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  1. i just kept restarting my container until it worked - glad to see i'm not the only one having this issue
  2. So mine says joined and does not error out - but it never shows up in the zerotier interface to approve Anyway to pull the name of this one so i can whitelist it manually in the zerotier interface? EDIT: When i change to bridge it changes to online but still doesn't work Under host it says 200 info xxxxxxxxx 1.6.2 OFFLINE
  3. Well like the last rc - you still can't set the alarm temp for cache (at least) drives
  4. It basically looks on my install like --allow-other is not functioning correctly all of a sudden - i can even do backup/restore backups to google drive no issue - but all my containers have lost their ability to read the files Edit:
  5. Okay here's where it sits - in terminal at /mnt/disks/Google everything is mounted correctly and can be seen - when i go to share the folder to a container in edit it shows all the subfolders just like you would expect In any of the containers or smb share - it sees nothing and has nothing contained in it I have force unmounted the folders and deleted them before remounting using rclone mount - same issue and it doesn't resolve anything EDIT: My sync script for rclone also continues to run with no issues
  6. Sorry i didn't respond - that fixed the issue - i had updated ud but i hadn't yet done a reboot. Thanks for the help
  7. Sooooo....not quite sure what happened but realized today my rclone using google drive wasn't working - it wasn't mounted. Turns out it complaining that here are files in the mount directory - i have been running sync jobs constantly - but i'm not sure why this is happening that its writing to the mount directory. Anyways, any tips for clearing the folder so i can once again mount, as i'm not finding an easy way to delete the files that are there EDIT: I can see the files and folders if in terminal i ls them - they don't exist at all if i try to mount to smb or any container
  8. Here is my diagnostics
  9. I had a major power outage and unfortunately i've overloaded my ups so it didn't shut down the server in time before the ups power ran out. So after the outage i booted back up and of course it was doing a parity check - but also had strange status next to array status i have never seen. After the array check i rebooted again but it is still there. I haven't seen any other issues so I am wondering how to resolve this
  10. Strange - I did a different dvd and it seemed to work will look for another solution
  11. So for ripper i'm getting eject issues - the disc rips - it moves the files to finished - says eject and never does and then just keeps ripping the disc over and over again I see this in the log eject: tried to use `devtmpfs' as device name but it is no block device eject: unable to find or open device for: `/dev/sr0' I have done a reboot to my unraid server - i'm using an external usb dvd drive Edit: here is my devices
  12. Thank you so much for this - got mine working - now just waiting for an assignment
  13. Still can't get gpu encoding to work - added the uuid to it plus all under nvidia driver capabilities and i added extra parameters - in logs it doesn't detect gpu - i'm using the p2000 right now in other containers
  14. Most of the data is unimportant but i have backups of everything So its just money
  15. Thank you for the answers - as a follow up was able to get the broken 8tb white to connect with a vertical usb drive bay - now building parity at about 30 MB/s (yikes) - the second drive that i unwisely operated on is dead as a doornail - this is why you don't make major decisions at 1 am Thank you for the help - hopefully i learned my lesson
  16. If it helps the drives in question are an older wd red 8tb efax and a white 8tb both from shucking wd enclosures
  17. Any suggestions are welcome I am running 13 drives in a das to an hp proliant server with an lsi card over 3 mini sas connections. While trying to build a new case i broke the sata connection (plastic part) off a drive. To test i pulled the pcb off another drive to see if it would allow it to connect - it didn't work. When i returned the pcb to the original drive - it also failed. As i was in the middle of transfering my windows array to unraid (and hadn't yet spun up a parity drive ) i am looking for any help in troubleshooting the issue - trying to see if the drive is gett
  18. Going to reup this as i have the same question
  19. Did anyone ever figure this one out Same issue on a hp p420i in hba mode
  20. So i need to flash my raid controller to jbod mode and so i'm trying to make a simple backup of my appdata for my rebuild I first tried to backup using your tool to windows smb shares that i have mounted with the unassigned devices tool - i had previously had issues torrenting to the smb shares (be they drivepool or normal hdd) as without fail some torrents on recheck would be missing part of their data A similar thing is happening with this backup tool - i have done both compressed and not compressed - the compressed tar.gz open as corrupt and the regular uncompressed
  21. Thanks for such a great deluge/vpn combo Having an issue where many of my torrents when rechecked are at 96+ percent but had finished at 100%. Originally the download folder was a mounted smb volume that is a stablebit drivepool volume - have used utorrent in the past to it and never had an issue. Thinking the smb mount was the problem i changed to internal unraid storage and then when completed the files would move to the smb volume. Now i have seen files where on recheck 40% of the file is missing. Obviously others are not having this issue and i feel like i'm missing someth