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  1. I understand. And I had read through the first few pages before posting. It was just a bit confusing when I was just following the video and it still didn't work. It's all working just fine now. Just had to replace the pflash and the nvram directory locations.
  2. However annoyed I got with your answer, it got me to compare the original xml of my vm with my edited one and I found the differences. Thank you.
  3. Hello all, I'm having an issue with a Catalina VM where the image is repeated. This is what it looks like. On first boot it booted fine. I installed MacOS, I then shut it down, gave it more cores, more ram, changed the nic in the xml file, and of course changed the icon back. Here is my xml file: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <domain type='kvm'> <name>MacinaboxCatalina</name> <uuid>3cb0069e-6eaf-427c-b812-a140e7bd91a3</uuid> <description>MacOS Catalina</description>
  4. I don't use Bedrock edition, but a mod that the modpacks I play use is called Aroma Backup. It auto backups incrementally. You would have to check to see if that mod can be used with the Bedrock edition. But you could use that as a backup and then if you wanted to you could even backup the backup file. Just a suggestion.
  5. Have you tried just renaming the jar to 'server.jar' ?
  6. No worries, I was just curious as I couldn't find anything about it. Thanks a bunch for your work.
  7. Do you have more information on the new version? It is it a "it's ready when it's ready" kinda thing?
  8. I just wanted to know if it was possible to see what has been cached. Thanks for the reply.
  9. I have a quick question about the SteamCacheBundle container. Is there a way to see what exactly is being cached?
  10. All I did was download the docker and let it install. I don't have Ark installed atm to see if the server is up. Most of these game servers don't require a steam account. Also with a the couple servers that I have tried to use an account with, it just failed. So, don't use an account and it'll work!
  11. Remove the account. I just installed the docker and logged in anonymously and it downloaded, and installed just fine. After that it looks like you would need to stop the container then add the account info and start it back up. Atleast, that's what I'm guessing: Connecting anonymously to Steam Public...Logged in OK Waiting for user info...OK Success! App '376030' already up to date. ---Prepare Server--- ---Server ready--- ---Start Server--- [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed. Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 346110 is saying. Hope this he
  12. Ah, I didn't see a specification on what version. I know you can do it that way, I found it easier to do it with wget, which is how I did it. Whatever Works!
  13. Shutdown the container, ssh into the server, go to the minecraft server folder inside the app folder cd /mnt/user/appdata/minecraft delete the server.jar rm server.jar then download the updated server file. wget And then start the container again.
  14. I'm not sure where to post my request, I don't see a clear location so I'll post here. I'm looking for the Squid-Deb-Proxy container either THIS one or one to the same effect to be ported to Unraid. I'm unsure on how to configure it myself by importing it from docker hub. If this can be done, or if someone has any info that could help me, I would much appreciate it. Thanks
  15. You can SSH into the unraid server and use cd /mnt/user/appdata/OpenTTD to get to the config files. I'll let someone else answer to the specific location in that folder where the "OpenTTD.cfg" file is located.
  16. I'll let someone more knowledgeable answer this, but I just wanted to ask: Have you tried to SSH into server and edit the file with something like nano ?
  17. I'm not sure about it it using RAM to speed up file transfers.. A cache stores the game files "locally" so that the game doesn't need to reach out to the internet for the files. It acts like an external hard drive essentially. I wouldn't think it to use RAM or CPU resources. Someone more knowledgeable than I can perhaps shed some light.
  18. Are you talking about memory usage, or storage space usage? The easiest way to see how much storage the cache is using is to ssh into the unraid server and using the: du -sh /mnt/user/steamcache/cache command. It may take a bit depending on how much space is actually being used. Or, another way is to use the binhex-krusader container. Use Alt Up to go up a directory and navigate to the above location and right click on the cache folder and click on properties.
  19. Any chance for an Atlas dedicated server container when you get a chance?
  20. Holy cow, thanks a bunch for looking into this as deeply as you have. I figured it had to do with the major update.
  21. The only file in the linux64 folder is a file named "*". I also have validate installation set to true and have removed and re-"installed" the container, along with also removing container with image to do a full redownload.
  22. There isn't a file with that name. These are the files that exist. colonyserver.x86_64* colonyserverrcon.exe* gamedata/ masterLog.0 steamapps/ colonyserver_Data/ colonyserverrcon.exe.mdb* linux64/ steam_appid.txt**
  23. Firstly, thanks ich777 for the server containers. I'm having a bit of an issue with running the Colony Survival container. Colony Survival had a new update today so I downloaded a new image but the server doesn't seem to want to start. This is what is in the log. Connecting anonymously to Steam Public...Logged in OK Waiting for user info...OK Update state (0x3) reconfiguring, progress: 0.00 (0 / 0) Update state (0x61) downloading, progress: 82.00 (131087748 / 159871853) Update state (0x61) downloading, progress: 82.05 (131179993 / 159871853) Update state (0x61) down