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  1. Thats one of two older vms I attempted to move over a while back. Neither of the two vms vdisks exist on the array anymore.
  2. Not sure if its related, but two nights ago I updated from one of the 6.5.1 rc to stable 6.5.1. I also started up a a new vm (the only vm I use). Today I came home and my server was crashed. Gui wouldn't pull up, console on server was unresponsive. No diagnostics After it came up, server ran for ~3 hours. Dockers are not responding. Tried the gui and it got stuck on a spinning page. Attempt to shutdown from the console, dockers shut down, diagnostics were pulled, console gets stuck on stopping emhttpd. I had to force reboot it after 20 minutes. Attached are diagnostics. Amd bulldozer 8150 990fx Sabertooth Anything else missing that would be useful? ~Chief
  3. I just installed 6.5.1 last night and then installed all three. Pretty quick assumption that it doesn't work on 6.5.1. Any errors in the influx logs? Whats your network settings look like for your dockers?