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  1. Haven't checked in for a few point releases but I thought I should say that 6.11, 6.11.1, 6.11.3, 6.11.4 and 6.11.5 all upgraded between each other, in that order, just fine.
  2. Asking for help in my own thread here as my Back-UPS ES 750 has recently started ignoring any commands to disable it's alarm. Thanks to a power outage last night, I know first hand the alarm is enabled and actually makes a sound. Have tried: Repeatedly trying my own method above (console output). I then test by pulling the plug from the wall, alarm sounds. Installing Powerchute Home and disabling it in there, ignored as above. Doing what seems to be a factory reset on the UPS (a brain deading) - Disconnect all connections, including loads and wall power, disconnecting the battery, pressing the power button for 10 seconds to clear any power remaining, then reconnect everything. Still ignores attempts to set alarms to disabled. Any one got any ideas?
  3. I think it's worth mentioning annecdotal, but credible, reports that once you get above 10TB, they have been known to contact you to require you reduce your backup size. Also, noting their speed limits, you may find that you practically never get a complete initial backup. Despite the increased cost, you may want to consider using Backblaze B2. If you can reduce your 80TB backup, I recommend you do. For example, if that's literally everything you have, perhaps backup only irreplacable data such as photos and documents.
  4. hpka

    Help: Mail backup

    Given Google are getting stricter on their storage, I could also do with a way to backup emails. I've bodged together Thunderbird + AutoarchiveReloaded plugin but it doesn't seem graceful on massive inboxes.
  5. Just curious, when you said that, did you mean a PCI native NIC+USB Controller (on one card, similar to this but PCI not PCIe)?
  6. I'm in the same boat, testing with Mint and a 1650
  7. Just curious, which features specifically would you miss? I ask this because I'm experimenting with Mint in VMs on an Unraid host (both Cinnamon and Xfce) with a view to changing over my day-to-day sofa warrior laptop
  8. Hey everyone, really just a simple question that I have googled. In 2021, what Unraid relevant/useful uses can you think of for a PCI slot. This should not be confused with a PCIe slot. My Lenovo TS430 has one just sitting there, lonely and empty.
  9. This is just a tip because I spent so blinking long figuring this out. Traefik v1 Users (and indeed all Traefik/Reverse Proxy users) - an additional label is required. Source article which helped me figure it out. The important label you must add, which you would not usually add, is: "traefik.protocol=https" Unraid style screenshot attached.
  10. Just thought I'd let you know that this post and those instructions saved me from loosing my VMs (which were not backed up) and the most recent copy of other data (which was backed up but getting this was easier). I'm currently copying it into a pool directory then will make a fresh BTRFS or XFS cache drive.
  11. Seagate Expansion 10TB Desktop External Hard Drive (STEB10000400) at BestBuy.ca Price as of 19 November 2020: CAD$199 Shucking video. I've ordered one, preclearing now still in it's enclosure, and Unraid identifies it as: Device model: ST10000NM001G-2MW103 Which googling indidcates is a Seagate Exos X16 10TB 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s 3.5-Inch Enterprise Hard Drive (ST10000NM001G)
  12. 6.8.1 to 6.8.2 went just fine for me. All previous versions since 6.7 have also been fine (and I've only said 6.7 because that's the first version number I can remember after buying a licence, likely some of the later 6.6 ones were also used). Point is I've never had an issue.
  13. A few days in: No issues with upgrade or in the days since. I had no issues with 6.8.0 either.
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