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  1. I commend your effort. The total lack of research or effort put in by a lot of newcomers in this topic is totally killing my interest in helping them. I've helped a few in here to totally set it up through a remote session, but all of them put in a lot of work themselves to try to get it to work. What I mostly see happening now is people coming it saying it doesn't work and then we should magically, understand where the fix is. This whole solution is not mainstream and it never will be. Even when DZMM and others here like me have it running without huge issues, there ar
  2. Yeah I do the same, cron job together with rclone for a local backup. So I just restored the config manually and rebooted the system and it's all working again. Very strange behaviour and never had this happen before.
  3. Yes, checked that but it's an empty config. CA restore also didn't fix it, so I'm now troubleshooting. Really don't feel like manually restoring 60 remotes....
  4. Woke up this morning to a not functioning server. Running rclone-beta. Suddenly my whole rclone config is erased. So make sure you have your configs backed up.
  5. Don't forget Plex also has SubZero for downloading subtitles which can also cause a spike in activity.
  6. Mount unionfs. And doing heavy plex scans gives you a ban. Often lifted around 0:00 AM.
  7. Does old media also not play? If not you're probably Api banned. You can try it with a second mount based on another client id and account.
  8. Hopefully it stays that way for you. Could be that your ISP or router just can't handle the full load/demands. Especially when you also start streaming while uploading.
  9. Then I think the issue is with your router being 5 or 4G. It's sort of having wifi non stop which just isn't stable. So when it drops, you also lose your mount.
  10. How are you running the scripts? As "run now" or "run in background"?
  11. Congratulations!! Nice that you got it solved. At this point you're just hoarding right? ;). How much of all that are you actually watching? I'm thinking about just reducing my library. Scrolling through all the media in Plex takes ages hahaha.
  12. Ah I thought you were already done with the reset and it still didn't work. When do you expect to give an update?
  13. Oh one more idea you could try. If you go through Krusader or Midnight Commander go to mount_rclone and copy all your movies on the mount_rclone to a new movies folder also on mount_rclone. So Movies_old to Movies_new. It might refresh any wrong settings. Although now I'm doubting. You could play all movies when you installed the rclone mount on your own Windows pc right? So that seems to indicate that something is wrong with the Unraid rclone mount.
  14. Unbalance is not recommended anyways. But since you are playing from mount_rclone directly that shouldn't be the problem. You could try the New Perms on the mount_rclone share. Not sure it it will work (will take a while though) but if that doesn't work I'm pretty much out of ideas.
  15. To be sure: You go to windows explorer > your unraid box > mount_clone (not unionfs folder) and go to Movies > your movie folder > movie.mkv and you play it. And then it causes problems?
  16. Hmmm such a strange problem. Seems like a R/W issue per individual file which seems unlikely. Can you copy one of the movies you can't play to your array and make a new library for that specific movie on your array. See if it plays then? If that does work then you might try something like setting new perms on your mount_rclone share. But I doubt it will work as expected.
  17. Are you able to copy the files through windows explorer? Try it for both the files that do play and won't play.
  18. What is the specific error you get when it won't play through windows explorer?
  19. No you don't need a new API, neither would it lose your data. Just create the new rclone mount. A little tip to be sure. When filling in your client ID and password, delete the laster number or letter of the string and type it in manually. Just to make sure there are no copy and pasting errors.
  20. Ok let's run through the basics first to be 100% sure. Did you get the latest Rclone version on your Unraid box? Create your Rclone mount freshly. So just delete it from the config and create it new. You don't have the recreate the crypt, just the mount. Then reboot without your dockers autostarting. Test it through windows explorer on the mount_rclone folder (so not the union folder).
  21. Ok, so where do we stand now? Opening files through windows explorer all works? They all play? And only Plex now gives problems with sometimes playing and sometimes not?
  22. Try running Plex vanilla. So without the hardware acceleration and see if it runs then. Are you sure your Plex library is pointing to the right level of folder? When you go into your Plex library and you open a movie (not play it) do you see that everything is filled in correctly? And the linking is correct to the right folder and file?
  23. Rclone stores it in your RAM, so that shouldn't be the R/W issue. I don't understand why you have that /dev/dri in your Plex template? I don't have it, so it's something you've added manually? Also why didn't you fill in the links to Movies and such? They should be pointing to your unionfs/Movies folder with r/w access.
  24. @yendican you post a screenshot of your Plex docker settings? Did you put the right folders as r/w slave? And what folders did you add to your Plex library? Did you disable all the analyzing stuff?