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  1. This server is my backup undraid server, so the drives in it are from the main server. When I upgrade a drive for more capacity, they go in the backup server if needed. This is the third drive I've used as a parity 2 drive in this server, but it did live it's entire life in my main server before being tasked as a parity drive. The other drives are older, but this is the only one I've had "fail" repeatedly. The Reported uncorrect count hasn't gone up in a long time, but this drive randomly has errors, then it'll be fine for a long time. 150 days at this point.
  2. I've replaced my parity 2 drive a few times because it keeps getting offline uncorrectable errors. I've changed ports and cables, but still seem to be having this issue. Not sure what to look for, but diagnostics are attached.
  3. Yes, I got new cards to replace the 3ware one. Sorry that doesn't help you. Performance is better with my cheap LSI flashed cards too, so you might consider going that route.
  4. Still having this issue in 6.9.2 as well. Tried multiple browsers, no change.
  5. Sorry, probably should have included that. plugin: updating: open.files.plg plugin: run failed: /bin/bash retval: 2 No issues with any other plugins. What can I look for if the issue is on my end? EDIT: uninstall/reinstall fixed it. I was just trying to see if it was something outside my setup. Doesn't seem that it was. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the link and for taking the time to answer. Cache needed a bit of a repair so that's fixed now. Just have to figure out the easiest way to host my pihole servers since br0 seems to cause issues.
  7. Not sure why this keeps popping up, but I get random kernel panic errors that halt the server. This time during the monthly parity check. I got a log from my backup server that is also my syslog server. Not sure what else could be needed, but it's attached. syslog-
  8. Yep. Won't be making that mistake again. Ubiquiti has been doing some weird stuff to the controller that has broken things a few times for me in the last few months. Should have realized I had it set to update to the latest version.
  9. None of those things are associated with this error. A USB device that you have (had) selected in your VM isn't available for some reason.
  10. So far, that's what I've seen (if you make any changes to the template). If you simply restart the docker, it goes through some setup, but my test camera is still showing up.
  11. That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I'm probably missing something as to how to add that variable to the docker template.
  12. How would I go about using the RESOLUTION variable for changing the VNC resolution? I've tried adding the variable manually, but it doesn't seem to be working.
  13. BIg fan of the Gigabyte boards myself, but I've used them in my desktops for many, many years without issues. Haven't had one fail yet.
  14. GTX 1050 and above will help, but getting a card that doesn't have a limit wold be better. It looks like your board can use the e5 26xx v2 series so you have lots of options. Those CPUs are cheap on ebay depending on which one you want.