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  1. So in the future, we just need to edit these files manually versus having it on the web page? What is the reason for removing this?
  2. I went back to 6.9.0-rc2 and NVIDIA 455.45.01 - no crashes. This is definitely a bug and not my hardware. I really wish I knew what was causing the crash on 6.9.0 and 6.9.1. I'm not sure what to look for in changelogs in future releases to see if this gets fixed.
  3. Are you still getting crashes? I was having the same issue. I had 3 crashes and then I went back to unRAID 6.9.0-rc2 with NVIDIA 455.45.01 driver, and the crashes stopped.
  4. I got kernel panics on 6.9.0 and 6.9.1. I went back to -rc2 and everything is fine now. It seems like a lot of people are having problems, but haven't seen any responses about what is causing them.
  5. I guess I'll rollback to -rc2. It looks like a lot of people are having kernel panics with 6.9.0 and .1.
  6. I had been running the -rc2 build for a while without issue. After upgrading to 6.9.0 and latest nvidia driver, I had a kernel panic: I updated to 6.9.1 and went back to nvidia 455.45.01, but got another kernel panic: These are the first 2 crashes I've ever had with unRAID and they've come within a week of each other.
  7. +1 for multiple arrays - even if it was just a second one.
  8. I saw this feature is being removed in 6.9. I'm unsure why it is being removed. Can we get it added back as a plugin or some other way?
  9. I'm curious why /mnt/user0 is being removed? I use it directly a lot when organizing things. Will it be possible to add it back with a plugin?
  10. It sounds like you are burned out working on this. If something pops up saying an update available, then people are going to think it is available. If you don't want them to think that, then suppress it and put text saying subscribe for email alerts from a support thread.
  11. After upgrading to 6.7.0, I had lost connectivity. I checked in network settings, and there was no default route. You may want to check there and add one if it is missing.
  12. This worked for me on intel. Thanks!
  13. I followed the video and had Mojave working fine. I've since upgraded to 6.7.0 and tried to start the VM today. When I connect to it, I see like 10 copies of it. I'm not sure what caused this or how to fix it.
  14. I've temporarily disabled VT-d until I get a new card. I had a couple of issues on the 6.7 upgrade. 1. The Global Share Settings icon is missing. Or, does it simply not have an icon? 2. I had no Internet access. I had to add a default route.