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  1. currently have a server running on a xeon 1620 v2 in a lenovo s30 and seems to work pretty well except for the lack of cores. so trying to decide what cpu to upgrade to seeing as they are pretty cheap on ebay. i run a few dockers and a few vm's. may make a vm for guests to play games on in the future if possible. the question of the ages is core count or speed? Xeon E5-2690 v2 10 core 3 GHz boost 3.6 GHz, Xeon E5-2697 v2 12 core 2.7 GHz boost 3.5 GHz, or Xeon E5-2667 v2 8 core 3.3 GHz boost 4 GHz? not sure the difference in speed would really be noticeable in a vm or not especially if i can assign a vm more cores. any suggestions? this is a link to compatible hardware if anyone has any other suggestions https://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/withdrawnbook/S30.pdf just not sure if the speed will really even be noticable especially if i can assign vm's a full 4 cores instead of 2-3 cores
  2. is their some sort of control program or os? or is it basically 10 individual computers (blades) inside 1 chassis?
  3. might be a dumb question but i saw someone posted some dell 1855 and 1955's for sale for pretty cheap. from what i can tell they hold 10 blades. i was wondering, how would something like blade servers work with unraid or will they work at all? would i have to buy a license for each blade? https://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pedge/en/pe1955_spec_sheet.pdf
  4. been trying all day but cant seem to get this to work. not sure what im doing wrong
  5. right now its just a couple of windows 10 vm's with a few programs on them. just didnt want to use the date. but ill copy the vdisk. what are the xml definitions?
  6. i searched a bit and found some old upgrade threads but didnt find too much info. may suck with the search tool. anyways i currently have a system with a xeon 1620 v2 thats quite old. i am considering upgrading to a 2700x which would be a completely different board, ram, cpu, and architecture. but i want to make sure my vm's stay intact due to having important gameservers running on them. is it as simple as just switching the hardware and booting from the usb and it will be back to exactly the same? but with more cores and faster speed ofcourse.
  7. ive saw a few threads about this but none seem to go anywhere beyond using a full computer. my question has anyone used a thin or zero client to access a vm on their unraid server? i have my server in the basement and would like a computer in the guest bedroom and one at my work bench. so i have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse in their. i would like to hook it up to a zero client that will just access a vm on my network. has anyone tried anything like this?
  8. not sure where to put this so i decided to try here. im new to linux so decided to start with ubuntu. got a vm setup and running but not sure how to link it to a unraid share. the vm is taking pictures using a script and i would like them to be saved to the share so i can access them on my pc to edit them. i currently can manually transfer the pictures but would like for it to just save directly to the share to save time. any ideas?
  9. Strangely enough it is at the same time. Not sure if its connected but it is right before daily mover schedule.
  10. Well this sucks because the code only pops up at random. Not immediately. Was running all day yesterday and the code didn't come back till 4am
  11. So no clue what the error codes mean?
  12. I dont see any kind of log in the bios page at all. What am I looking for?
  13. Ok. My plan is to upgrade to a ryzen with more cores and ddr4 sometime this year. That should be faster
  14. So not worth the few hundred more for a minor increase in speed?
  15. Also side note. Did just notice that the mobo and cpu are quad channel but I only have 2 sticks in. Would their be any real world performance increase upgrading to quad channel ecc?
  16. I tried that first but cant find anything in the bios page. But also I'm not as familiar with this old Lenovo s30 bios. Its has a 1620v2
  17. I have a few different errors and they kinda point towards memory but was wondering if it might be something else seeing as the memory is pretty new. It is 2 16gb ecc sticks that are maybe 6 months old at the most. I'm more worried about the motherboard and/or cpu which had concrete thermal paste for who knows how long. I bought it used. So here is the errors and I will include the full log aswell. Feb 4 05:08:21 Tower kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged Feb 4 05:08:21 Tower kernel: EDAC sbridge MC0: HANDLING MCE MEMORY ERROR Feb 4 05:08:21 Tower kernel: EDAC sbridge MC0: CPU 0: Machine Check Event: 0 Bank 9: 8c000049000800c0 Feb 4 05:08:21 Tower kernel: EDAC sbridge MC0: TSC 864ba116be90 Feb 4 05:08:21 Tower kernel: EDAC sbridge MC0: ADDR 808c5c000 Feb 4 05:08:21 Tower kernel: EDAC sbridge MC0: MISC 90840008000928c Feb 4 05:08:21 Tower kernel: EDAC sbridge MC0: PROCESSOR 0:306e4 TIME 1549278501 SOCKET 0 APIC 0 Feb 4 05:08:21 Tower kernel: EDAC MC0: 1 CE memory scrubbing error on CPU_SrcID#0_Ha#0_Chan#0_DIMM#0 (channel:0 slot:0 page:0x808c5c offset:0x0 grain:32 syndrome:0x0 - area:DRAM err_code:0008:00c0 socket:0 ha:0 channel_mask:1 rank:1) syslog[1].txt
  18. how fast should the average read and write speed be on array drives? using sata 2 if it matters
  19. It is to run dedicated servers. 1 game alone takes up over 100gb with the DLC. Maybe I should get another ssd and transfer the vm to the cache drive?
  20. also @Squid mentioned adding it to the cache pool, could i just move the 2tb drive to the pool instead of copying it to the the ssd's?
  21. So pretty much higher power consumption? And how about the ca automatic turbo plug in?
  22. o ok. is their any downside to 'reconstruct write'?
  23. I dont see turbo write mode. Only "auto", "read/modify/write", and "reconstruct write".
  24. Well I only have 620gb available in the cache pool so the vm will use up the entire thing. Also afraid to lose the data transfering it to the cache
  25. I've been using unraid for a while to run a game server through a windows 10 vm. It has worked pretty well with a few tweaks. But all of a sudden over the weekend it seems to be extremely slow so I pulled up task manager and it shows 100% disk usage (everything else appears fine) but a fluctuating max of about 10mbps. It will bounce to 30ish but only for a brief second and then back to single digits. So I looked at unraid and it's not checking parity or anything else that I can see and it says the same numbers as task manager. Shouldn't the read/write speeds be substantially higher? I doubt it is the drive because it is on a 6 month old 2tb iron wolf. With a 6tb iron wolf parity drive and a 6tb iron wolf array drive which are about 3 months old. They are installed in a lenovo s30 thinkstation and connected to the 3 sata2 ports. Could the ports on the board be failing? It also has a xeon 1620v2 with all cpu's allocated to the vm (tried 2 and 3 core but performance was even worse). Any ideas what the problem may be? And will it help to buy a raid card? Considering a LSI 9207-8i