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  1. You absolute legend, that worked perfectly for me, thank you, it was driving my OCD nuts seeing those blanks
  2. Thank you for the giveaway guys. I love that Unraid allows the ease of integrating most of my machines in to one, reducing my energy usage, noise and heat output. I'd love to see a fully integrated file browser/manager added to Unraid, the dockers are great, but having a native client built in would be amazing. Have a Very Happy New Year all!
  3. Hi, Not sure if I this is even requestable, but I'll ask anyway... Is it possible another speedtest server could be added please? 3697 - VirginMedia Luton? Many thanks.
  4. Hi All, Does anyone know if / when Threadripper temperature monitoring is ever going to work? I saw people reporting Ryzen temps working in earlier RC builds but nothing for me in the last 2, unless I’m doing something wrong? Cheers, R.