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  1. Oh i'm sorry. Rolled back to 6.7.2. I'm waiting for next update
  2. So i tried 6.8.2 and unfortunately the problem still exists.
  3. So i tried 6.8.2 and unfortunately the problem still exists. Mouse works after detach --> attach. Keyboard (bluetooth) doesnt work at all. Screen sometims is glitchy... this also happens when i sometime detach --> attach keyboard (bluetooth) so maby its related Syslog: Feb 1 13:41:43 Tower kernel: usb 6-8: reset full-speed USB device number 4 using xhci_hcd Feb 1 13:41:43 Tower kernel: logitech-djreceiver 0003:046D:C52B.001E: hiddev96,hidraw0: USB HID v1.11 Device [Logitech USB Receiver] on usb-0000:00:14.0-8/input2 Feb 1 13:41:43 Tower kernel: input: Logitech M310 as
  4. Rolled back to 6.7.2 because passtrough is a little buggy (Qemu/Libvirt ??). On a Windows 10 VM on which i passtrough an Intel IGD sometimes my screen shows "random" purple/yellow pixels. On VM bootup none of my usb devices get detected. Some of them like mouse works after detach and attach with "Hotplug usb" plugin. So i rolled back to 6.7.2 and now everything i fine again.
  5. Just upgraded from 6.7.2 to 6.8.1: All seems to work fine for now. Docker and VM's up and running. I had to recreate two Windows VM's (using form view to create a new XML and point to existing .qcow2 and .img vdisk) because both of them didn't boot: Blackscreen with error: no bootable device. These two Windows VM's boot off of an Unassignd SSD, i had to update the plugin (Unassignd Devices) before upgrade. So either this plugin update or the Unraid upgrade itself messed something up. Passthrough of Intel IGD (4th Gen) still working 👍
  6. YES: # default is 0. set this to the number of days backups should be kept. 0 means indefinitely. number_of_days_to_keep_backups="0" # default is 0. set this to the number of backups that should be kept. 0 means infinitely. # WARNING: If VM has multiple vdisks, then they must end in sequential numbers in order to be correctly backed up (i.e. vdisk1.img, vdisk2.img, etc.). number_of_backups_to_keep="1"
  7. Domain snapshot snap.img created for debz '/mnt/cache/domains/debz/vdisk1.img.snap.img' -> '/mnt/user/backup/vm/debz/20190524_1732_vdisk1.img.snap.img' 2019-05-24 17:32 information: backup of vdisk1.img.snap.img vdisk to /mnt/user/backup/vm/debz/20190524_1732_vdisk1.img.snap.img complete. Please edit your xml file and remove .snap.img. (you are creating a backup of your snapshot.) Check if your vm is booting correctly and try again with provided script
  8. New version: v1.1.5.1 Changelog: # Version v1.1.5.1 - 2019-09-30 # Added: check before and after backup for .snap.img files and remove them # added parameter --wait to: virsh blockcommit $vm $disknumber (line 1245). This hopefully fixes the renaming of vdisk to vdisk.img.snap.img problem. https://github.com/thies88/unraid-vmbackup/blob/master/script
  9. temporary this path is edited to point to the "temp" snapshot file. Changes in your vm are written to that "temp" file during the backup. If backup is finished it should point backup to vdisk1.img. The moment it does this is when the script preforms "virsh blockcommit" (in your logging you wil see this where it says: Block commit: [100 %] Successfully pivoted) can you replace the script with this one and try again: https://github.com/thies88/unraid-vmbackup/blob/master/script i made 2 new points where the script checks for the .snap.img files and delete them. One at t
  10. i have spotweb running in the "nginx" docker with the database on the "mariadb" docker. The "nginx" docker has cron buildin Addad the following user script on unraid: Download "CA User Scripts" from CA. Go to Settings --> User Scripts --> ADD NEW SCRIPT. add a script name for example "update spotweb" click on the newly created user script named: update sportweb (blue text) and click "Edit Script" remove all text and paste this: #!/bin/bash docker exec -t nginx php /config/www/spotweb/retrieve.php > /dev/null /config/www/spotweb/retrieve.php i
  11. ## USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ## # Live backup is experimental, so please dont test/use on daily use unraid box for now. That beeing said, i use this on my daily Unraid box without problems. In order for this to work make sure: When using enable_backup_running_vm="1" you HAVE TO CHANGE your vdisk path in vm.xml to point to /mnt/cache/somefolder or /mnt/disk1/somefolder instead of /mnt/user/somefolder (see: New script added as attachment, what is changed ? # - Fixed case sensitive bug, where an .iso file is shown as warning in script-logging
  12. Nevermind found this thread:
  13. i switcht from Proxmox to unraid and running LibreELEC in a vm is a must for me. With the following steps i got it working for an intel i5 4th gen (i5-4670,HD4600) with an Asrock B85M Pro4: VM Settings (VMS --> VM Name --> Edit): Bios: Seabios Machine: i440fx-3.0 VM Manager(SETTINGS --> VM Manager): PCIe ACS override: both VFIO allow unsafe interrupts: Yes Syslinux (/boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg): YOU WILL LOOSE UNRAID BOOT GUI, so you can only use WEBGUI and SSH to access your Tower. added: vfio-pci.ids=8086:041
  14. Is it possible do create a bridge without a NIC attached ? im looking for a way to add a bridge for communication between VM's only (like a seperate virtual switch/network). On this network i want to run my own dhcp server/router. i kno of Virbr... but this comes with its own dhcp... or can i disable this ?