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  1. Heyho Just started to play arround with Tdarr the last few days and i wonder if there is a way to slove my Problem. I wanna encode my Library but only if the Input File is above a specified Size, does someone know about a Plugin or a way to let Tdarr check the Input size first and then encode it to x265?
  2. The Controller Completely stopped Working for me since the last Update. Now I get this Message UniFi Controller startup failed We do not support upgrading from 6.2.23. Someone have an Idea what to do here?
  3. Coming to my Unraid Dashboard this Morning and saw that all of my Linuxserver Dockers have an update. But every Time i start the update ist looks like this. IMAGE ID [latest]: Pulling from linuxserver/nextcloud. Status: Image is up to date for linuxserver/nextcloud:latest TOTAL DATA PULLED: 0 B Looks like there is nothing to Update or download? After the update is "complete" the update note stays away as long as i didn't check for updates. I allready rebooted my Server because i thought there is a Problem with my Network or Internet Connection but this seems fine. Anyone who can help me here?
  4. As you said the DayZ Server isn't possible that easy, I saw you made a Docker for ARMA3 Exile, is it possible to get an ARMA3 EPOCH Server Docker?
  5. Ahhh i didn't know that the Dedi Server is only for Windows, that's to bad! I'm not sure if my Server is powerful enought for something like WINE but i think i will give it a try with your The Forest Docker.
  6. Hey is it possible to get a DayZ Dedicated Server? Would help me a lot
  7. Is it possible to get a Docker for Project Cars2?
  8. 5.10.21 is out. Is it possible to update?
  9. Hey there, I have also made a Thread about making my TS3 Server visible for my friends outside my HomeNetwork. Now i know how I can do that, thanks to Jcloud! But he also told me that it would be importand to change my default Passwords from TS3. Can anyone tell my what exactly I shoud change when I make my Server availible outside my Network? Since I'm really new to Unraid I don't have any Idea of that and i cloudn't find anything in this Thread.
  10. Ok sounds like a Plan and thanks for your Answer. I thought it could be possible that someone could exit the Teamspeak Docker and could enter my normal Unraid environment. How can i change the default passwords for the Teamspeak Server? Sorry for that maybe dumb question ^^
  11. Hello unRAID Community I hope this here is the right section for my Question and my english is good enought to understand. I'm using Unraid now for nearly 2 Month and it works verry well for me as a Plex Media Server and a Nextcloud Server. For these two tasks I'm using Docker Containers and now i want to set up a Teamspeak 3 Server for my friends and me. Now i downloaded another Docker witch is the Teamspeak 3 and setuped the Server like I need it. Here is where my Problem starts and thats the part of making this thing visible to my friends out there. It would be easy for me to give this thing an Port Forward in my FritzBox or use the MyFritz DNS but since I have already read very much about the Security thing in Unraid and Docker I'm verry confused what i should do here. From my Point. I'm behind a FritzBox 7430 in Stealth mode for making it harder to make Portscans from outside, also activated the NetBIOS Filter and the Teredo Filter. The Teamspeak 3 Docker is running on my Server with a Custom IP that is differend from my Server. I hope someone can help me out a little and maybe can show me a solution.