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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for that.
  2. Yes, it would be great if it worked like that, but as other people have also already pointed out, the move on a schedule does not seem to move all files anymore unless the cache is filled to the percentage you set. That is why I asked what the use of it is now.
  3. Maybe I am not understanding the option right, but what is the added value of the "Force move of files on a schedule" if it does the exact same thing as the mover schedule under the normal mover settings. They way I had this setup before was that the normal mover settings checked every hour if the cache was over a certain threshold and if it was it would move files off. That way the cache never became totally full and this was ideal to prevent issues with vm's, dockers or app data. But it would only do this if it was really needed. And then in the night I had the force move all files running so it moved all files to the array when the server was not in use and was not bothering anyone. They way the plugin is setup now there seems now way for me to keep this functionality? Or am I missing something here or misunderstanding something? Is there a reason this is no longer possible? Would it not be possible to have the force move option invoke the old mover? I am asking to see how to best use this new plugin functionality as currently I might just not understand it.
  4. Any change of getting is functionality back? As it is now the force move option does not do much and I really prefer to move the files of my cache in the night instead of during the day when it fills up and the array is in use.
  5. Aah yes I found it. So if I would set those myself when first running the container would that overwrite those in the file, or would the file overwrite whatever I set in the run command?
  6. Hi Saarg, I never said it was not supported, I only pointed out that the developer warns against using it. I think it is normal then for me to worry that in some months I might have an issue where my data is stuck in a not supported database. It's called planning ahead. And again, I was not criticizing anyone for it I was only asking why this decision was made and if it was deliberate. And if there was a way for me to setup a different DB if I want to. I did see the config file, however I am/was worried it might be problematic to edit this as I can only edit this after first starting the container. Not sure if changing the DB at that point might break something. Do you know what env vars are missing?
  7. Question regarding usage of this container. It seems this container comes with a SQlight DB already set up. However the documentation of Wiki.js actually advised not to use SQlight and use PostegrSQL instead. In fact it mentions: So the question is, does this container support the use of other DB back-ends? And if yes, does it use the environment variables mentioned in the official documentation or does it work differently? Another reason to use PostegreSQL would be the search function as the one included with SQlite is much more limited compared to PostegreSQL. As normally knows what it is doing I would be curious to know why the choice for SQLight was made and the use of another DB not documented. Was this a deliberate choice or maybe an oversight? Not criticism, just genuine curiosity as I would like to understand the container and it's use case better.
  8. Hi Selmek, I think you missed the important part in my analogy, namely the "ask yourself." I meant to make people think for themselves and not just follow what others, including me, think. And it seemed at the time everybody was bashing @limetech and I wanted to make people stop and think if this was fair or if the truth was more moderate. As for my analogy and the thankfulness of the parent. Of course I think he (the developers) should be thankful. But I would never take away a present I gave to my nephews or nieces just because I had a fight with my bother or sister. And if I give them (my nieces or nephews) a present I do not expect thanks from my brother or sister either, though it would be nice of course. In the end it think it comes down to entitlement en expectations. Experience has learned my something though: When you do something that no one asked you to do and you do it out of your own accord and free will, do not expect any thanks, you might be thoroughly disappointment. And if you do do something because someone asked, only expect thanks from the person who asked and not anybody else. After all, that someone else might not even be happy you did it in the first place. It seems though some people here do expect that someone else to say thanks, and there is the problem, because expectations create disappointment. As for me thinking @CHBMB is a spoiled brat, I don't think that at all. I only think he should evaluate who should be thankful and if what he did was fair to the people he wanted to help in the first place. The people who SHOULD be thankful are all of them screaming at him to keep updating his build. And I do actually get his frustration, I also have been frustrated in the past when people have not seen the effort I did for something. You feel sad and disappointed. I think everyone with a certain age and work experience knows. Hence me previous remark regarding expectations and disappointment. Something I do not get from your text thought, first you say: "...they have put in so much time helping people..." -> have to. Later you say: "They don't have to help and share their toys." -> Don't have to. Which is it now, have or don't have? if they don't then neither Limetech nor the community should have expectations of them and vice versa. If they have to, then we can expect them not to take away the toys and behave more like our employees. The answer of course is they don't have to. It is their choice. But if someone chooses do to something it is their choice. you can not force someone else to follow it. That's the great thing about open source, you can choose to use it, you can choose to make plugins for it, you can choose to share the plugins and you can choose to stop sharing them. But you can not force someone to do anything including being thankful. I see this a lot in the opensource communities: I made this, I spend a lot of time on this and now you have to include it and you have to be thankful. The thing is, things don't work like this and it is a toxic way of thinking. And UnRaid is not even a fully opensource project. I love UnRaid and I love all the community developed plugins and I am super thankful to all of them. I even think they deserve part of the money you pay for the product since they have such a big part in Unraid's success (idea for a community app, a community donate function?) But I have no expectations of them to keep doing it. If Binhex or LSO decided tomorrow to stop then so be it. It would suck but it is their right. So why do they have the right to expect anything, even a thanks? It is a 2 way street. Like i said, I am thankful but I should not be forced to be thankful. I am because I choose to. I do agree with 1 thing though. It would be great if the developers put in effort to work closely with the community as objectively it is something that contributes greatly to the success of UnRaid. I just don't see it as something they have to do, but as a nice to have. Though it seems they are already working on it and I am not in a position to judge if it is sufficient. But I am hopeful.
