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  1. Jclendineng

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    I change the ports when I set up the container but it does not see them for some reason. I deleted the container and xml and started over with same results. I changed the ports to 80, 443 and 8080 but the default ports still override it.
  2. This is why I waited so long to upgrade :D I have the same issue. Cache is not moving to cold storage. I read in another thread that a reboot may fix, I will try that this evening.
  3. Jclendineng

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    Just a heads up, the latest build does not respect custom ports. Default right back to the stock ports :)
  4. Jclendineng

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    I looked at the dockerfile but could not find an answer. Is it possible to tweak the nginx on here to get built with opelssl 1.1.1a? (pulling the dockerfile and doing a manual install in unraid) For TLS 1.3 support. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Jclendineng

    [Support] cheesemarathons repo

    Does the bitwarden docker support fail2ban? Whats stopping people from brute forcing the login page?
  6. Jclendineng

    [Solved] docker swarm not working.

    I second this, my main server takes a long time to post, and 200gb ram/12 eth ports take a while to come up on my old hardware. I could easily handle 20-25 docker containers on my backup client, but it would be great to utilize the power of my server when its up and when it goes down, or power goes out etc I have a low power client that can handle the docker. This would be a fantastic addition.
  7. Jclendineng

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    Nice! Will def give this a try later. Does the NGINX bundled with this have TLS13 compiled yet? Or are you using alpine. Options are good
  8. Jclendineng

    [Support] Djoss - Nginx Proxy Manager

    How is this different from the letsencrypt docker by ls? Just curious. I have all my reverse proxy sites configured through that. Is this in addition to it, or does it compliment it?
  9. Jclendineng

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    Was NGINX compiled with openssl? I am adding TLSv1.3 to my server but it does not seem to be working properly. Trying to narrow down the cause. I know it is still very new, but I am testing it for something. Thanks for any input!
  10. Jclendineng

    (REQUEST) ELK Stack

    This is what mine looks like, Just tested and it runs fine
  11. Jclendineng

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    This is great!!! I had initially tried to do it because the install would not let me log on as guacadmin:guacadmin. Would just drop me back at the login screen. DB shema worked great thanks!!
  12. Jclendineng

    (REQUEST) ELK Stack

    Hmm, I just added a new script, named it vm.max_map_count, and used that command, saved.
  13. Jclendineng

    [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    Thank you! I have a SQL server running anyways that I use for everything else, and I like to manage db's centrally. No wonder, all the reading I was doing and I couldn't figure out they were mssql. Wow! Thank you, I will try that later.
  14. Jclendineng

    (REQUEST) ELK Stack

    https://hub.docker.com/r/sebp/elk/ This is the up-to-date ELK stack, you just need to do a couple things. Install this in docker : ELK Go through the wiki linked on the docker page, and make sure the variables are correct. Add a variable : MAX_OPEN_FILES set to 65536 To get this to stick you need to set the ELK image as privileged (need to toggle advanced) Download community apps script manager Add the script below to run at start of array: sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144  After this elk stack is fully running, you will still need to set it up with index and all that to parse data.
  15. Jclendineng

    (REQUEST) ELK Stack

    I am running it, it works great. I am having a hard time figuring the best way to import data but the elk stack itself works well.