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  1. I think this is a nice app. I changed the variables and the path a little bit and now it save the data. Photos take a lot of space so it is maybe better to put originals not on the cache drive. I got variables from:
  2. First you have to run the Spotweb installer: 'http://yourhost/install.php'. This will create the necessary database tables and users (create ''). You can also add '' manually, in /mnt/user/appdata/spotweb. My <?php $dbsettings['engine'] = 'pdo_mysql'; $dbsettings['host'] = 'Enter your host here'; $dbsettings['dbname'] = 'spotweb'; $dbsettings['user'] = 'spotweb'; $dbsettings['pass'] = 'Enter your password here'; My ownsettings.php (your personal preference, you have to create this manually) <?
  3. No, this is not normal. Do you have file in /mnt/user/appdata/spotweb?
  4. DansGuardian has been superseded by e2guardian
  5. I use it as a indexer, not sure what aggregator of indexer means. When logged in, you have an API you can use with LazyLabrarian, Sonarr, etc. You need a usenet provider and a separate database , MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL. I use MariaDB (linuxserver/docker-mariadb). To install Spotweb I add manually a container, see screenshot. After installation of the container, open 'install.php' in your browser until everything is 'OK'. Follow the wizard and perform the instructions as given by the wizard. I hope this is a little clearer.
  6. I use Spotweb the most.
  7. Read this.
  8. Maybe this help. Solution to Connecting remotely when you get Error 10060
  9. Thanks Josh.5, for this app. This is a very useful app for me and I think I am not the only one.
  10. Thanks Binhex, for this container. 👍 The project looks promising.
  11. If I remember correctly, you have to copy the command when you create Paperless container. This is his copy of his container.
  12. @JimL @CrashnBrn Thanks guys, working perfectly.
  13. Thanks for reply. I think paperless is really handy.
  14. Are you still happy with this setup of Paperless? Thanks