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  1. Nevermind....I noticed the tdarr node docker template also had a "node port" line. Once I removed that, it was able to reinstall.
  2. I was able to remove the extra "Node Port" on the tdarr docker template, but I still get an install failure for the tdarr node. Any suggestions?
  3. Yup...just did a force update and configured IPT with cookies and had no issues.
  4. I'm having this issue due the IPT's update. I see where you can manually add the cookies with the supplied directions, but I'm still getting an error about " An error occurred while updating this indexer Your cookie did not work: Found 0 results in the tracker" Has anyone been able to get passed this part?
  5. Scratch that last thought. I just changed the port on Grafana instead and I got RocketChat up. Thanks for the fix bro!!!!
  6. Wow!!! I feel like an idiot. That is exactly the reason why. Any thoughts on how to get around that? Grafana is using port 3000. I worry just changing the port on the Rocketchat docker won't work.
  7. Thanks SpaceInvader One. I'm following your guide, but when I try to start up RocketChat docker I get a "Execution Error:Server Error". Any ideas on what might be causing this?
  8. I am also having this same issue. In addition, early this morning my logs notate that all my indexers aren't able to connect. Jackett says there are no issues on its side. i just checked Radarr and the same now. Also noticed I cannot add any new shows/movies as it comes back with an error.
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    Yes, I am stopping the docker before moving the .conf file
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    Was checking to see if anyone could provide any insight for me. I have followed SpaceInvaders One's newest video setup (I previously used his for letsencrypt and such so that part was done already). Once I load the jitsi .conf file into the letsencrypt proxy-conf folder and restart the letsencrypt docker, it start throwing errors, yet letsencrypt still works for other applications. The errors state: nginx: [warn] could not build optimal variables_hash, you should increase either variables_hash_max_size: 1024 or variables_hash_bucket_size: 64; ignoring variables_hash_bucket_size Any thoughts on how to adjust the .conf file in order to remove this warning? Also noticed that I can hit jitsi from my internal network, but when trying to hit it through the reverse proxy I get the "Welcome to our Server: The website is currently being setup under this address." Thanks in advance.
  11. Great advise @Kewjoe Updating manually to each version might have been annoying, but it definitely worked. Thank you so much for the help!!!
  12. Per the config.php file I'm on I was trying to go to the next available, which was 17-something. Can't see now as I cannot open the web gui to see. My end goal is to update to newest stable release. Thanks again for you help.
  13. Thanks Kewjoe, Having difficulties understanding this comment by Nick: So what you could do is: Remove the version from the config.php you copy all the time Copy the config.php to others.config.php instead of config.php Do I remove the entire version line, or just remove the version value in place? Also, I don't have an others.config.php file that I can locate. Are these steps or different options as well. I did respond to Nick as well on the Nextcloud forum for clarification. To add now, when trying to launch the NextCloud docker I get an Internal Server Error and cannot access the web gui at all. Sorry to sound bothersome.
  14. Thank you Kewjoe. I followed the step, but when getting to the "Perform the Upgrade" step, I got the following error: Set log level to debug Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported. Update failed Maintenance mode is kept active Reset log level Any thoughts? I appreciate all the help.
  15. Hey fam, I've been looking all over the internet for a bit for this answer and have not been able to find anything that pertains to my situation. I'm currently on 16.0.8 trying to update to 17.0.4. Once I select the "Open updater" option I get a white page with the writing "Step 3 is currently in process. Please reload this page later." It was been stuck like that for almost a month now. I can provide logs and such if needed, just need to know which ones are required before I start posting a bunch of non-needed logs. Is anyone able to help me out here? Thanks in advance.
  16. Good evening, Tried checking the net for this, but was unable to locate an answer. I'm following SpaceInvader Once's guide for this set up. After I install OpenVPN AS and launch the admin web gui, the default login/password of admin/password is not working for me. It says the password is invalid. Its my first time trying to set it up. Also noticed that port 1194 won't open up as well even though I have it set in my USG with it pointed to my server IP's address. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  17. Well all kudos to you sir!!! Keep up the awesome job!!!
  18. Thanks Binhex. Really appreciate all the support and work you and your team does!!