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  1. Thanks for that much better now. Number scaling did not cry out to me as that setting so i did not mess with it.
  2. Is there a setting that i am missing so i can see more than 3 digits on say a share usage compute? there is a 100 GB difference between 12.56 TB and 12.64 TB and both show as 12.6 TB.
  3. First of all thank you for all your hard work. I can setup the docker and use the search in the web interface and even send from the web UI to a downloader. the issue i am having is getting an external app to call to the api. i have tried giving the docker privileged and without. i have changed network from bridged to host and back again. i have changed the ip to the server ip and back to andi have tried local ip ignoring and going through the proxie. i am lost of what i am doing wrong.
  4. which is fine in a perfect world but when a windows user changes the capital letters in a file name linux sees it as a diffrent file on sync and windows has a hissy fit when there are 2 files named the same as it sees
  5. syncthing and resilo sync i end up with duplicated files like File1 and file1 is there a setting im missing?
  6. Is it possible to get an rsync plugin or docker that makes it simple for us newbs so its source, destination lines and which copy options you want with a check box or a yes or no field. and an option for it to loop after its done?
  7. the ability to sync selected shares to other unraid servers at diffrent locations i understand there are 3rd party apps that sort of do this but none are perfect. just a simple hey this is new copy it everywhere kind of thing so rsync for dummies like me. thanks for reading nick
  8. rclone was too slow its did not keep a copy local unless it was in use or had been opened recently so it had to pull files from dropbox then you could open it which is not that noticeable with small docs but when your pulling raw footage to edit took a long time. unless i did somthing wrong and there is a setting to keep a copy of everything on the local server. There are 2 locations that would be doing most of the changes the other 2 are offices that are realy used to i was going to set them up as backups. The 2 offices that would do most of the reading and writing are 5 hour time zone diffrences so only few hours where they both could possably access the same files. my situation must be sort of common is there another program i should be using?
  9. when you pass through a share through to a vm is acts as a local mnt when your map to it, your acting as a network share adding an extra layer to every transaction. this can only be done to linux vms click the advanced tab you can add them there. if you do a bit of googling you can find people who have bench marked the diffrences between the 2. its all down to personal choice but like i said before you made up your mind before asking
  10. you want c states disabled they dont play well with unraid. if your running any vms like say windows 10 turn all power saving and disk spin down stuff off. what other apps are you running? ive notice a few that dont play well with ryzen atleast for me using a small form factor case do you have enough air flow? can you feel air passing over your drives? is your IHS fully covered in paste? as long as its non conductive you cant put too much on as the excess will just squish out but you can put not enough on. 30 hours uptime sounds like either a sheduled task or thermals to me anyway if it locks up at the same time or there abouts then its a task. unraid 6.7 just came out upgrade to that, the new gui is nice and there are allot of updated backend files and fixes might help.
  11. its seems you have made up your mind then go with a VM if you pass through the shares it should be very close to docker speeds
  12. The VM will use more ram and cpu to do the same job as your running a linux vm on a linux server. you adding an additional point of failing security wise instead of the software running in a docker you now also have an os running on the same ip as a point of failing. the up side to doing in though the vm is you will get the lastest patches as faster if you keep on top of it. the upside to dockers is you can have the auto update so it set and forget and if its an important patch you can manually do it before the docker gets updated. Dockers are very easy to lock down so firewalls should be easy and by nature only see what you allow them to see and when they crash the rest of your server is still chugging along.
  13. you should not have to have hard resets re-seat your ram (alternating slots) and if you have thermal paste do your cpu as well if that is not the issue, clear you bios. while you have the case open give it a good shake see if you hear any loose screws. do you have an overclock on your system? if so do not overclock it again after the bios clear and see if your stable then. if your stable without the overclock you either have to much power to the cpu or not enough with the overclock. After your clear the bios it will take 2-3 min to post thats normal dont power cycle