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  1. My guess is that the read speed of the faster drives were capped by the OS in order to maximize the output of the other slower drives. Gives better overall performance. You're only utilizing 2GB of the stated 7.8GB bandwidth so you may have a bottleneck elsewhere in the PCI chain.
  2. Ah, I missed that it was under Process Lasso. My mind clicked in on the unraid VM editor.
  3. You're the second person I've seen mention a NUMA box. I've never seen one, can you send a screen shot?
  4. Hmm what work around? I pass it through as an EPYC so it sees the L3 cache right and it does threading correctly that way as well. Also posted video of with and without but feel its not as defined. Both times the machine was just idle/logged in I have this block in my XML <cpu mode='custom' match='exact' check='full'> <model fallback='forbid'>EPYC</model> <topology sockets='1' cores='4' threads='2'/> <cache level='3' mode='emulate'/> <feature policy='require' name='topoext'/> <feature policy='disable' name='monitor'/> <feature policy='require' name='hypervisor'/> <feature policy='disable' name='svm'/> <feature policy='disable' name='x2apic'/> </cpu> With this setup, likely driven mostly by the cpu mode/matach and model EPYC, CoreInfo shows the TR as hyperthreaded. Logical to Physical Processor Map: **------ Physical Processor 0 (Hyperthreaded) --**---- Physical Processor 1 (Hyperthreaded) ----**-- Physical Processor 2 (Hyperthreaded) ------** Physical Processor 3 (Hyperthreaded)
  5. I use the Hyperthreading workaround in my VM's, CPUZ hangs when it scans the CPUs.
  6. You're definitely going to have to enable the PCIe override to even have a prayer. I didn't do any benchmarks with it on & off because I was able to utilize my use case with it off. Your performance may be less with the override on. Please refer to the first post on this thread for PCie slot/memory to NUMA slot assignments as well as what controllers can be passed through to a VM and if it needs an override or not along with quirks I've found to date. This is true. Note that I haven't been able to find which USB controller will let the onboard USB2 ports pass through. Other notes: The Infinityfabric for internode communication is fast enough on TR2 that having off-node graphics card will cause a slight CPU usage bump but no meaningful difference in GPU scores. I haven't tested off-node memory speeds but I have two VM's where one is on node and one off so I can do that. I have a GeForce GT 1030 (single slot) for unraid to grab in slot #1 since the MB demands a GPU. I have a Quadro P2000 in slot #2 for my Main VM. I was able to pass through a USB3 PCIe card to a VM in slot #3 but none of the other slots worked with override=off. I was able to connect several Brio's and pass them through but I had the occasional video glitch with a 1080p@60 video feed which hinted that the data stream wasn't operating at a constant speed. This almost ruined my planned VM buildout until I discovered that I had no issues with passing through the onboard USB3 controllers that don't require an override. Not ideal because those USB3 ports only have one controller but it is what it is. I have cores CPU's 1-59 isolated and while I do see CPU 0 bump that doesn't seem to mach the VM's task manager, I haven't noticed any impact yet. I still need to try out @Jerky_san clock/hyperv tweaks. Here's my pinning layout. Cam 1 is running Livestream Studio and it exports multiple Brio's via NDI to the other VM's to upload to YouTube using OBS.
  7. Adding for posterity that RC8 also updated the Aquantia 10G drivers (which is a good thing). Probably from the downgrade of the kernel. I don't have the network dropping out issues any longer. RC7 root@VM1:~# ethtool -i eth0 driver: atlantic version: 5.3.8-Unraid-kern firmware-version: 1.5.44 RC8 root@VM1:~# ethtool -i eth0 driver: atlantic version: firmware-version: 3.1.44
  8. While the socket size is identical to TR2, the TR3 socket has remapped several of the pins to optimize trace lengths. I haven't had any issues with the 2990WX chip. I've got eight Win10 VM's configured and running at the same time, one of which spans NUMA 0 & 2 (the ones with the direct PCIe/RAM connections). I had all 8 uploading a feed to YouTube at the same time. Cam 1 has 12 cores, Cam 2-4 has 4 cores, PiP Cams 1-4 all have 1 cores. Do you have the VM's installed on spinners or SSD's? If it's spinners, that's likely your problem.
  9. I had a similar issue with my Asus Zenith Extreme Alpha threadripper MB except that I couldn't power it down and have it stay off - it would immediately power itself back on. Resetting the BIOS to defaults and then applying the needed changes for VMs fixed.
  10. Is there a link missing or a post to more information? There's not much to go on here.
  11. I don't get a panic but it's not working for me currently either. When I plug in the 10G port after it was already booted, I get a solid orange light but no activity. Booted with it plugged in and the port doesn't get any lights at all. Confused by it. When it was working previously, the port would briefly go dead if I jiggled the cable - might be a defective port on my board. The built-in driver seems to be buggy, I get the occasional network drop.
  12. I set the Hyper-V to No simply by removing the features/hyperv block in the XML editor. Scores were lower with Hyper-V off but by a negligible amount with a five test pass. Timespy Graphics Only Scores, no CPU, 1080p with a Quadro P2000 Hyper-V On Off Average 4865 4863 Highest 4876 4874 Lowest 4844 4838 Variance 32 36 Offset High 11 11 Orrset Low 21 25
  13. How big (small) is your flash drive?! Surely there must be something that can be removed non-unraid related. Pretty much any thumb drive from one of the bigger manufacturers will do. Don't go cheap.
  14. Interesting. I'll run this test on my VMs with GPU passed through and not.
  15. In the unraid GUI, Tools > Update OS. Click "Check for updates". Change "Branch" dropdown to "Next".
  16. I've concurrently remoted in using RDP (from Windows) to seven Win10 VM's on RC8 with no lagging at all on any of them. Same with using NoVNC. The difference in my case is that the VMs are running on two off-array SSD's. Is it sluggish using NoVNC? Any crossed pinned CPU's (don't even know if it allows it)? Try creating a new VM template with the same settings & drives using the GUI to rule out some kind of XML issue.
  17. Are you running an overclocked Threadripper? My Windows 10 VM's are extremely sluggish to the point of not even being viable even with a very modest OC but rock-solid on stock. Haven't identified a reason why yet.
  18. Have you tried the last stable version?
  19. That's tough to say without actually having first hand experience on the Taichi board. Specs can read all nice and lovely but once you get it in hand, the IOMMU configuration is all whacked or the BIOS doesn't fully support HW passthrough, etc. What I did was to Google the MB and KVM/quemu/hypervisor/etc to see what other people have done with it and then decide that way. Still a gamble.
  20. Ah, I thought it was numad that was put in the GUI version and then later apparently removed. I missed that it was lstopo. This gives me a starting point but would require the GUI boot to enable. I believe it was to keep the size down on the bzroot root. Looks like it would add 15.9MB to the compressed file.
  21. I thought of that too but the problem is lstopo has to be manually installed first following the spaceinvaderone videos though it could probably be added to a "VM Helper Plugin" with SI1's permission.
  22. Did you manually change the default port number to 54777 from 18888? If not, try port 18888. Did you launch the UI via clicking on the icon and selecting "WebUI"?
  23. I've started working on enhancing the VM Form Editor in my spare time to add extra support for the CPU block so these tweaks we're making can be applied without manually editing the XML. Unfortunately, spare time is kinda non-existent. So far, added NUMA detection & grouping to the form editor. (I got tired of counting CPU's to find the nodes)
  24. Yup, I'll end up going that route going forward for the time being. Forgot to add that the keyboard was lost at the exact moment the loading logo vanished and the video driver initialized the display.