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  1. Yes, I only plan on using those drives - thanks for the heads up! I agree that price is much more eco-friendly. (as in economy)
  2. This looks about right: https://www.computersalg.dk/i/1506947/supermicro-sas-internt-kabel-sas ? So two cables if I get the Silverstone case, and good to go? You mentioned the chipset should be in IT mode, what does that mean exactly?
  3. I was planning on using the LSI part for the 8 hot-swap bays, and use on-board SATA 3 for my dual SSD cache. Any particular care that needs to be taken when upgrading, or can one just chuck it in and expect it to install and be good to go? What kind of cabling does this require? Cheers, Johnnie.
  4. Alright. Then the only issue seems to be, that my motherboard only has a pci-e 2.0 port. Will that have any drawbacks, or will this card not suffer any bottlenecking from this? It's quite an expensive part, so if I'm going to be bottle-necking, maybe I should instead be looking at a new mainboard/cpu too.
  5. AFAICT something like this would fit the bill, then? https://www.computersalg.dk/i/1311729/lsi-sas-9300-8i-sgl-lagringskontrol I've zero experience with this type of thing.
  6. Hi all Running the Avoton 8core SOC from ASRock Rack with 12 onboard S-ATA ports (Intel/Marvell). https://www.asrockrack.com/general/productdetail.asp?Model=C2750D4I#Specifications This config has been reported as being problematic. I recently shelled out for two new drive cages but I'm not happy with the performance, not to mention the cable spaghetti inside the case. The system has been somewhat unstable since I made the switch, so I think it might be time to invest myself out of it. Either it's the combined intel/marvell controllers in use, or it's the hot-swap cages. Either way, something has to give. I've finally found my dream case, a Silverstone: https://www.servethehome.com/silverstone-cs381-review/ Quoted: "Connectivity to the drives is provided via two SFF-8643 ports. That means one can use 12G SAS3 as well as SATA III." What kind of card would I be wise to invest in, for my UnRaid setup, if I just want something that works and don't want to fiddle around with anything. I'm applying KISS here to avoid any hassle. Getting Sata III for all drives is a nice add-on too. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  7. Came here for this.. Running nginx proxy manager to serve nextcloud.. do I need to take any action other than update when available? I'd rather not mess around with the core config files. I guess I can always take it offline until a fix is available.
  8. I've just tried it and it appears to be working.. although I usually don't go for RC's. 🙂 Trusting ya here, Squid Actually scratch that. It's slightly improved, but not gone.
  9. Hi all I'm pondering setting up my, ancient, mediasmart homeserver as a straight up datadump for array backups. I have some old Seagate Archive drives kicking around and figured I could use UnRaid for this secondary array and just drop parity altogether and use these totally raid-unsuitable drives. But that shouldn't matter since it's.. not RAID? Or am I missing the big picture altogether here?
  10. I'd just like to reiterate that the issue isn't fixed, but the mover scheduler has removed my daily hassles. So, a workaround at least.
  11. Can confirm CA Auto Update resolves everything.
  12. Cheers! Auto-update installed and everything resolved.. and it also solved me having to update plugins and containers in future.. Appreciated!
  13. So for a few weeks some, not all, of my containers are listed as "update available". Regardless of whether I update one, or all, they all check out fine and then I can check for updates again - and they all want to be updated again. I just tried rebooting my server, something I tend to avoid, and it didn't change anything. Any diagnostic tips to be had for this? Essentially they'll keep pulling down 0b and doing all the upgrade steps, it just seems to report incorrectly so now I don't know what to trust any more.
  14. I understand that they are, but not in any great detail, no.