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  1. every reboot i have to pull out the usb and plug it back in again to boot which is annoying but im used to it now. my new issues is every 3-4 reboots my bzfirmware fails and i have to delete and recopy it over any ideas?. i replaced the usb drive about 3-4 months ago so i cannot switch to a new one for a while. i just wish there was a booy from hd option half me issues would go away.
  2. Well I was only using it to connect to my dockers and and update broke it. I asked for ideas and got nothing so I pointed people with the same issue to the plugin. My problem is I now how a remote client I can't fix till I fly over now since the updates don't fix it
  3. it seems apart from updating verions hes given up helping use the plugin instead of the docker it works fine.
  4. it seems apart from updating verions hes given up helping use the plugin instead of the docker it works fine.
  5. i have the same issue there is a plugin now instead of this docker switch to it till its fixed.
  6. @dsmith44for the past few months i have been unable to connect to the unraid server page i can connect to any other docker port and ping the tailscale ip on the server just not 80 or 443, this is happening on both my servers any ideas? i have tried turning on and off magic dns that did nothing. thanks in advance for the reply PS. when i disable the docker and install the plugin it works also the docker is still on 1.42 with force update
  7. While looking for a way to sync my watch status between plex and emby ect without having to post my data on yet another site i stumbled upon WatchList (url below). is anyone using or has used this docker? if so good bad terrible? and and all thoughts welcome. https://github.com/ArabCoders/watchstate
  8. check NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES the gpu-xxxxxxxxxxxxx number is still there and it matches
  9. for moving to another folder its eaiser to setup a new library since your rip folder is not the same as your other media folder even though the output folder is the same. its also a way to segment your data so see how your rip transcodes are doing.
  10. ok so you have 2 options can follow this guide https://medium.com/@samhavens/how-to-make-a-docker-container-smaller-by-deleting-files-7354b5c6c8f1 which is no simple or delete the docker image and reinstall the apps the settings should still be there.
  11. think of unmanic as easy mode. this is advanced mode where you can basicly tell it to do anything to the trascode if you know how to use ffmeg on the command line.
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