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  1. That is exactly what I am after. Because once I get a 10GbE connection setup I want NVMe drives to be able to service that speed and have SATA SSDs as a next tier to still maintain decent speed (4Gb-5Gb) if the NVMe gets filled. And if I can have a separate cache pool for dockers and system data running xfs for maximum stability. I won't mind running btrfs for my data cache so I can have redundancy.
  2. I think that is GREAT feature and I will absolutely be using it. I can't stand when my cache fills and my dockers go nuts because the drive is out of space. However, that is not what i am referring to. That is a set of lateral cache pools. I am talking about vertical pools. Ex: 500GB NVMe | V 2 TB SATA SSD | V UnRAID Array Is this a possibility with this new multi-pool feature?
  3. Would it be possible to create two cache pools and tier them with this setup? 500GB NVMe to a 2TB SATA to the UnRAID array.
  4. Turns out the created directory for the mount got into a weird state. I unmounted it and then removed the directory and let the mount script recreate it and it was fine.
  5. It claims that /mnt/user/secure (the one causing the most problems) isn't mounted when I try that.
  6. I have google drive and an encrypted folder mounted as google and secure. I set this up following Spaceinvaderone's tutorial. The problem I am having is with the unmount script. The 'fusermount -u /mnt/disks/secure' returns 'Invalid argument' and can't properly unmount the secure folder. How can I fix this error?
  7. Has anyone gotten this to work with an Asus RT-AC66U or similar router? I can't figure out a way to setup my router to point machines to this docker.
  8. I will try this later. This looks like the most promising solution yet. I will reply with results. Edit: This worked! Thank you! The VM framework doesn't crash when I boot a VM with a GPU. Now the VNC view just barely works.
  9. So I have been attempting to setup a VM on my new build with GPU passthrough. On my previous build (FX-6300 on AMD 970 board) this was a simple task. On my new TR 1920X and AsRock X399 Fatal1ty Professional Gaming it has proven to be quite a challenge. It seems that UnRAID 6.8.1 binds all of my GPUs on boot and they can not be passed through at all. If I attempt to unbind them ("echo <pci_device_id> > /sys/bus/pci/drivers/nvidia/unbind") it hard locks the Nvidia driver (Unraid NVidia build). I get the same result when I start a VM with any GPU in it. The diagnostic files are attached.
  10. I tried your suggestion and got the same problem. It seems unraid has bound all of my GPUs even though 2 are not in use at all.
  11. I will give that a shot. I never though to try that.
  12. I am trying to setup a Ubuntu VM with a Nvidia GPU passed through. The GPU is not the primary GPU in the system so passthrough shouldn't be an issue. I am running a Threadripper 1920X on the AsRock X399 Fatal1ty Professional Gaming. The GPUs in the system are Quadro K4000 (primary), GT 730, Quadro K2000. I am trying to pass through the Quadro K2000. When I start the VM the VM and docker managers hang then the whole system hangs. A clean shutdown is not possible. The error in the system log is libvirtd tainted and then a stack trace which clearly indicates the GPU is the problem. For reference,
  13. Is there any chance of this docker moving to FAH version 7.5.1?
  14. Has anyone had any success in running nvidia-xconfig or nvidia-settings in /usr/bin? I want to change the fan speed on my Quadro K4000. Is there another way to do this? Edit: Would it be possible to change the GPU settings manually? Change the file that nvidia-settings messes with?
  15. I have a TR 1920X on an Asrock X399 Fatal1ty Gaming with BIOS P3.50. I am only seeing the CPU go up to 3.5GHz which is the base frequency. I have AMD/Intel Turbo enabled in Tips and Tweaks plugin and I have tried both ondemand and performance CPU governors. Has anyone else had this issue with Threadripper on UnRAID. Also, I booted the system in Windows to see if the BIOS was holding it back and the CPU boosted to 4.0+ GHz.