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  1. Its been awhile since i last passed through my RX570/Vega, but "pc-i440fx-X.X" would not work for me. I changed to Q35 and the hanging Win Logo with one core at max stopped and booted just as expected. Edit: Since you get stuck in the booting process (and see the logo), the passthrough seems to be working. So it might be a VM config problem
  2. One thing i forgot to ask. I now want to use Disk Encryption with the new drives. I thought i would encrypt each drive in Unassigned Devices, then go by step (3),4,5. But when UD asks me for the passphrase, it says "Enter the password to use for this disk. Leave blank to use the array password/passphrase". That kinda got me off the track. Does this mean i could encrypt an array at once?
  3. Hey jonathanm, thank you for your help. I actually have a rather recent Backup so i'm just gonna skip this one Currently i pre-clear all the disks but that takes some time. Hopefully all works out fine.
  4. Hello everyone, currently i am using 3x2TB Drives for my array, with one of them being a parity drive. I now want to replace ALL drives with 8 TB Drives. Is it possible to remove all 3 2TB drives at once, replace them with the 8 TB Drives and copy the "old" Data with Krusader/unBALANCE? If yes, is there anything i need to be aware of? I don't want to rebuild the Array with replacing the drives "one by one" since one drive started to show errors (they all are very old) and a rebuild might be problematic.
  5. Hello everyone, so over the weekend i looked for RDP alternatives and on the FreeRDP Site i stumbled over a programm that is called "Thincast Workstation". Basically this app is based on VirtualBox but has one feature that i really like. They call it "Virtual 3D" which uses the AMD/nVIDIA GPU encoding capabilities to "stream" the video to the client - pretty much the same what Win10 with H.264AVC444 is capable of, only that you don't need one GPU per VM. Each VM uses the h264 decode capabilities of the Host GPU and i must say, it just works perfect. The only downside is that it is on
  6. Oh, this is perfect. So all "bridged" dockers will route through vpn, and any "custom" docker network adapters, e.g. Container using ReverseProxy adapter will be reachable through normal ISP IP? Have not updated to RC Versions yet, so i can't test it on my own.
  7. Hey, in your start post, it says "VPN tunneled access - In the future it may be possible to restrict it so that only specific Dockers use the VPN tunnel". Is there an ETA on that topic? I really want to tunnel my radarr/sabnzbd dockers through VPN 🙂
  8. Yes, it works great in pretty much every country. But i got relatives living in egypt, and apparently egypt seems to be able to block the vpn traffic (started two weeks ago, before it worked perfect with udp 1194). I've read somewhere, that for example people living in china use TCP port 443 for VPN, since only on this port the VPN seem to be working. I hope it is more understandable now.
  9. @SpaceInvaderOne Thank you for the updated Tutorial But how would one solve the following problem: I need to route the openVPN traffic through TCP port 443, otherwise i can't use openVPN. But i already have a letsencrypt docker configured as SpaceInvaderOne explained in his ReserveProxy/Nextcloud guide. So i'm basically forwarding TCP Port 443 -> 1443. How can i use this port with openVPN? What method are you using? A Wireguard docker would be awesome
  10. So, i checked for power consumption without a cable plugged in - still the same. In the meantime i e-mailed AMD about this topic.
  11. a) did not have to stub the video card. Is there a particular reason to do this? b) this i will have to try. I remember something of a "zero watt"-state with no cables plugged in. c) i tend to boot into no-gui mode (since i only have one gpu). this is where i first noticed the problem.
  12. Might be due to SeaBios - never tested this actually. Can only speak for myself, i440fx with ovmf did never work.
  13. Just tested this, in BIOS and in GUI Mode the Power Consumption is the same, which is ridiculously too high. So, what does that mean? Any way to fix this?
  14. It's a i440 problem. Switch to Q35 and you can install every driver version out there. But if you like to stay with i440, i guess latest working version without the driver hanging with a black screen during install was 18.2.1 - but don't quote me on that. If you really need to know, i could check later. Had the same issue. "VFIO allow unsafe interrupts" set to "yes" in VM Settings fixed it for me. Now i can boot, sleep, shutdown, change VM without any problems.
  15. As fas as i know, you can't install the newest AMD Relive Drivers on i440, only on Q35. The latest driver that worked on i440 without the driver crashing with a black screen is 18.2.1 (or 18.2.3?). Every driver after that has the same problem. Q35 just works out-of-the-box. Had the problem with a RX570 and a Vega56. Another user here in the forum had the same issue and changing to Q35 fixed this. (Ozon was his name as far as i remember).