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  1. i have combed the net and the forums and tried the dif. things i have found, but no luck. I am trying to get my internal address for unraid to use ssl. But i run into the issue with dns rebinding when i try to provision a cert. Has Anyone found a way to add a cert manually to bypass this issue by chance? I have a Deco Mesh WIFI router that seems to not have any type of protection in its settings, so it leads me to think its the worthless isp i have. *they block port 80 and 443. I have tried changing dns to cloudflare and google as well on router and unraid but no luck.. If you have any ideas i
  2. so i have two questions i am hoping someone can answer. im running the beautifully built rust container, all is good except where are the server configs held.. i want to try to add a custom map to the game but have had no luck and i want to get rcon working from web. but i have to change the config and can't find it anywhere. anyhelp would be great thanks
  3. ok, i need some help. I have letsencrypt working fine. It works with plex and is in dns mode due to my ISP. I want to be able to get it to work with binhex-jacket but any configuration i try within letsencrypt just gives me an error 500. Now i understand that i won't be able to access the gui from my domain but my real goal is to replace the 192.168 address for the torznab feeds with my domain. aka domain.com:8446/torznap.... can anyone help me try to figure this out?
  4. nevermind, i found the aswer by accident. And it was quite simple but thanks to everyone for helping. And just incase the way i did it was to take the "user" folders out of the server and drop them on my hdd. When i rebuilt nextcloud i moved the "user" folders back into the nextcloud main folder (not appdata) and when i assigned the user back it picked up all pics and docs.
  5. I have a question, i am trying to move a bunch of pictures *5 gig worth over to a new unraid nextcloud container. Is there a way to do this faster then drag and drop through nextcloud UI? If so can you show me the docs or if its command line let me know how....Thanks
  6. I am running 6.6.5, when I attempt to install this docker its blank, no data, nothing. so was curious if this is compatible with the latest version of unread and if not is going to be updated for it?