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  1. I would love an option to show memory utilization in GB instead of as a percentage
  2. currently in the dashboard it shows the cpu speed as advertised but not the current real time speed I would love it if we could have something showing the current cpu speed per core like from /proc/cpuinfo maybe a bar like the percent usage from base to boost clock? or maybe just a text readout showing the frequency
  3. i thought I ran that exact command but it was 4am so idk what I was doing your command worked than you
  4. I just discovered nextcloud and I am trying to move all my files into nextcloud I set my data folder to be /mnt/user/cloud-data/ I used mv in the web terminal on unraid to move all my files from my old share into /mnt/user/cloud-data/<username>/files/ the files are not showing up in nextcloud I googled this issue and everyone is saying to run the command occ files:scan i found the occ script in /config/www/nextcloud/ but I cant get it to run from within the docker exec any help?
  5. every time I try to backup in windows 7 backup and restore on my windows 10 machine it errors out Error: 0x80070013 I ran the "docker safe new perms" tool on my backups share and it still does this every time the terminal says these folders are rwxrwxrwx this is the file explorer properties on the backups share and this is the properties on a folder inside the share it says read only and I dont know why anyone know how to fix this?
  6. I am trying to convert my drives from xfs to btrfs enctryped I went to every share I have and set it to exclude disk 1 how do I get the data to transfer to my other two drives so I can reformat disk 1? then I assume I go though and exclude disk 2 and reformat that one and then disk 3? I tried using unbalence but it complains about not being owned by the correct user when I try to move the system share or the domains or appdata shares I switched my appdata and domain shares to chache only so they would have good performance but my cache drive is sti
  7. https://foldingathome.org/support/faq/installation-guides/linux/manual-installation-advanced/ https://hub.docker.com/r/captinsano/foldingathome/~/dockerfile/ both version 7.4.4 so I think its up to date
  8. my docker cpu usage is 0.3% and this is my log any idea what im doing wrong?
  9. on the apache-php docker how do I add the letsencrypt certbot? ive tried just using the ubuntu install instructions on the certbot website but after I restart the docker its gone any ideas?
  10. im trying to run mineos-node and an apache webserver docker at the same time but your docker doesent listen to the port to I had to remove apache to be able to get in as you can see I set mineos to use port 6443 but its not instead its using port 8443 why is it still using the default port even though I have changed it? this is very frustrating my apache and mineos were stomping on eachother because both are configured to use 8443 by default and neither are listening to the changes I make EDIT: if I change the network to brid