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  1. Not sure that will help but, as far as I have seen, deleting the container does not mean its parameters are deleted. To be sure you are on a clean basis you should ssh and delete the "appdata/Medusa" folder after deleting the container. Of course you will have to configure it again ... but hopefully for the last time.
  2. It was working yesterday evening but I get an "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" again this morning. I don't know which plugin is causing this issue but it's very annoying. I will try to delete them one by one to find the guilty...
  3. Here is how I got my server running again, there are probably better ways but that can maybe help someone else. 1. Boot in safe mode 2. Make a copy of the /boot/config/plugins folder (with a .bak extension) 3. Delete the content of the plugins folder 4. Reboot normally 5. Install the community app plugin via the link found on this forum 6. Install the essential plugins 7. Restore the /boot/config/plugins content for the reinstalled plugins After that my docker containers were not recognized properly (no shortcut to WebUI). I solved that easily: 1. Make a copy of the /mnt/user/appdata folder 2. Reinstalled the containers in "next next next" mode 3. Stop the containers 4. Restore the /mnt/user/appdata folder 5. Start the containers again I still don't understand why my server could not boot properly and why deleting all the plugins solved the issue, so if you have any idea you are welcome.
  4. Hi all, I updated unRAID to the latest version (6.8.1) and rebooted without issue. Yesterday I shutdown my server and since then it does not work properly. The web GUI is not reachable (connection refused), my docker containers are off as well as the smb shares but I can SSH using putty. I have tried to boot in safe mode and I am able to start the array and then to run my docker containers, use the smb shares, etc. This issue already happened last time I updated unRAID and I had to re-create my USB flash and to reinstall all the plugins and docker containers... Is there a way to uninstall or disable the plugins on next boot so that i can reinstall them properly ? Or is there anything I should try before starting to install everything again ? Thank you in advance for your help
  5. Updated with no issue. I really like the new look and feel. Great job !
  6. I deleted the appdata folder, used your last image and that worked! I had to wait a couple minutes before I was able to login even if the webUI was already available. I think that confused me at first. Thank you !
  7. Same issue here. Fresh install and impossible to login with user & password = observium. Tried to remove the appdata folder but still have the issue. Can you check that you have not modified the default user/pass ?