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  1. ok, I see. It is only the "reset status" of the gpu bios that causes the fans to rotate at some speed and this comes with no extra load (power consumption). Thanks for the information. It is then, in my case, either choosing between a 24/7 half-speed fan spin (vm shut down) and the zero fan speed that comes with an extra 50-60W on the idle vm (cpu consumption and random windows disk readings/writings).
  2. Thanks for the reply. Very nice plugin for monitoring. One gpu (gtx1060) in my system which is used by one vm. While the vm is shut down, I see that the gpu fan are spinning so there should be some load on the gpu. This is what I am investigating here!
  3. Thanks for the great plugin and support thread. So, a gpu that is bind to vfio and also used in a vm (shut down), won't appear in the plugin? My idea here is to try check the gpu power status, usage, fan speeds etc. while idle and before turning on the windows vm.
  4. I have already setup the rest of the containers with the subfolder method and I was wondering how I can attach motioneye to the existing config.
  5. Hi guys. Awesome support in this thread. Anyone to indicate me how to configure letsencrypt for a container that doesn't support a base url (e.g., motioneye container running on unraid-IP:8765)? Does it help if the container is running on its own lan IP or not? What needs to be added to the letsencrypt configuration file? Apologies if it has been already replied somewhere in the last 156 pages.
  6. Thanks mate. I checked Squid's post but didn't realize it described my issue.
  7. It has been couple weeks now that the plugin updates all linuxserver containers every night. Anyone else having the same issue? Or any clue what might be wrong here?
  8. New unraid user here and many thanks for the plugin. I am running on a ASRock rack c236. So, I pull the container from the CA. But there is nothing in the global/dashboard sensors or footer settings. Neither in the readings. When I go fan control/configure I get a "Checking IPMI fan Locations..." echo and after a while all "locations" are tagged as "none". I guess I miss something big here. Can you please advice?