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  1. So, i checked for power consumption without a cable plugged in - still the same. In the meantime i e-mailed AMD about this topic.
  2. a) did not have to stub the video card. Is there a particular reason to do this? b) this i will have to try. I remember something of a "zero watt"-state with no cables plugged in. c) i tend to boot into no-gui mode (since i only have one gpu). this is where i first noticed the problem.
  3. Might be due to SeaBios - never tested this actually. Can only speak for myself, i440fx with ovmf did never work.
  4. Just tested this, in BIOS and in GUI Mode the Power Consumption is the same, which is ridiculously too high. So, what does that mean? Any way to fix this?
  5. It's a i440 problem. Switch to Q35 and you can install every driver version out there. But if you like to stay with i440, i guess latest working version without the driver hanging with a black screen during install was 18.2.1 - but don't quote me on that. If you really need to know, i could check later. Had the same issue. "VFIO allow unsafe interrupts" set to "yes" in VM Settings fixed it for me. Now i can boot, sleep, shutdown, change VM without any problems.
  6. As fas as i know, you can't install the newest AMD Relive Drivers on i440, only on Q35. The latest driver that worked on i440 without the driver crashing with a black screen is 18.2.1 (or 18.2.3?). Every driver after that has the same problem. Q35 just works out-of-the-box. Had the problem with a RX570 and a Vega56. Another user here in the forum had the same issue and changing to Q35 fixed this. (Ozon was his name as far as i remember).
  7. Sounds like the exact same problem i'm having, although i got a Vega 56. Started a thread some time ago but didnt get an answer
  8. Hey, i had some problems with my vega too. Did you try to passthrough only the graphic card without the Vega audio? SpaceinvaderOne says in it's videos, that you need to pass through both GPU IDs (VGA/Sound) to get it to run. This, for instance, was true for my GTX970 and for my RX570, but with Vega nothing would boot correctly when i try to pass through its audio. Can you give it a try?
  9. Hey Raptor, yes, the vega seems to run at a relatively high speed and clocks down once the AMD (or even Win) Driver is loaded in the VM. Its not full speed, then the power consumption would easily go in to 250+ Watt area. Did not have this problem with my old RX 570 and the power consumption is as expected (~50 Watt) when no card is plugged in. So how can i fix this?
  10. Tested it now with a Demo Version of Unraid. Unraid sits at ~138 Watt usage. Are there no power saving options for AMD Vega?
  11. Hello everybody, yesterday i upgraded my PC to an all AMD build and moved UnRAID on the new machine. Everything worked more or less out of the box (Vega Passthrough took me a while), but now i can't figure out why the power consumption is so high. First off, here my current Hardware: Ryzen 5 2600 ASRock B450 Pro4 Sapphire Pulse Vega 56 16 GB DDR4 3200/CL16 2xWD 2TB, 1x3TB (Array) 1xCrucial MX300 500GB (Cache) So, with a bare-metal windows installation, the idle power consumption is at around 60 Watt. Having a windows gaming vm running (Vega56 passthrough) in unRAID, idle power consumption is at around 77 Watt (same disks etc. installed) But when NO VM is running, unRAID gets hungry and takes about 140 Watt. This can't be right, can it? So i guess it must be the GPU that is giving me the headaches. Or am i just missing something? Additional note: I'm coming from an Intel Xeon E3 system with a H97 motherborad. I just moved the unRAID Flashdrive to the new computer. Can this be my problem?
  12. Hey SpaceInvaderOne, i encountered the same problem as xanvincent. The problem is not Win10/Q35 related, since i am running a Win10 VM with Q35. If i use i440fx, i can't install the latest AMD Drivers (RX 570) without the driver getting stuck during installation (black screen), so i went with Q35 and everything works fine. In Linux on the other hand, i can't shut down any VM (also Q35) without having the "Unknown PCI header type '127'" error. Only a server reboot will fix this. There are several thread in this forum with this error, e.g.: https://forums.unraid.net/topic/75597-unknown-pci-header-type-error/?tab=comments#comment-696426&searchlight=1 https://forums.unraid.net/topic/71065-internal-error-unknown-pci-header-type-127-on-rx550/?tab=comments#comment-652514&searchlight=1 So, what might fix that?