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  1. ok so you have 2 options can follow this guide which is no simple or delete the docker image and reinstall the apps the settings should still be there.
  2. think of unmanic as easy mode. this is advanced mode where you can basicly tell it to do anything to the trascode if you know how to use ffmeg on the command line.
  3. You are probably using tmp as the transcode location on both programs change the location to either a cache drive or a share location should fix it.
  4. You are probably using tmp as the transcode location on both programs change the location to either a cache drive or a share location should fix it.
  5. Have you tried the default password incase it reset in the update? deluge is the default
  6. two have 32 gigs running vms and lots of dockers one has 16gigs which is overkill for 5 dockers as a remote backup server.
  7. i thinking about switching from resilio is there a way to prioritize syncs. i have 3 computers 1 has and upload and download speed more than double the other 2. so is there a way for the other two to first send to the fast connection before they send to eachother this would speed syncing up alott.
  8. sounds like it cannot find the database file have you changed a setting or location of TdarrDB: ..... if this is your first time setting up you need to point this somewhere like /mnt/user/appdata/tdarr-db for example
  9. its not finding the nvidia card you have all the settings in the container to pass the card through?
  10. You need the Nvidia build of unraid and you also need to add the other two lines after runtime to tell it which card
  11. i got it to work but i gave up my recordings were not great could of been that i was using hdhomeruns with lots of network traffic or it could of been crap signals. i might give it ago again if i can free up a spot for my internal card.
  12. you can choose one of the audio only plugins or write your own. you can filter plugins by audio only
  13. change the repo to haveagitgat/tdarr:pro_latest it will want you to login after it updates use patreon login as discord is broke atm. you will also most likely have to fix permissions as well http://serverip/Tools/DockerSafeNewPerms as the free version used a different permissions and you will see lots of fail transcodes if this is the case
  14. your having it loop as its doing everything regardless of format you need to have something that says if it has this skip.
  15. i hope someone can throw some light my way. running a 2700x on a b450f strix gaming on the latest bios. got 2 vid cards a 710 in slot one and a 1050ti in slot 2. i can setup any os if i use VNC graphics as soon as i try to use the 1050ti it locks up the vm module. im running 6.8.3 nvidia build. i even tried using 2 diffrent downloaded vbios's as well as trying 6.9 beta 30 nvidia build. i have never had so many issues with a vm before. forgot to add that svm is on and cstate is off
  16. http://yourunraidserver/Tools/DockerSafeNewPerms run this will fix it, one of the old versions used the wrong permissions on the encoding
  17. ok first thing its looking like your kill stalled is not working correctly now i know the software is not great with ts files so if you delete .ts and .m2ts from the scanned for files in your lib containers your likely to get rid of this issue it solved it for me. For .ts and .m2ts files use the recording converter app its made for ts files will put them in mp4 files for you. it will still fail on some but its alot better than this at the moment. maybe when they are out of beta it will work better with .ts files.