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  1. Yeah me too. My piHole is in br0 and has an IP address assigned, and I can access it just fine. NPM just can't, to my knowledge, access the other virtual networks for the remapping. Anyone feel free to correct me, of course.
  2. It has been a while since I set it up, but I think it only functions correctly when used in bridge, otherwise it can't access what it needs. I went through the same issue, I'm pretty sure, actually. Point being; I'm fairly sure it that it needs to be in bridge mode for it to be able to reach the addresses of other systems in bridge mode. Not sure if creating an entirely separate network for nginx and web-facing services would work though.
  3. Why do you want to? You have app.plex.tv for managing it. Failing that, just launch web-interface from the plex docker.
  4. Yes, well, the intent of the docker is to expose it to the internet to some degree, makes sense to me that it's password protected by default. If you haven't actually made any setup, just remove it and re-install. If it persists with the data during this, you can always use Community Application Cleanup App Data to get a fresh start - or just specify a different app-data directory (config directory) during initial setup of the docker. The config directory if you wanna poke around in console is @ /mnt/user/appdata/NginxProxyManager per default, I couldn't find anything to manually define a local user at a cursory glance.
  5. I want something with fairly low power consumption, since it'll be running 24/7. I don't see intel delivering on that any time soon, sadly. And Plex can't utilize AMD as yet, unless I missed the news or something.
  6. William is, indeed, one awesome individual. I have an ASRock Rack Board myself and have also been in contact with him. Extremely perceptive, helpful and I can't imagine what ASRock Rack would be like without him. Personally I'm not sure what to upgrade with. I want to use my current board (C2750D4I) as my backup box, but I am completely stumped on what to replace it with. I really don't want such a demanding CPU, as I don't really have the need for it. I would like to be able to throw up a VM though, so yeah. Guess I just have to keep an eye on ASRock Rack releases.
  7. You're saying that it works outside your network? I had a similar issue with a Linksys router, that had a feature that I of course can't remember what was, that specifically prevented something like nginx working from inside the network. Outside it was fine. Maybe look at your router settings and try turning some stuff off?
  8. It should be in bridge. As should Sonarr, by the way, AFAIK. I have medusa and transmission in bridge mode and all is well in the world.
  9. There's a community application "cleanup appadata" that can ensure you get everything.
  10. Seems your settings are identical to mine. It's probably down to the vpn-specific stuff, then. I'd try removing the docker entirely and re-adding it all other things being equal to what worked for you before. I'm assuming you're sure that your PIA is paid and active of course.
  11. What are your network settings for the docker?
  12. No guarantee either US or UK supports port forwarding. I have success with Israel.
  13. Select another country and try again.
  14. Side note; you had a setting; add_header Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=15768000; includeSubDomains; preload;"; Does that help with the issue of nextcloud timing out during update procedures?
  15. Anyone else experiencing the docker memory leaking itself to death after the latest update? It's suddenly starting at 700ish MB memory and then just growing until it reaches my max-limit. I've just had to change it from a 2GB to 4GB limit just to mitigate a bit. Anyone else noticed this? Update; well it's been a week without killing itself, here's hoping - and a new update came out too. It's running at a stable-ish 1GB memory use.