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  1. 1. I get the warning below. And not quite sure how to fix it? if I set appdata to Use cache (for new files/directories): to Only Cache If the appdata share is not set to be cache-only, then the mover program will cause your docker applications to become inoperable when it runs (6.1.x). Under 6.2+, this setting should not affect the operation of the application, but it will definitely impact significantly the performance of the application. Fix it via 2. After seeing to appdata to Cache only I get this Share appdata set to cache-only, but files / folders exi
  2. i hope i am posting this in the correct spot. Forgive me if I am not. So I have been trying to learn to add H.A to homekit. last night I made some things to exclude from H.A to homekit in the .yaml file. I do not have no experance with changing the .yaml file but i checked it before doing it and rebooted with no problems. then this morning I went to try to get to home assistant on my main computer and just got a blank screen. reloaded the VM and now it will not start. Execution error. Internal error: did not fing USB device 1cf1:0030. I am not even sure if this is related to me messing with th
  3. OK fixed my own problem. using Krusader and deleteing the music file in the Media: share. then I could change the name of the Media: to Just Media and delete it and that fixed everthing
  4. I am newbie but I was messing around and creating some docker containers for Headphones. I created a Media share (Media:). and now I can not take take the arrey offline or shut down properly. also I can not go into the unraid machine threw the network to delete the Media: share. I get " This file server will not allow any additional users to log on. try to connect later". I can only get threw using GUI on safari web browser. also on the bottome left of the screen where it says "Array started" IT keeps flashing " Starting Services". I ran Fix common problems and this is what I got 'Share Media
  5. *** moderator - split from Docker FAQ, where it was obviously off-topic *** I need help with Lidarr. Have everything set up but. I get the (Error Failed to import track, Permissions error). I can't figure out what I am doing wrong? here are my logs [Info] AppFolderInfo: Data directory is being overridden to [/config] [Info] Router: Application mode: Interactive [Info] MigrationLogger: *** Migrating data source=/config/lidarr.db;cache size=-10000;datetimekind=Utc;journal mode=Wal;pooling=True;version=3 *** [Info] MigrationLogger: *** Migrating data source=/con
  6. So I can't get anyone to answer my question involving LIdarr docker conatiner. I have no problem setting and it downloads the tracks. But it will not import any of the tracks. I get this error. does anyone know how I could fix this? I have radarr and Sonarr running with no issues Failed to import track, Permissions error 08-fiona_-ladies.mp3
  7. I could really use some help. I am new to this. Have everything set up but. I get the (Error Failed to import track, Permissions error). I can't figure out what I am doing wrong?
  8. I have a download folder in my shares and somethings I can not delete some of the files from my iMac. What is the best way to fix the perssions so I dont have to always load Krusader to delete things from a folder? I just want to be able to delete from my Mac by loading my server threw the network
  9. I am trying to get plex preRolls to work but I discovered I do not have the file of my prerolls set to Nobody. I am having the hardiest time trying to understand how I can change that? any help please
  10. So I watched SpaceInvaderOne video on creating Mac OS VM. and wanted to add my Gpu to it. but everytime I do it crashes. I see in the coments below the video on how people fixed it with ajusting XML file. but it will not even boot when I try after adding the GPU. I am afraid to try to add my GPU to my Windows VM for fear of the work to get it setup and then I would have start all over agin. Am I mssing something? On my mother board I did emable IOMMU in the BIOS. here is what I am working with. any help thanks ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) Version Rev X.0x
  11. I am Backing up and VMs in unRAID and am watching SpaceInvaderOne vidoe on how to do it. But I need to add some scripts to the user script folder on the flash drive and I dont know how to get it to mount to my desk top? any help thanks
  12. VM question. set up an OSX VM using VNC and made some changes trying to use my graphics card. it did not work. so switching Graphic card back to VNC. I ran into Guest not Initialized the display yet. it is recommend deleting the XML file for your VM (the actual file, not its contents) and letting macinabox generate a new one. It ought to boot afterwards into VNC, but you’ll have to go back through to customize your config. But how would I go about deleting it?
  13. Looking for some help. I watched SpaceInvaderOne video on using Krusader and want to back up my flashdrive to array. I followed his video , I can do everything but access the flash drive. I know in the video he used a diffrent version of krusader. thanks