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  1. Hi all I'm pondering setting up my, ancient, mediasmart homeserver as a straight up datadump for array backups. I have some old Seagate Archive drives kicking around and figured I could use UnRaid for this secondary array and just drop parity altogether and use these totally raid-unsuitable drives. But that shouldn't matter since it's.. not RAID? Or am I missing the big picture altogether here?
  2. I'd just like to reiterate that the issue isn't fixed, but the mover scheduler has removed my daily hassles. So, a workaround at least.
  3. Can confirm CA Auto Update resolves everything.
  4. Cheers! Auto-update installed and everything resolved.. and it also solved me having to update plugins and containers in future.. Appreciated!
  5. So for a few weeks some, not all, of my containers are listed as "update available". Regardless of whether I update one, or all, they all check out fine and then I can check for updates again - and they all want to be updated again. I just tried rebooting my server, something I tend to avoid, and it didn't change anything. Any diagnostic tips to be had for this? Essentially they'll keep pulling down 0b and doing all the upgrade steps, it just seems to report incorrectly so now I don't know what to trust any more.
  6. I understand that they are, but not in any great detail, no.
  7. Are you referring to split-levels and allocation settings? Mine's set up to just throw data wherever with high-water and split any directory. I kind of wish I hadn't gone that route initially, now, since in the event of data-loss due to a drive or something else, I'd rather have a good idea of what data was lost.. but I didn't really understand how UnRaid functioned back then. Not really.
  8. I can see your point. Unfortunately I took the "just throw stuff wherever" approach when setting up UnRaid, so the cold-storage stuff is scattered all over the place along with the more active stuff. Not sure I can change that at this point in time.
  9. In my case I use my media server most of the day. It's running some dockers, but those are contained on the SSD's. As for the storage, well, it depends on the day.. but we usually listen to music via the Plex server on the Sonos system, or the kids will be watching cartoons on an ipad or something. I guess they could technically be spun down.. hmm. Won't it increase storage access times when whatever system requires whichever file?
  10. Okay.. I have always prevented my drives from spinning down, because I heard that the fewer start/stops you have to do, the better it is for longevity. Is this not accurate for UnRaid? Because then I should be changing some settings ASAP.. Cheers.
  11. Agreed. This appears to be the exact issue. I am experiencing all those same problems. My array-rebuild not withstanding.
  12. Right you are. It was a bit more involved than I had expected. Not sure what I did to trigger this, but maybe the fact that I pulled the failed drive and inserted the new one in the slot the failing one was in, caused some confusion. I had to stop the array, remove the drive from the array, tried to stop the array again but it couldn't unmount the shares for whatever reason, rebooted, stopped the array, assigned the drive again, restarted array - partity check has begun. It's now back on-line and the speeds are looking much improved. Thanks for the assist, and apologies for thread hijacking as the mover issue is still pertinent.
  13. I tried that first, but it just kept only showing me the option for read check. Just going to let it run, looks like it's all disks based on read activity and it's going fairly quickly;
  14. Server did not enjoy it. I replaced the faulty drive-tray and put it in a different slot. Now I'm forced in to a disk read check of, it seems, all drives and the drive that was moved is listed as "Disabled". Haven't seen that before. It's going to take a day just for one drive to read check.. so I'm in for a long haul it seems.