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  1. Hi, after updating my container I am getting this error "no space left" But I have enough space on the disks and cache, like 100GB for each disk Can somebody pls help me?
  2. Does it work in meantime with vnc?
  3. Hi, is it possible to use redis for multiple docker container? Like for nextcloud, overleaf, authelia etc. So that all Containers are connecting to the same redi container and each with the same login, nothing diffrent, all on the same url and same password. Or will it occur problems?
  4. @mguttI addet the variables but same issue @Laucien I think you had the same problem, maybe you can help?
  5. A variable for the allowed hosts or a variable to a new config file?
  6. Please tell me how your link says "If you run paperless on docker, paperless.conf is not used. Rather, configure paperless by copying necessary options to docker-compose.env" But I don't know how and where if there is not paperless.conf because it is a docker and there is no compose.env
  7. Sorry but I don't know where in what file I can add this in the docker container. Where is the "docker-compose.env" in the docker container?
  8. hi maybe this is a nginx problem? https://forums.unraid.net/topic/121075-support-paperless-ngx-docker/?do=findComment&comment=1128306
  9. hi after the last update I can't access my paperless from outsite Last week it was working the Log: [WARNING] [django.security.csrf] Forbidden (Origin checking failed - https://paperless.mydomain.com does not match any trusted origins.): /accounts/login/
  10. Hi I installed the joplin server but I can't find options to set server mail to send mails from server for example new users to create a password. Somebody who can help me please?
  11. I want to change my database from mariadb to postgres. What should I do?
  12. Hi I would like to know if there are any news? @mgutt
  13. Hi how do I make a backup container start and take over when a container starts incorrectly? e.g. as soon as container1 is not accessible, container2 is started?
  14. And how to do in internal network / local ?
  15. I got an Error 403 after I wanted to start the redis after the last update No logs, I don't know what is the problem. I deleted the docker with the image and created it again, after that it works but what was the problem?