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  1. @mguttI addet the variables but same issue @Laucien I think you had the same problem, maybe you can help?
  2. A variable for the allowed hosts or a variable to a new config file?
  3. Please tell me how your link says "If you run paperless on docker, paperless.conf is not used. Rather, configure paperless by copying necessary options to docker-compose.env" But I don't know how and where if there is not paperless.conf because it is a docker and there is no compose.env
  4. Sorry but I don't know where in what file I can add this in the docker container. Where is the "docker-compose.env" in the docker container?
  5. hi maybe this is a nginx problem? https://forums.unraid.net/topic/121075-support-paperless-ngx-docker/?do=findComment&comment=1128306
  6. hi after the last update I can't access my paperless from outsite Last week it was working the Log: [WARNING] [django.security.csrf] Forbidden (Origin checking failed - https://paperless.mydomain.com does not match any trusted origins.): /accounts/login/
  7. Hi I installed the joplin server but I can't find options to set server mail to send mails from server for example new users to create a password. Somebody who can help me please?
  8. I want to change my database from mariadb to postgres. What should I do?
  9. Hi I would like to know if there are any news? @mgutt
  10. Hi how do I make a backup container start and take over when a container starts incorrectly? e.g. as soon as container1 is not accessible, container2 is started?
  11. And how to do in internal network / local ?
  12. I got an Error 403 after I wanted to start the redis after the last update No logs, I don't know what is the problem. I deleted the docker with the image and created it again, after that it works but what was the problem?
  13. How to secure local network application with nginx proxy manager? I have secured the access from the www to my applications but if somebody is in my local network, he/she can read the most connections due to internal there is no https, only http://IP How do you solve this problem?
  14. The Repo is the same I am not talking about flippinturt repo, it's about testdasi The flippinturt repo is from testdasi due to no updates but now there is a new update
  15. Hi, can somebody help me with this warning?
  16. Hey My Paperless consume does not work and I don't know why Can somebody help me please? Not consuming file, Unknown file extension but it is a pdf
  17. Hi, I used the sample for guacamole docker and adjusted only IP address but I am getting only 502 Bad Gateway I can access the docker in local network via The DNS is showing to the right IP-address Can somebody please help me?
  18. hi my mariadb has high cpu usage and idk why
  19. Thank you but I sent the device back because I was a bit overwhelmed with it
  20. Hi, I disabled all Mail Notifications but I get every day an Mail when I remove an external HDD "fstrim: /mnt/disks/disk07: FITRIM ioctl failed: No such file or directory" I don't know which application generates ths message and how to disable it
  21. Hi I want to connect my AP to the controller but he can't find it. I used set-inform http://IP-from-controller:8080/inform but it doesn't worked AP: U6-Lite-BZ.5.60.9 Controller: LTS
  22. Hi, Is it possible to mirror a few Docker containers natively with unRAID between two servers in different locations? Possibly master-slave relationship that a container is always the copy of the original and is switched on in case of problems of the original ? My idea was: I have a unRAID server A friend has a unRAID server each has a Nextcloud and MariaDB container These should be on the other's server as a real time copy. No matter if a job is executed daily or live. If someone's Nextcloud container fails because e.g. the house burned down, the friend's container automatically takes over.