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  1. Thank you but I sent the device back because I was a bit overwhelmed with it
  2. Hi, I disabled all Mail Notifications but I get every day an Mail when I remove an external HDD "fstrim: /mnt/disks/disk07: FITRIM ioctl failed: No such file or directory" I don't know which application generates ths message and how to disable it
  3. Hi I want to connect my AP to the controller but he can't find it. I used set-inform http://IP-from-controller:8080/inform but it doesn't worked AP: U6-Lite-BZ.5.60.9 Controller: LTS
  4. Hi, Is it possible to mirror a few Docker containers natively with unRAID between two servers in different locations? Possibly master-slave relationship that a container is always the copy of the original and is switched on in case of problems of the original ? My idea was: I have a unRAID server A friend has a unRAID server each has a Nextcloud and MariaDB container These should be on the other's server as a real time copy. No matter if a job is executed daily or live. If someone's Nextcloud container fails because e.g. the house burned down, the friend's container automatically takes over.
  5. I have a similar problem. I also only see the start page with the three dots.
  6. Hi, why do I not have the Emergency Access option ?
  7. Hi, Is authelia integrated in swag? I noticed that I have authelia files under /appdata/swag/nginx/: auhtelia-location.conf and authelia-server.conf
  8. So I need a stream for connecting to a database over other port than 443? Should I also create a port forwarding for the database port in my router ?
  9. How can I use the stream function? I want that other people can connect to my database
  10. I mean that I do not want to have more things to manage.
  11. Hi, is it possible to connect to a mariaDB over https with swag? So that I use an URL to work with a database and set the port 443 for connections?
  12. Most people use a firewall like Pfsense to make their unraid system secure. But I don't want to have another instance that I have to watch out for on a regular basis and that in case of a failure the whole system will be down. Is it possible to have good security without a firewall ? So that the containers cannot talk to the host and only talk to each other if desired? And from the host only through a certain password protected interface into the network of containers? Or maybe completely different ? Please help me and give me some advice If this is the wrong area for such a question, I apologise and ask to be moved to the right area. Thanks
  13. Is it possible to import the recipes from nextcloud cookbook?
  14. Thanks for the great Container! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I have a question that you might be able to answer. I can create cookbooks but where and how do I assign recipes to a cookbook ? Can't find an option for it
  15. Hi, I want to mount an external hard disk but when I turn it off and put it away, duplicati docker goes off How do I set it up so I can swap external hard drives and still have the path available because I want to use one name for 7 hard drives for all 7 days of the week. While I'm at it, can I tell duplicati that a backup should start when a particular disk is attached?
  16. I have not changed anything. The automatic docker update has run and nothing more. I did not get an error message or anything like that. I only have warnings: "Could not connect to appstore: cURL error 7: Failed to connect to apps.nextcloud.com port 443: Connection timed out (see https://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html)"
  17. Hi, after upgrading Nextcloud to version 20 via a docker update, when I open a document, I get the following "ONLYOFFICE is currently not available. "
  18. The USB is mounted and I can access it over the network-share This is the content and the schedule for backup was successful but I don't get the option to recover When I am getting in the folder there are folders for every date and in there is a file like "CA_backup.tar.gz"
  19. Hi, I don't know why but I can't start a rebuild. I have not changed anything and there are now Backups but they are still on the stick.
  20. Can somebody explain how to mount and edit the php.ini ?