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  1. I received a question asking how I "installed" the linux rename program for batch renaming on Unraid and I would like to post my answer here in case someone else might also be looking for an option like this. If you are a novice in unraid and linux maybe a plugin would be better. You should be able to find something like a rename program or such with a gui over vnc to suit your needs. The Krusader Plugin is one I know of (but I'm not sure if it has a renaming option... but if not then you should be able to add this functionality to Krusader) and I've used it in the past (not in a long time anymore). rename is a linux program which is included in serveral distributions from begin but not in Unraid. It is the program I have gotten used to because it is very powerful in renaming a whole bunch of files at once. I use it almost daily and know only one program which is a bit better and has a nice GUI in the windows ecosystem (called "bulk rename utility"). rename is a CLI program which is used in the terminal. This is good for Unraid because access to files via ssh over a command line is the easiest and fastest way to organise your files. rename is very powerful because you can use regex (regular expressions) for renaming files. But using terminal takes getting used to and you should be careful with the terminal over ssh since you can also easily remove and delete or overwrite your files if you're not sure what you're doing (and even if you think you know what you're doing;). There are several sites with tutorials on rename for getting started but the option for rename you should use the most is rename -n (which only does a dry run without actually renaming the files but showing the output of the command). "Installation": Since rename is not available in Unraid I found a version on github which I could "install". The program is downloaded via wget from here: https://gist.github.com/javiermon/3939556 . wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/javiermon/3939556/raw/b9d0634f2c099b825a483d3d75cae1712fb9aa31/prename.pl Then I copied the prename.pl to the /usr/bin/ folder. This is the linux folder for binary files / programs which can be started in the command line without stating where the program is to be found (like /user/bin/prename.pl xyz...) so you can just start it by typing pren + TAB (which should return prename.pl since TAB is autocompletion). After that I could use rename aka prename.pl in the command line via ssh. For example one of the things I use often is the following for getting rid of whitespaces in filenamens: prename.pl 's/\ /./g' ./* And some more options can be seen here when renaming music files I bought and which I get from the producer as a zip download containing the music files in the original (not my;) naming-sheme: prename.pl 's/(.*) - Spear.*2020 - (\d\d)\ (.*)/SPEAR104_$2_$1_\L$3/' *.flac Hope that helps a bit.
  2. Had the same thing happen to me yesterday. Changed a path folder and after applying the changes it restarted the docker and I had to reconfigure shares, login and the friends-list was empty (next time I should remember to export and save those settings and lists).
  3. I adjusted the folder mapping according to the README. Argh, thanks for the hint! I hadn't seen that the container needed 6080 and thought it needed 5900 published. The ports were really swapped in my config (sorry for being so blind). It works now and I have access.
  4. @realies, yes. I tried several ports thinking I maybe got something wrong. Removed, updated and reconfigured the container several times. Just tried it again with @iilied hint of port 6080 and unprivileged. It starts sucessfully with the unraid GUI saying: If in the unraid docker menu I click on the symbol and WebUI it sends me to [unraid.ip]:5950 (which leads to connection refused) even though I configured 6080. If I then manually go to [unraid.ip]:6080 it gives me the "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE". Is there any way via CLI inside the docker I can check what is going wrong? Accessing the other docker has been working perfectly for years (on port 9099). The other krusader docker on port 6080 is stopped and not running.
  5. @realies thank you for the update. I still can't get to the WebUI even though the docker seems to start ok. I've tried it with privileged on or off and using different ports and I even tried to set it up via CLI instead of the unraid GUI but nothing works.
  6. Hi @BLKMGK , since I created my encrypted UD drive just like you did and I just stumbled upon this thread (still running on 6.7.2 but planning on updating to 6.8 soon, like maybe tomorrow)... does your last message mean I can update without a problem and my encrypted UD drive would mount when I start the array as usual and without problems?
  7. wonderful! so I can kick my VM-4-wireguard soon... =)
  8. any news on wireguard in unraid? I'd like to connect my unraid build to my public server already running wireguard as a secure tunnel to home. I guess now the only way would be to have an additional VM running as the wireguard client?
  9. oh nice! thank you for the links. MV has been one of my favorite applications during the past decades (I can't really remember when I started using it) be it as a windows program (that has to be a couple of years back since I last uses windows;) or as a webapp and recently I started using the docker version on my root server (not the unraid home build). Will definitly try it out on unraid soon. I just found out last week that the webapp version of MV even has a (not so well documented) API. That got me all excited (thinking about automatically pulling my sons favorite show "Sendung mit der Maus" every Sunday) but I couldn't quite get it working the way I intended.
  10. @ridge thank you for the tip. Nope, doesn't change. The docker starts as the log says it all started sucessfully but the webpage does not load. I tried with port 6080 and priviledged turned on and also turned off. Really don't know why this shouldn't work. Is there something from the bash inside the docker I could maybe check? The krusader docker ist stopped and on it the port 6080 works well for the vnc part.
  11. Yes I know. Which is why I am trying to get it to work via the docker tab (see for example my question a few posts above where maybe you could help me?). @iilied is trying to get it working in unraid cli so I thought my answer would at least help him.
  12. @iilied you can add paths via dockers volume bind option when starting the docker via your cli command. You would have to add every folder you want accessible in the docker via: -v /mount/path/to/unraid/folder/:/where/to/mount/in/container/ (and for every next folder which should also be accessible you need another -v /unraid/folder/:/container/folder/ ). The same works with ports so if you want to change the port the container is available from you would need to add this into your cli command: -p 5950:5900 (for using 5950 instead of your 6080). Hope that helps.
  13. I've tried several configuration options and the docker starts (from what the logs tell me) but I cannot access the webGUI. In the browser tab I get: Is there anything I'm missing? @realies , @ridge do you see something wrong in my config?
  14. @jonathanm and @THO thank you very much for the workaround and the hint! It worked just fine and I could encrypt my brand new drive which will not be part of the array and only be mounted in unassigned devices.
  15. Nevermind, I just downloaded the rename version I like from github as prename.pl into usr/bin and can now use prename with the regex's I am used to.