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  1. I came from FreeNAS and spent months trying to learn and configure my first server. The FreeNAS community was arrogant and full of trolls. Only a few nice people willing to help a newbie with his first server setup. Started seeing a lot of comparisons of FreeNAS and Unraid. I decided to see what it was all about using an old iMac and external drive to see if I could set it up. What took me 3+ months to get up and working I had completely duplicated on until within the first 3 hours of EVER even seeing the it. On top of that the Unraid community is one of the nicest and friendliest groups I’ve ever had the please of being a part of. There is so much more that just 1 thing to love of this product. What I love to see in the future is enhancements in speed. The only issue I have is with IOWait and I am using a SSD cache drive and Unassigned Device to try to alleviate that. I realize some of that is hardware based but I still think my setup should not lag when nzbs are unpacking with that plus 12c/24t cpu and 64gb exc mem. keep up the awesome work!! -Jason IMG_1353.mp4
  2. Hello- I have been having some issues with Netdata. The docker log is full of errors and I also get some sock errors in the main log. Can anyone help me out? I tried Googling and looking online but some of the things to try make me nervous as they are over my head and I don't want to follow blindly for fear of making it worse. Here is a pic of the 2 log files: Docker Log: Main Log: Thanks for any help! -Jason
  3. Hello, I have had 2 kernel panics in the last 2 weeks (1 of which crashed my cache drives) and the most recent one that didn't seem to crash the whole system as i would still access the CLI, but nothing else that happened last night. I quickly copied out the syslog and have attached here. I do not know what I am looking for in here. This is what I have done to date to try to troubleshoot my system. Ran 12 hour memtest86+ 2 full passses with no errors. SMART tests both long and short on all my drives. No errors. Fix common problems both short and extended, no errors outside the dynamix system stats for not being on an RC version I am running 6.6.7 I've also attached the diag logs here as well. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! -Jason deathstar-diagnostics-20190408-1108.zip syslog.txt
  4. I started with this one and got to this, but am not sure how to troubleshoot this one either. This better to post in the discord or maybe tag someone here on the forums? Not sure if this is your area as i know you help a lot with the LE stuff.
  5. I tried that one too (the one without an image, correct?), I can't tell if it is working. I *think* it is, but do you know how i can test it to make sure it will actually update the record? Could i edit the current IP in the A record on CF and see if it fixes it within a few mins? Or is there another way to test?
  6. @vurt I followed the link above to learn about how to create a docker manually and i think I did it correctly, but I get the following error message in the log file and the docker won't stay running. Not sure how to troubleshoot? Any help is appreciated. Here is my run command: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='CloudFlareDDNS' --net='bridge' -e TZ="America/New_York" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'ZONE'='j*****.tv' -e 'HOST'='j******.tv' -e 'EMAIL'='b****.net' -e 'API'='[my CF global API key]' -e 'TTL'='1' -e 'PROXY'='False' -v '/mnt/cache/appdata/cloudflareddns':'/config':'rw' 'joshuaavalon/cloudflare-ddns' ***Update*** I think I may have fixed it. I believe because i had a capital F on False for the PROXY value, it broke it. Changed to a lower case and error went a way and i got a changed IP message.
  7. Thank you! I will give it a shot, but when i do things like this, i am the epitome of Murphy's Law, lol
  8. Thanks! I have never created a template before, know of a good walkthru resource so i can try it?
  9. @aptalca you mentioned that linuxserver has one and I can find it in CA under the "others" sections that hasn't been fully made compatible with unraid. Do you know if it is still being worked on or if there is any support for it? I just moved to Cloudflare and can't find a ddns updater that works with cloudflare. It appears this one is may no longer be supported.
  10. Sorry, apparently after I replied and attached it didn't post correctly and I was sitting here waiting to a notification. I can still see it right below this message now. Is it not showing for you? deathstar-diagnostics-20190112-1546.zip I already know there is a weakness in the small exhaust port...
  11. I'm sorry, I am not sure which one you need (and possibly how to get it). Did you want the main log file from the log tab or something else? Do you need it when the the issue is actually happening? Thanks!
  12. I'm having and issue with UA. It seems to work fine for a bit then locks up and maxes out a few of my cores but never actually loads. I have a left over WD MyBook attached via USB. I leave it go and after a day or so and it seems to get stuck trying to mount the drive. As soon as i unplug it the cpu usage drop and the UA network mounted locations pop up. I'm not seeing anything in the SMART reports for the drive to indicate it is failing. Any thoughts from anyone on how to troubleshoot? Thanks!
  13. would you recommend using static or bridge? **Update** That got me in but with bridge and 8443 or static and 443, it doesn't come thru as secure for some reason (chrome on mac)?
  14. I switched the port back to the default 8443 and tried again. Here is a screenshot of my settings and what happens when I click WebUI.
  15. I am not using 8443 for unraid, but I am using it for a WDMyCloud on different IP. I have tried changing the port and still can't get in. I set a bunch of different port and forwarded them all as well. I installed using the app via CA. Should i be using a different one?