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  1. Sweet worked like a champ. No errors so far. Thanks for this.
  2. Hi, Thanks for a great stable docker app, just wanted to know if an update was coming soon as I keep getting notices when I login to the web UI that there is a new version of the controller software. Would be nice when I click dismiss and don't show me this notice again that it doesn't come back, it does that's the only problem I'm having minor. thanks again for all this great work on this great docker. Is it possible to update to 6.0.36?
  3. when you go too add the vm iso it does not show the iso your looking for, it only shows old ones you have used? This is on beta 30 it didn't happen on beta 29.
  4. So everyone not sure if this is a bug but I thought i'd post it. I increased a vdisk by mistake & like normal I was going to use command line to resize the vdisk. I get this this error now.... /mnt/user/domains/Windows Server 2019# qemu-img resize vdisk2.img 30G WARNING: Image format was not specified for 'vdisk2.img' and probing guessed raw. Automatically detecting the format is dangerous for raw images, write operations on block 0 will be restricted. Specify the 'raw' format explicitly to remove the restrictions. qemu-img: Use the --shrink option to
  5. hmmm. OK so i switched the one VM to 5.0 from 3.0. Is there a way to clear the log minus doing a full reboot?
  6. Ok here is the log at 100%. root@LoweNAS:~# df -h /var/log Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on tmpfs 384M 384M 0 100% /var/log root@LoweNAS:~# du -sm /var/log/* 1 /var/log/ 1 /var/log/ 0 /var/log/btmp 0 /var/log/cron 0 /var/log/debug 1 /var/log/dmesg 0 /var/log/docker.log 0 /var/log/faillog 0 /var/log/lastlog 1 /var/log/libvirt 0 /var/log/maillog 0 /var/log/messages 0 /var/log/nfsd 1 /var/log/nginx 0 /var/lo
  7. Thought I'd bring this up, my routing table is wrong or is this the new behavior of 6.9? I don't have any /25 networks. So why did it add a /25? Also can't delete those /25 either. On 6.8.3 there was a no /25 networks on my routing table.
  8. Got a small problem with beta 25. My log file gets to 100% in a few days. This never happened before on 6.8.3. Just thought i'd say something, other than that, I don't have any problems with this version.
  9. Hello first great docker app. Got a minor bug that I thought I'd pass on. Anytime I try too add the private torrent tracker Torrentday it gives me an error. "Request to Jackett Server Failed". From the log file : at Jackett.Server.Middleware.CustomExceptionHandler.Invoke(HttpContext httpContext) in /home/vsts/work/1/s/src/Jackett.Server/Middleware/CustomExceptionHandler.cs:line 70 System.Exception: Error parsing JS challenge HTML in red. That seems to be every time I try too add The Tracker as an Indexer. If required more logs I can.
  10. saw it briefly on the main console screen when I logged in. What's the best command to detect any xfs errors on any disks? FYI I was able to fix the xfs errors on disk 8. Seems all is back to normal now.
  11. Hi was hoping I can get some help fixing the xfs errors. Thanks
  12. thought so. RMA is setup with seagate. Yes Ran a Full preclear it passed. Should have listened to my inner self and bought WDC red. Bought these 2TB NAS drives as they were very very cheep. My luck with seagate drives are very crappy. I have WDC drives 20 years old still going........ Also got WDC red in my NAS with zero errors 5 years old.
  13. latest smart on the drive seems it went to hell. Also attached is today's diagnostic file.
  14. Not sure why it disabled the drive, I'm just hoping someone can view the smart data from the attached document. Once I get home I can download the support file. Just hope I can re add this drive and re sync the data.
  15. Well thought i'd report. I just installed an LSI card flashed into IT mode. It's running Parity currently & has not dropped offline its a few hours into it. Before it would have dropped offline with in minutes.
  16. Awaiting my proper raid card to ship from china, once i get it should there be any concern re what drives were on what HBA sata controller card? Or will unraid just see all the drives and continue as nothing has happened?
  17. Those are my disk setting. You tell me if there any setting wrong that's minus for auto start Array is out of the box. Oh I don't spin the disks down either Plex has huge problems when the disks are spun down.
  18. CS Series™ Modular CS450M — 450 Watt 80 PLUS® Gold Certified PSU SKU CP-9020075-NA
  19. I had no clue Marvell controllers were not supported. Dame it. Time to save up for an 8 port LSI controller. So it has to be either HBA or flashed to HBA so unraid can read the drives correct. I mean i have an old High Point 8 port thats a Marvell controller so it won't work either correct. 450 watt gold rated 80 plus. it draws on my watt meter 100 at idle. up too 200 at first power on. So why only at Parity check does it it go offline ? Not during heavy loads? Is this any good of an LSI card "Genuine LSI 6Gbps SAS HBA LSI 9201-8i 9211-8i P20 IT Mode ZFS Free
  20. Hi, I have the Diagnostics. Also a few pictures.
  21. So I got a bit of a huge problem every time Parity check runs, my SSD cache drive goes offline. The only way to get it back is a full system restart. Sata cable has been switched. The rest of the array is fully accessible. All my VM's are on my SSD all my docker's are on my SSD.