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  1. Are you able to copy the files through windows explorer? Try it for both the files that do play and won't play.
  2. What is the specific error you get when it won't play through windows explorer?
  3. No you don't need a new API, neither would it lose your data. Just create the new rclone mount. A little tip to be sure. When filling in your client ID and password, delete the laster number or letter of the string and type it in manually. Just to make sure there are no copy and pasting errors.
  4. Ok let's run through the basics first to be 100% sure. Did you get the latest Rclone version on your Unraid box? Create your Rclone mount freshly. So just delete it from the config and create it new. You don't have the recreate the crypt, just the mount. Then reboot without your dockers autostarting. Test it through windows explorer on the mount_rclone folder (so not the union folder).
  5. Ok, so where do we stand now? Opening files through windows explorer all works? They all play? And only Plex now gives problems with sometimes playing and sometimes not?
  6. Try running Plex vanilla. So without the hardware acceleration and see if it runs then. Are you sure your Plex library is pointing to the right level of folder? When you go into your Plex library and you open a movie (not play it) do you see that everything is filled in correctly? And the linking is correct to the right folder and file?
  7. Rclone stores it in your RAM, so that shouldn't be the R/W issue. I don't understand why you have that /dev/dri in your Plex template? I don't have it, so it's something you've added manually? Also why didn't you fill in the links to Movies and such? They should be pointing to your unionfs/Movies folder with r/w access.
  8. @yendican you post a screenshot of your Plex docker settings? Did you put the right folders as r/w slave? And what folders did you add to your Plex library? Did you disable all the analyzing stuff?
  9. Upload and download Api hits are seperate. So your mount can still upload but not download. You can get banned for several reasons, with the current state or rclone my experience is that a single filed being opened too many times is often the issue. Plex can be the cause of this. You say direct mounting in windows works. What exactly works? Just opening the file through your windows explorer? I'm very sure if that works, Plex will also work now and your ban has just been lifted. This often happens around midnight CET.
  10. I don't think you can. Maybe @DZMM knows an rclone setting to limit calls. He is better with the commands.
  11. Yeah then making new apis won't work because you can't connect more email accounts to the gdrive. Im using Tdrive. Only thing you can do is migrate to a Tdrive first. Or shut down dockers and stop the ones which might be giving you a lot of Api hits and start a process of elimination.
  12. You never did before? Didn't you fill in client id and password while creating a rclone mount?
  13. You cant as far as I know. But if you play a file in windows it will give an error after a while. Then you know you're banned.
  14. Your Api is probably temp banned. I've had it happen so many times lately. What you can do is give your main dockers an own mount and Api. I've done this for Plex, Bazarr, Radarr and the rest. So 4 unionfs pointing to the same folders but through different apis. What you need to do is just make a new Api and new rclone mounts. You can use the same local folders in your unionfs, but the different mount. And then in the docker settings point them to the seperate union folders. If you don't understand what I mean, let me know!
  15. Anybody else has Radarr continuously crashing? I've degraded to 5.14 and upgraded to v3. Even though v3 was a lot faster, it won't mass search movies. So I've cleared the whole appdata for Radarr and try to rebuild my library, but it's still crashing after a while.
  16. @DZMMlast couple of days I get API bans. I'm currently filling a backlog, so I'm wondering what could be the case. I suspect it could be both Emby as Plex running on the same API. What do you think? For now I will just create a new API and mount for Plex only.
  17. Then it's a syncthing issue as far as I can tell. You should test with an other docker.
  18. Have you tried another docker like Radarr to see if you can write files there? Syncthing doesn't work with browsing through the ui. So you have to put exact paths. So in your case you start with /google.
  19. So how is your rclone set up? Can you post your rclone config? Just remove the tokens and such.
  20. What is the docker you are using? And what happens when you restart the docker. Is it working then?
  21. How do you give the docker access to the share? Can you share that screenshot.
  22. Thanks you're right. My backup Share is just using a lot of files. How do you do this yourself? All the pictures and small files you want to keep safe, don't amount to a lot of size, but do to number of files Some way to autozip them would be best I think. Just like the CA backup does but then for your own shares.
  23. How are you transferring the books to your devices when Calibre is running on it's own IP? I can use the content server but that will download the epub file, and not give me the option to create a library within my ereader.