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Can't See Files on Network


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Hi - probably very simple answer but I've searched and tried so I thought I'd appeal to the community for help.


I've had an UnRaid server up for 4-5 years now and love it, perfect for my application.  Recently USB key went bad and didn't have a backup. 


I have a new key, installed a current version of Unraid, assigned my disks (order may not be right/match original but functionality on server itself is fine), and rebuilt parity.  I can see all shares/files on the server and admin the server remotely without issue.  I can brows shares/sub folders/files via the admin web interface even download individual files and see shares which span multiple drives.  Everything would appear to be in order.  


What I can't do is see any of the shares via SAMBA on windows PC or other device (KODI on Amazon Firestick just flat out rejects).  Focusing on Windows PC for simplicity, I can admin server from the PC in question (Windows 11 Home 64bit).  All Unraid shares are set to Public currently.  I see nothing in file manager either via generic SAMBA hitting "Tower" or IP directly.  I see nothing with an account login that allows all privileges and opens file manager window going into route directory where I would normally view all visible shares.  Just a blank file manager inside.


Would really like to restore access as primary use is to stream and share files around the house.


All advice is appreciated.



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PLus, see this:



IF you were running a real old version of Unraid, there have been changes made to Samba to hence security and a lot of things that use to work, don't.  The easiest way around this issue to embrace  security and set things up so that most future security upgrades will not break your SMB setup.  See the PDF file in the first post of this thread:




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