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  1. just installed.. every time the container starts it says driver mismatch and has to download drivers. i have the nvidia-plugin drivers installed that are listed in the op. the one in the docker is higher and says it has to download the lower version i have installed.. -Trying to get Nvidia driver version--- ---Successfully got driver version: 460.84--- ---Checking Xwrapper.config--- ---Configuring Xwrapper.config--- ---Driver version missmatch, currently installed: v465.19.01, driver on Host: v460.84--- ---Downloading and installing Nvidia Driver v460.84--- op
  2. Any luck? I love your container for my p2000. But running a VM for my 2070 super.
  3. I'd be interested in lolminer. In windows at least it seems to keep temps down but hashrate up
  4. I tried searching and maybe I'm just not searching correctly. But I can't seem to get my rx580 8gb over 24 m/h. I can get 27-30 in windows and still have the same heat and power consumption. I did put the -acm tag. And tried some other. I also have my 2070super mining as well. I understand there your docker doesn't officially offer nvidia support. I can hit 70 m/h combined with the same temps in windows. But I'm stuck at 62 m/h with your docker. Power consumption doesn't matter as my electricity is included in rent no matter how much I use. Any help would be appreciated. I like your docker. I
  5. Rules section? i'm not seeing that. just both interfaces, and eth0 has no mac address...just a yes / no for mac address. if i change it to yes, it offers bonding modes...eth1 is the correct mac address for the 2.6gbps ethernet... i've had a server with two nics before i could switch them around by mac address. i still don't understand why i have eth0 and eth1...
  6. i also had an issue with some dockers saying they don't exist. Here is diagnotics. tower-diagnostics-20210330-0810.zip edit : just rebooted and its showing one eth again...i'm not sure whats going on. i didn't do anything.
  7. i recently moved so server has been off for 14 days. for some reason unraid is showing eth0 and eth1 and i only have one eth port. i've deleted network.cfg a couple of times, and it works after one reboot, then fails on the next. and gives me two eth again. i don't have internet access unless i enable bonding..which doesn't make since as i have only one eth.
  8. so it still better to use nvida hevc or software? quicksync seems good for transcoding, but h265 using quicksync still bad results? i tried reading some guides and all i could really find was for streaming not for encode/decode... edit: eh. i'll just run it and save on some space. if it degrades and its awful i can always change it and just encode again, or re-add movies. i went 4k because i had some 4k tv's but honestly 1080p should of been enough.
  9. Know your busy but what additional settings in advanced options for vaapi? just built a new server with the intention of using quicksync instead of my p2000... would x265 be better than vaapi?
  10. dang. i've also been having trouble. i had it working at one point then it stopped working when i tried to add a second gpu to passthrough and now i can't get it back..
  11. I have a dual nic motherboard. I've been running unraid for 4 years. Each nic is on a different subnet. Im moving to a single nic setup so I want to make sure everything is working on a single nic address before I move. If I unplug eth 1 I can't access dashboard on eth0. However if both are plugged in I can access either ip address dashboard... How does this make since. Eth0 is still connected, up, but I can't even ping it. If I plug eth1 back in I can access either port and ping both...
  12. as no one has answered i've run into a problem. while preparing my move i wanted to get everything ready for single nic motherboard. moved everything over to br0/eth0. when i put eth1 port down i can't access unraid at all! not even eth0! there is no bonding. so what gives? any help would be appreciated!
  13. My p2000 does it flawlessly. Mining doesn't touch the encode/decode at all. This docker is great for something like the p2000 just sitting there waiting for streams...or unmanic conversions. So your 3070 shouldn't even break a sweat. Only thing I wish for is like you said, adjust clocks. My 2070 would be great, but without under locking it gets too damn hot so...a VM it is. Be nice to use it for transcode and drop the p2000 out. Too bad unraid doesn't have amdgpu plugin. My rx580 runs cold no matter what I throw at it.