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  1. Going to reup this as i have the same question
  2. Did anyone ever figure this one out Same issue on a hp p420i in hba mode
  3. So i need to flash my raid controller to jbod mode and so i'm trying to make a simple backup of my appdata for my rebuild I first tried to backup using your tool to windows smb shares that i have mounted with the unassigned devices tool - i had previously had issues torrenting to the smb shares (be they drivepool or normal hdd) as without fail some torrents on recheck would be missing part of their data A similar thing is happening with this backup tool - i have done both compressed and not compressed - the compressed tar.gz open as corrupt and the regular uncompressed tar say they are the right size and then show only one folder from appdata Backing up to an unraid share works perfectly fine and is a similar size to the broken tar's on the windows smb share I feel like this is something i am missing but i would appreciate any help @Squid EDIT: Also the verify runs on the backups and finds no problems - so thats also strange
  4. Thanks for such a great deluge/vpn combo Having an issue where many of my torrents when rechecked are at 96+ percent but had finished at 100%. Originally the download folder was a mounted smb volume that is a stablebit drivepool volume - have used utorrent in the past to it and never had an issue. Thinking the smb mount was the problem i changed to internal unraid storage and then when completed the files would move to the smb volume. Now i have seen files where on recheck 40% of the file is missing. Obviously others are not having this issue and i feel like i'm missing something simple. Could this be a vpn issue? Thank you for your help Sorry forgot to point to @binhex