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  1. Can you provide assistance? I have the docket installed and running, however I don't see any way to open a document. Sent from my LG-H931 using Tapatalk
  2. Yes I do. Strange thing is that I get reasonable speeds on the same hardware with Windows or OpenmediaVault.
  3. Here is an updated diagnostics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I've disabled bonding. Still having the same write speeds.
  5. Ok. I'm running Unraid 6.19. Here are the systemlog and diagnostics files. I'm running Gigabyte nics and cabeling is cat5e.
  6. Looking for input. I'm running (or at least trying to) and Unraid system with a 4790k on a MSI z97 ac mini itx. My writes to the cache drive (WD Black drive) average 2 MBs! . The same machine averages 70 MBs as an OpenMediavault server. Any idea why the gap in write speeds?
  7. I have my configuration data set as mnt/cache/appdata/name of the app. From what I can tell, mover doesn't affect the configuration as two of my other dockers maintain their info. SABnzbd forces me to reenter my setup info even though the paths for my folders (Incomplete, Complete, Watch) are still recognized.
  8. On a couple of occasions I've had to reenter information via gui for two of my Dockers (binhex's couchpotato and SABnzbd) when I have powered up my server from a cold boot. The Sonarr and Plex dockers don't have the same issue. My configuration data is stored on the root of my cache drive. This doesn't happen if I just do a restart. These are the steps I take for a full power down: 1. Stop the docker 2. power down the drives 3. Take the array offline 4. Power down the system via the Unraid gui Looking for input if I'm doing something incorrectly. * The information reent