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  1. Same issue, Fail2Ban does not work in the slightest, not sure why. It is started as a service, the jail is set up properly, the IP is banned, but not dropped/rejected/blocked in any form. Its noce to have a list of IPs I can block manually in my FW but would be nice if fail2ban would work.
  2. I am trying to share a log folder. Basically I am trying to mount the nextcloud and authelia log folders in the Swag/LetsEncrypt docker so I can use fail2ban. Ive mounted ro, and no luck, I am not able to get logs into the container. I used the edit docker, added a File path, this is the output: -v '/mnt/user/appdata/Authelia/log':'/config/log/authelia/':'ro' Looks correct to me, but no logs appear in /config/log/authelia/ Any help is appreciated!
  3. Anyone else having random freezes? I will lose access to unraid for like a minute every once and a while. It may just be me, so I am polling the crowd. I looked over my logs and see nothing out of the ordinary. Thanks guys!
  4. Basically this requires a paid license to use? And if so, I see on the AMP site the option to purchase, is this yearly, monthly, etc?
  5. There have been issues for years with SMB failing and ever since Ive used unraid I could not transfer large files over the network, it would crash and unraid would crash half the time. I updated to the latest beta just as a last resort before dumping my server into the ocean and what do you know?? SMB is fixed for me on the last beta. So for anyone else with SMB issues, try the beta and report back, I transferred 150GB at once after installing the beta and no hiccups at line speed.
  6. If I install Catalina, am I able to update to Big Sur from inside the VM, or is that not recommended? Thanks!
  7. Jclendineng

    ODroid H2+

    Awesome, thanks. I will be using a tiny usb for the OS and the m.2 slot for the harddrive since I do not plan on having an array as such, just docker (unless I want to install nextcloud or plex and need to set up storage options).
  8. Jclendineng

    ODroid H2+

    Any updates? Im looking for a SBC/tiny something to run unraid on mainly for an easy way to manage dockers (do not really care about VM's, I use portainer in a PI currently, but the unraid docker management is great). Has anyone tested this for stability running multiple docker containers? The board is going to be ~200 when you factor in everything you need to get it to work but the size is just great.
  9. Any updates? SMB has been pretty useless for me since the update. I have a windows vm doing background copies overnight and they havent worked since that update. Times out it seems like, then reconnects and times out again, very odd. Just checking this thread for updates as I have similar issues.
  10. Thank you for this app, works well. Question, would it be possible to add "mod_cloudflare" to the build? I pasted a description below. https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200170786-Restoring-original-visitor-IPs-Logging-visitor-IP-addresses-with-mod-cloudflare-#12345681 Thanks!!
  11. Sounds like a network issue. Unraid would not corrupt files, the only way to tell is to play the file on your pc, it should play fine. Copy said file to unraid, and try to read. If it fails, take the md5 sum of the working file and compare it to the one you copied. This will tell you if it got corrupted during the network transfer.
  12. Just an FYI FreeBSD 12 is not yet supported in unraid. pfsense 2.5 nightlies will fail. Network changes I believe. Keep a backup handy if you upgrade to the nightlies because you will not be able to boot
  13. I change the ports when I set up the container but it does not see them for some reason. I deleted the container and xml and started over with same results. I changed the ports to 80, 443 and 8080 but the default ports still override it.
  14. This is why I waited so long to upgrade :D I have the same issue. Cache is not moving to cold storage. I read in another thread that a reboot may fix, I will try that this evening.
  15. Just a heads up, the latest build does not respect custom ports. Default right back to the stock ports :)