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  1. I just recently updated to 6.12.0, and before that added some RAM and a new SSD. But as the title says, my docker install, or even the web-Gui has been noticeable slower. I believe i configured all the dockers right but SOm helpful eyes are needed.
  2. What did you run? Im running into the same issue on the import
  3. @Squid I am running to a similar issue, only with Radarr. It recently happened after 6.11.5 update I notice if I ssh into the docker, create the folder and change the permission to 777. I get the import to run correctly.
  4. /var/log is getting full (currently 100 % used)
  5. First off sorry for the really late reply, hope someone can still help. This setup will not work. I get The following error But if I change the Scheme to HTTP: I can externally access it, but if I go to the nav bar and directly add the `s` to the URL, it still works.
  6. I did some re-arrange and made the folders, I changed the script to something like 30 mins and ran the upload script, to watch the log. I didn't see them being upload. Is there something else i should check? The rclone_mount log says 23.03.2019 14:11:41 INFO: mounting rclone vfs. 23.03.2019 14:11:46 INFO: Check rclone gdrive vfs mount success. fuse: mountpoint is not empty fuse: if you are sure this is safe, use the 'nonempty' mount option 23.03.2019 14:11:46 CRITICAL: unionfs Remount failed. Script Finished Sat, 23 Mar 2019 14:11:46 -0700 Update: That error in the log was because the mountcheck file was missing in the gdrive vfs. But still can't seem to get the files I moved into mount_unionfs to upload. Update: March 25 - decided just to disabled all the scripts, delete all the folders and go through from scratch, now the folders are uploading I think the error was before known where to create the folders (Overlooked it in the tutorial ), I used krusder to edit and create folders in the wrong area and messed up the sync. Thanks again.
  7. DO I then move over the media files once they show up there? , to their correct path after been uploaded and encrypted in google.
  8. If i try to enable "https" on the schema for a route, then navigate to that page it errors out. But if I use normal HTTP and go it works. can even manually change it to https at that point and it still works, but not when I set it in the UI.
  9. Hello, So, I have this setup, thank you very much. But I have a question about my where I create the subdirectories `movies` & `shows`, etc? If I create those folders in the upload directory, once done there deleted.
  10. First off, I will like to say thank you for the docker the redirects, for my containers was a step I always have trouble with. But reading over the thread, has there been any news why I can't use the "Force SSL" or the "https" option in the scheme without errors?
  11. No real support needed, Just wanted to say thanks. this was so simple to use subdomains. I had to remember to add a new record to my Cloudflare DNS, SO thanks again. update: haven't tried everything yet but some simply sub domains for ombi, and organizer docker.
  12. Can you tell me a little more haha Backup What? cache? system layout? I'm sorry, this was my first unraid build love it, but don't know the standard procedures yet.