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  1. I just set up additional logging and diagnostics in Tips and Tweak CA so if it happens again I should have more to go on.
  2. Did a scrub yesterday when ChatNoir mentioned it, no errors fixed or detected.
  3. Yeah that cache is irksome to say the least. I rebuilt it because it kept throwing errors and causing problems - ON NEW DRIVES - and still it persists. That's just.. hurtful at this stage. But yes, I strongly suspect BTFRS and the cache/Docker to be at the root of much of this. Side note: Plex is now fixed by recovering an earlier backup DB.
  4. Oh, the reason I suspect Docker is because when Plex broke earlier in the day I logged on to My Servers from work and checked the server remotely. Everything seemed fine, but I couldn't load the docker page - at all. Then when I tried to reboot it via the interface it would just hang and not do anything, maybe from failing to halt the docker service. Log didn't really illuminate me. Ended up phoning the wife for a hard-reset which resolved it, but left Plex with the corrupt DB. Which I still haven't addressed as yet in case troubleshooting illuminates something that might fix it.
  5. Thanks for taking the time. Syslog attached. System has been stable for... six years or so and is using ECC memory, I hadn't really considered memory being an issue considering it's not being manipulated at all. It also seems to be entirely docker-container related, the issues I'm having.. array seems fine. I'm assuming the 5 errors that keep popping up during parity checks are down to the marvell controller which is being addressed.
  6. Hi I'm in a bit of a bind and I think I need help to perform proper diagnostics to finally resolve my issues. My UnRaid has been.. temperamental.. of late and I noticed a lot of BTFRS errors in the log and while they were curable they kept cropping up. So I replaced both cache drives from 2 x 256 to 2x1TB and rebuilt cache, docker file system and everything from scratch. So far, so good. Now I am, however, getting infrequent crashes which mainly seem to affect docker - but docker is handling all my operations. It just happened again today, and now my Plex instance
  7. Cheers mate. Reading your suggestion made me realize "hey, it wasn't that tough setting up in the first place.." so I just changed the folder and started over. Back up n' running. Thanks for the help though!
  8. Help please. I just moved everything away from cache to replace my dual 256G drives with dual 1TB drives. Everything seems to have transferred nicely, but nginx is broken - and as a consequence as is my Nextcloud instance. nginx: [emerg] cannot load certificate "/etc/letsencrypt/live/npm-5/fullchain.pem": BIO_new_file() failed (SSL: error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory:fopen('/etc/letsencrypt/live/npm-5/fullchain.pem','r') error:2006D080:BIO routines:BIO_new_file:no such file) Is what it's saying in the log file. I assu
  9. I just use the update button in the unraid interface. I've never actually seen an update inside the webUI.
  10. I posted a bit above you about this exact same issue. No response. Have you gotten it fixed? I hate that it keeps resetting itself to Google. I don't want to use Google.
  11. Can someone tell me why or how the DNS settings keep resetting themselves to google? I actively avoid Googles DNS and it's frustrating to log on and find that it's been using google again for weeks. Is there something I can do. Is it a bug that it just resets the DNS provider?
  12. It takes a while to index the files before transferring starts usually. An hour seems like a long time though.
  13. I really didn't expect drama like this coming out of UnRAID, I have to say. Sympathize with both sides of this particular argument, but I do hope the impacted developers see the olive branch being offered as genuine and come back to the fold. We'll all be stronger for it.