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  1. I just went with a VM approach. It's not ideal, but I just did a Debian vm with max 2 cpu and 1gb ram.
  2. I know this is a dead thread but wondering if cangtning has changed since. Looking for a good option for downloading f1 races automatically.
  3. I was looking to have my drives spin down when not in use. I am currently running Emby Media Server and was wondering if that would cause any issues with my library as I have the system set to monitor the folders for changes. Does the share still display all the files from a cache/index and then spins up the appropriate drive when needed making it so Emby wouldn't see that the drive is spun down and no files have changed?
  4. Thank you that fixed the issue. Did you have a similar problem or did you see something in my logs that pointed to it?
  5. i am having the same issue. rebooted my server and after it came up no exportable shares. this is my thread with diagnostics zip posted.
  6. I rebooted my system to replace a failed drive. I after booting up I am getting "There are no exportable user shares" The array is started and the only disk that is showing an alert is the one I replaced. I am running dual parity. All other drives are showing fine. I then shut the system down and put the old drive back in, and same error. The system is doing an automatic parity-sync/data-rebuild. As i have dual parity I'm wondering why all my shares are gone? How do I get them back? Under shares, it shows disk shares and has all of my drives, showing green. I've attached the from my server unraid-diagnostics-20181010-1950.zip unraid-diagnostics-20181010-1950.zip
  7. I hope that's not the case as it's a brandnew sas breakout cable. Might just be a lose connection as this happened after I moved the server.
  8. Thanks, I'll do those steps to add the drive back in. The drives old, as are most of my drives.
  9. One of my drives under the Main tab has a Red X and says drive is disabled, contents emulated. When i click on the drive through it says mounted and my SMART status is PASSED. I didn't make any configuration changes when this happened. I simply did a safe shutdown, then booted the server back up and the drive went into this state. I don't know how to get it out and back into normal state. I thought the drive had failed as it is old, but as the SMART scan is passed, I'm confused.
  10. I"m going to try out nextcloud as it has ios app support. If that doesn't work i'll try owncloud.
  11. I was really wanting a dropbox docker. Hopefully there will be a work around for this. Looks like they changed things sometime last night.
  12. Yea this just happened to be bad cables. The case was large enough that I didn’t have to bend the cables to get them into the controller or drives. I took these cables out of an old server so they must have been bad or reverse breakout.
  13. I bought new cables and it worked. So I’ve upgraded back to p20 firmware and it’s working fine.
  14. So my windows 10 machine doesn’t read the drives either. I was told in other forums that firmware 20 doesn’t work in Linux and I should downgrade to 16. So I downgraded to 16 and still no luck. I’ve got new cables coming Monday. Any other ideas?
  15. That’s what I was thinking of doing. I’m new to unraid so not sure how full fledged the command line is and if I can download additional packages. It didn’t seem like apt or zypper was installed. Forgot to check yum.