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  1. Also for anyone having issues having people connect to your Valheim server even after setting up port forwarding correctly, try having them connect to your server using port 2457. I was having issues and just assumed my isp was blocking ports, but after using port 2457 instead it's all working beautifully!
  2. Is there a way to see what version of the Valheim server is running? I saw the developers released an updated version. I restarted the container and saw in the logs it did an update so I'm pretty sure I'm running the latest, but I just want to make sure.
  3. Interesting. What hardware did you upgrade to and what version of unraid are you running? I'm assuming I needed the newer kernel in order for it to work properly.
  4. After doing some research I found out you can do an "offline" upgrade by just over writing all the bz* files. I did that and boom! I'm on the latest beta and all my issues are solved! Thanks again!
  5. That was it! I created another usb stick with the latest beta build and it grabbed an IP automatically. Now the challenge is upgrading the existing USB while still keeping my dockers/appdata if possible. I can use the appdata backup/restore plugin to grab a copy of my appdata and restore it after I do the upgrade. Is that all I need to do? Do I need to reinstall the dockers before restoring the appdata? Also do I need to copy the unraid key file from the usb before upgrading it? Thanks so much for your help!
  6. I booted Ubuntu from a live usb and it grabbed an IP just fine so that rules out any hardware issues. I noticed my flash drive was missing the network.config so I guess rebooting it after I deleted it didn't generate a new one. I used the unraid usb creator tool and installed unraid to a new usb and copied the network.config from that to my existing unraid usb. I've attached that network.config. Even with the new network.config it still wont grab an IP. network.cfg
  7. For some reason after I upgraded my cpu/mobo Unraid can't seem to grab an IP address from my router. I upgraded my cpu/mobo from an i3-6100 to an i5-10400. The new mobo is the asrock H470 Pro4. I'm running Unraid version 6.8.3. I completed the swap and am using the same ethernet cable plugged in to a Unifi switch mini which is plugged in to a Unifi Dream Machine. The dream machine is acting as the DHCP server. I can see the lights blinking next to ethernet port on the mobo and the switch. But it never shows up in the list of clients in the unifi dashboard. Things I have already tri
  8. I think a reboot should work. You should be able to type reboot into the console and that should do the trick.
  9. I was having the same issue using AirVPN but the latest image fixed it. Thank you so much!
  10. I love how easy it is to expand your unraid array. One thing I would like to see in 2020 is official support for zfs or maybe having multiple arrays. Thank you limetech for such an amazing OS!
  11. I got it working! I just followed the Cloudflare settings posted here.
  12. Has anyone been able to get this all working with Cloudflare DNS in front of everything? I've got it working perfectly if I disable routing through Cloudflare but I'd really like to be able to use Cloudflare's access system to authenticate users as well as the built in DDOS protection. Right now I'm using the NginxProxyManager docker from CA and connecting over HTTPS works like a charm. However if I enable a subdomain to route through Cloudflare then I get this error. I've disabled universal SSL in cloudflare and have the SSL setting to "off". Has anyone bee
  13. I was able to fix my issue by deleting the entire plex appdata folder and switching to the "official" plex docker container and then rebuilding the appdata. Just a heads up for anyone with the same issue!
  14. I'm having an issue with certain files not being read by Plex. It's a TV show and only one episode per season is showing up even though they are all named the same way. I'm assuming it's some sort of permissions issue. I can play back all the episodes fine on another PC using SMB. I downloaded the shows using the binhex DelugeVpn docker image from CA. The only other service I'm running is a Ubuntu VM. I've never had a problem like this and as far I know nothing changed to cause it. I've also tried the limetech plex docker container but that was having the same issue. Does anyone have any idea
  15. Will this still work if you remove the CACHE_MAX_AGE option entirely? I don't want a time limit on the cached files. Also has anyone verified that it works for Comcast users?