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  1. Setting 3 is for the most extreme servers with great internet speeds
  2. Have you tried on setting 1 on performance settings and not setting 3?
  3. Any chance it could be your VPN conflicting as I tried Ur setup and no issues here. And what router you got. Thanks
  4. Screenshot of the rest of the config please and does it even startup?
  5. Hi. Thanks for letting me know. From top of my head it looks like a port might be conflicting... If this effect the server to start? Please take a screenshot of the template settings and the drop-down that shows the other templates ports being used. Thanks
  6. This issue has now been resolved. Please check for the latest update to get the oxide fix. Hope this works out for you and if you can give me feedback that will be great.
  7. Thank you for making me aware of this issue. I will be checking out this issue. I do apologize for the inconvenience of this and this will be resolved ASAP and there will be a new update to hopefully fix the issue. You can visit my github page to submit future issues and ideas since I monitor that area more often then here. https://github.com/mdarkness1988/Rust-Server/issues
  8. Hi there. Sorry for the late response. Can you show me the logs once you selected the oxide to 1. This will help find out what is happening.
  9. Just now i checking the apps and its now saying this message (picture attached). It says its possible my internet is down or its community application server end. I know its not my end since I'm on the bus as I am typing this and accessing my server through the internet. Please can you help. Thanks
  10. Hi there. I have made it easy to run rust server as I have made a docker you all to use. Go to community application and search rust.