk is basically o.k. although you are completely right. I just want to find out, like you said, if this card is just incompatible for passthrough ?. I already ordered a 1U supermicro server case with 1155 socket mainboard for like 35 bucks to host a old i3 from my private pc part junkyard. Maybe you can check especially the syslinux code if I have made any technical mistake. I also watched SMSProjects videos of his 3 according methods to passthrough devices, but none of those 3 helped ? Regards Tom