  9. Then I stand corrected. And thank you for doing so.
  10. I've have been following this and the other thread with very mixed feelings and I feel the community is unjustly hard towards @limetech. Sure some things could have been handled better, yet I keep the feelings that the bigger injustice is not actually committed by him. In order to understand things better and to see things from a different perspective I personally like to make analogies. Sometimes it gives different insights into situations. And I cam up with the following for this one: We have 3 parties here, The parent (@limetech), the uncle (@CHBMB and the like) and the kid (the community). Now the situation is that the kid is asking the parent for this shiny new toy, but for whatever reason the parent is not buying the kid the toy. Maybe it is to expensive, maybe he is waiting for the birthday, whatever.. However, the uncle who hears the kid decided to get the kid this new toy, because he loved the kid and wants to please the kid. Fast forward and the parents sees that the kid really loved the toy but unfortunately the toy has some sharp edges and the parent is afraid the kid might hurt himself hence the parent decided to order a better and safer version of the toy. However, when the parent tells the kid it ordered this new toy the uncle hears the parent and flies into a rage because the parent did not tell the uncle that he/she was going to buy the new toy and the uncle thinks the parents is ungrateful because he/she did not even thank the uncle. In his rage therefore the uncle takes the toy away from the kid even before the new toy arrived (it is after all still in beta). Not only that but takes away the other toys he got the kid as well and says he is never going to give the kid any more toys. All this to punish the parent. Now with this analogy, ask yourself. Is the reaction of @CHBMB (the uncle) proportionate and justified? Does a parent (@limetech) need to inform the uncle of these kind of things? Sure it is nice, but is it really needed? Do you think it is right for the uncle to punish the kid? Should the parent even be grateful that the uncle presents the kid a toy with sharp edges (I know I wouldn't). The only one the uncle should expect thanks from i.m.o is the kid. The community is and was grateful. Yet @CHBMB is the one who decided to punish the community and take away their toy because of his hurt feelings. Yet the only one who gets shit is @limetech. If I where him I would be more than a little pissed and disappointment and I think it shows in his messages. Please read my analogy again and ask yourself who in the story did anything to hurt the kid? The parent or the uncle? And please also think about the fact that we have no way of knowing if @limetech was not going to thanks @CHBMB for the work in an official release note, which this wasn't. Now I do think the parent should have said something to the uncle. And I also am a bit disappointment to learn that even though UnRaid builds heavy on the community there is no special channel in place to facilitate communication with reliable community develops. Considering how well the development of both UnRaid and the community add-ons go together I kind of assumes something was already in place. However it seems this is something that is considered and worked on now. But in everything that happened, this simple miscommunication seems far the lesser evil here. And I do think it might be good that the community asks itself again who really is to blame for taking away it's shining toy with sharp edges and if it is reasonable to have this reaction. But that's just my 2 cents.
  11. I just added the following line to my letsencrypt nginx proxy config: proxy_temp_path /config/proxytemp 1 2 This way it just creates a sub folder called proxytemp in the letsencrypt folder in appdata.
  12. Since it is only when downloading/uploading it might just be the temp folder. Did you set proxy_temp_path in your nginx config in your reverse proxy? Are you even using a reverse proxy?
  13. In the template add a new port 6595. You will also need to change the port for the webui (visible when you enable advanced). If it still does not work try a force update. remember it will take some time to install the software again (you can check to log to see the progress)/.