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  1. The docker hub search didnt list my repo so I couldnt use the community application. Another way is to go to the docker page in unraid and click "Add Container". There you can type in the adress of your desired container in form of "user/imagename".
  2. Thanks for the answer, reading activity is correct but I was under the impression that writing should go to the cache drive. The share I was writing too has a split level set, will this setting prevent caching? Edit: oh I checked the screenshot again, I was reading from the disk so I dont know exactly what was writing to the disk.
  3. here is another one unraid-diagnostics-20190120-1435.zip It was taken when this happened: Sadly thats thats no exception but rather the rule when writing to the unraid server. Any ideas?
  4. I needed t o move the 'system' partition manually to the cache too but no luck with that. So here is a diagnostics file: unraid-diagnostics-20190111-1314.zip Would be really glad if someone would have a look. 😁
  5. Will definetly do but can't find the time right now for it! Thank you for your answer, it hinted me in a right direction. I added the cache driver after configuring the docker files. I assumed that setting the appdata share to only use the cache disk, the next mover job would move all appdata from the array to the cache. This isn't the case. I had appdata data on different array hdds and the cache disk. I suspect that only new data got written to the cache disk. I moved everything onto the SSD now and Plex feels way snappier now. 😘 But when I start SABnzbd the system slows down again and turns sluggish, so I will search further and come back with some diagnostics.
  6. Hi there! I built my first unraid server a month ago and generally I am pretty happy with the gui, features ecosystem etc. My only downside which is a pretty big one, is that the system is extremely slow and I don't know the reason for it. So hope to find the reason for my issue with your help since I don't know exactly where to start looking. My System: CPU: Ryzen 2600 MB: Gigabyte X470 AORUS Ultra Gaming RAM: 2 x G.Skill Aegis 8GB DDR4-3000MHz PSU: Enermax Platimax D.F. 600W Sata/SAS Card: Dell H200 Drives: SSD: PNY CS900 480 GB (Cache) HDD: 4 x WD80EMAZ 8TB HDD: 3 x WD80EZAZ 8TB with two of these as parity. Docker Containers: Krusader jackett ombi plex radarr sonarr sabnzbd tautulli transmission_vpn Symptoms: When I started using Unraid, everything was fine. It slowed down when I began adding Docker containers to my system. Without any containers running, I am able to copy files with full speed on it (Gbit ~110 Mb/s). But when I started to start some containers the write speeds slowed down a lot. Also the performance of the docker services is lacking, for example radarr/sonarr needs 10-20 seconds to load a single page and sometimes they can't open a page at all. The performance is the worst when sabnzbd is downloading files. Write speeds to a share drop to 0 or do not respond at all. Read speed is pretty bad as well, can't open folders in Windows explorer without crashing and skimming/playing video files is also not possible. Reasons: I really have no idea. 1. First I am not sure if such a behaviour isn't normal at all and I am just wanting to much from the system but I would have thought that my hardware should be capable to download, copy and host a webserver at the same time. Am I wrong? 2. Parity Drives. The symptoms existed before I added the two parity drives so I can rule them out. 3. Cache drive. This is my biggest guess. I added the drive later in my build and maybe I configured it badly? Every share of mine is set to use the cache disk. The 'appdata' and the 'system' share are set to only use the cache so I guess they won't be moved at night. The drive is connected to the mainboard, not the SAS card. 4. BIOS setting. Is there something I should look out for? 5. Do you have more ideas which could be the reason? Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi there! I want to build my first unraid computer soon and would love it if someone with more experience could have a quick look over the parts so I am not making a mistake. What do I want the computer for? * File storage for me and my girlfriend, our PCs only have small SSDs * Plex Server for audio and video (private use so only seldom external connections / transcoding) * Torrenting, Sonarr, Radarr etc. * Server for differnt self hosted services like Paperless, Calibre Server, Ubooquity etc. Parts... ... I already own: Case: Fractal Design Define R5 with 3 fans CPU Fan: EKL Alpenföhn Brocken 2 SSD: PNY CS900 480 GB HDD: 4 x WD Elements 8 TB HDD: 3 x WD My Book Desktop 8 TB ... I am eyeballing: CPU: Ryzen 2600 MB: Gigabyte X470 AORUS Ultra Gaming RAM: 2 x G.Skill Aegis 8GB DDR4-3000MHz PSU: Enermax Platimax D.F. 600W Sata/SAS Card: And in the future? * When the system is configured and running I would like to explore the world of virtualization for learning purposes I want to start with 5 data and 2 parity disks, each 8 TB big. I have a 500GB SSD which I wanted to use as a cache drive. This would give me 40TB which should be enough for one or two years. The case can be expanded to hold 4 more drives so it should be big enough for my future needs. First I wanted to go with an i3-8100 but it is pretty expensive right now, I can get the Ryzen for the same price which has 8 threads more. I am aware that the idle power consumption isn't that good but I hope it won't be too bad either. Since I am already over budget I thought I could get away without a GPU, for installation and BIOS settings I can put in the graphics card from my gaming PC, after that I will run it headless. I think I can't start tinkering with virtualization without a GPU but I can buy one when I have the system configured and the time to play with it. Or will I get in trouble by trying to so? Yeah that's it so far if anybody sees a problem with this build I would be happy to hear from you. Also if somebody has a recommendation for a good value sata card, let me know! Cheers!