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  1. According here, fix is out under public: Right now, change VERSION from: latest to: public and it should work
  2. I use NordVPN and they have one .ovpn for each of their 5220 servers in 59 countries. See all of them here for example: Thanks.
  3. Thanks for this! I was wondering if this would support multiple .ovpn files in the openvpn folder -- and maybe use a random one whenever it connects / timesout? I experienced a server going down and it won't connect until I uploaded another .ovpn file, and I only figured that out after a few days.
  4. “Update available” preliminary fix here:
  5. Anyone know if it was caused by the Community Applications plugin update on 8/27?
  6. I bet your old db/data are still there. On your case, try changing to: mongodb://